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A Thomas Dambo troll on Egholm

In addition to an incredibly beautiful nature, Egholm also hides on one of the famous Thomas Dambo trolls.

Pil Tusindtunge is the name of the troll who “moved to Egholm” in the summer of 2020, where Dambo performed 10 of his famous trolls under the name “Den Store Troldefolkefest”, and if you want to find her, it is a good idea to take good hiking boots on, because Arrow hides approx. 4 km from Egholm Ferry Terminal.

The story behind Pil Tusindtunge

Pil Tusindtunge was born during "Den Store Troldefolkefest", which is the name of the project that arose due to Covid-19. Thomas Dambo should actually have built 25 trolls around the world, but due to the pandemic, Thomas flew to Denmark, where the troll folk party was created with the help of a lot of volunteer labor from locals around Denmark.

See more about the folk festival in this video from Thomas Dambo:

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Go on a troll hunt

Pil Tusindtunge is just one of many Dambo trolls, and a popular free activity for many families with children is to go troll hunting.

Use our map to start your own troll hunt here:

dambo trolls short

Frequently asked questions

Willow sits in the forest a little north of Vejlegård by Egholm By. We have inserted the exact coordinates in the map at the top of the page so you can simply tap 'Find your way with Google Maps'.

You just take the Egholm ferry. It sails every half hour from early morning to late evening.

The price for a return ticket for an adult (incl. Bicycle) is DKK 20. Children (up to 15 years) are free, while a car costs DKK 66 round trip.

From the ferry berth there are approx. 4 km to the troll.

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2 reviews

  1. The troll was really nice, but there was a long way to go
    Many greetings to Olivia, 9 years old
    And Viola, 6 years

  2. Fantastic troll hunting trips

    It was a nice hike on Egholm to find the giant troll Pil Tusindtunge

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