Egtvedpigen's grave

Denmark's most well - preserved Bronze Age finds

At Egtved, just outside Vejle, you will find a four-meter-high reconstruction of the tomb from one of Denmark's most well-preserved Bronze Age finds.

On a summer day in 1370 BC. the Egtved girl was buried, and til despite the fact that there is not much left, the find is still one of the finest finds in all of Europe, as the young woman's dress was extremely well preserved. The suit consisted of a short-sleeved blouse, a skirt of cords and a woven belt in which a belt plate of bronze was placed. The well-preserved costume can today be seen at the National Museum. 

The young woman was found in 1920 when farm owner Peter Platz was in the process of removing the burial mound that lay on his field. Here he came across an almost two meter long oak coffin, in which the remains of the Egtved girl were found.

To this day, in the reconstruction of the burial mound, one can find the memorial stone that Peter Platz erected in honor of the Egtved girl. In connection with the burial mound, you will also find a small museum, which in the future will become a larger visitor center.       

Follow in Egtvedpigen's footsteps

Near the burial mound you will find the beautiful hiking route "Egtvedpigen's footsteps". Read more about Egtvedpigen's footsteps

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