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Restaurants in South Jutland 2024

South Jutland offers both Denmark's best ice houses and some of Denmark's best burgers, and is therefore the ideal holiday destination if you have a sweet tooth or love to put your teeth into a juicy user. We have compiled this guide with the best restaurants and taste experiences in South Jutland.

Are you looking for restaurants and taste experiences in a specific city or area in South Jutland? So jump to our overview here.

Denmark's Best Icehouse 2020


The ice cream parlor in Sønderborg is a quite popular ice house in southern Jutland - which we can really understand. The ice house has ice cream of the highest quality, and it is located on the waterfront in beautiful Sønderborg with a view of both Sønderborg Castle and Dybbøl Mill.

Get a guide to the ice cream parlor and read about our fantastic experience of the ice house.

Indian dining experience in Sønderborg

Curry Leaves

If you want Indian food in the unauthentic way, then we can clearly recommend you to make your way past Curry Leaves in Sønderborg. The place has impressive reviews on TripAdvisor, and is the highest ranked restaurant in the whole of Sonderborg - da high ranking has made Curry Leaves famous throughout South Jutland. 

Get our guide to the restaurant below. 

The Danish Dining Guide 2020

The best restaurants in South Jutland

The Danish Dining Guide is a recognized guide that since 1978 has reviewed restaurants that serve food out of the ordinary in various price ranges. Food critic Bent Christensen is behind the dining guide, which contains over 250 different restaurants throughout the country. 

See the guide to the best restaurants in South Jutland. 

South Jutland food truck 

Foodtrucks Pagoda

The Pagoda Foodtrucks used to be called Spisehuset Pagoden, but after a fire in the kitchen, the owner, Thomas Møbjerg, converted the restaurant into a food truck - and a very award-winning one of its kind. 

It is especially the place's burgers that have attracted a lot of awards - and it is also these that make people drive far to visit the Pagoda Foodtrucks. 

Denmark's Best Ice House 2019 

Café Fru Dax

The secret behind the ice house's great success may lie in their homemade waffles, which are always freshly baked and ready for you! Café Fru Dax is much more than an ice house because in the house's adjoining cafe you will be offered a wealth of delicious lunch dishes. 

Read about our experience of Denmark's Best Ice House in 2019 and get a guide for your next visit. 

South Jutland's 2nd Best Burger 

Restaurant The place

Not only did Restaurant Stedet take home the title as the 2nd best burger in South Jutland, they also won the title as the country's 6th best user. If you are looking for a good burger, then it is clearly worth it all to make your way past Restaurant Stedet in Aabenraa. 

Get a guide to Restaurant Place below. 

South Jutland's Best Burger 2019 

Haderslev Golfrestaurant

The recipe for one of the country's best users was actually created by chance, but this case has made Haderslev Golf Restaurant a very popular place in South Jutland. The restaurant focuses on local ingredients - and you can even get locally brewed beers for your burger. 

Read about how the user came to be and get a guide to Haderslev Golf Restaurant.

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