Curry Leaves

Indian in the authentic way

Curry Leaves in Sønderborg is a little gem of an Indian restaurant that you may not find better in Denmark.

It is the owner Sivakumar Sivasamy and his wife who started Curry Leaves back in 2014 because they thought there was a lack of an Indian restaurant in Sønderborg. They are both from Sri Lanka if the cuisine is similar to the South Indian cuisine and it was these dishes that came on the menu and which quickly gave them a cult following in the city.

If you are in doubt about the quality, you just need to take a look at their reviews. On Google, they have e.g. an impressive average of 4.8 based on over 400 reviews! At the same time, it is the highest rated restaurant in Sønderborg according to TripAdvisor.

Therefore, you can safely visit Curry Leaves if you want Indian food in the authentic way!

What the guests say

You can see menu cards, prices, opening hours etc. on Curry Leaves website:

1 review

  1. Excited

    The food is fantastic.
    Going to celebrate my birthday
    Tonight at 17. September 29.
    I am very happy.

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Nørrebro 2
Sønderborg 6400 DK
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