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Rømø Motor Festival

Join the historical reproduction of the Danish beach races from 1919. With over 100 vintage cars and drivers from around the world, you can witness a pre-WW2 time capsule with fast vehicles, race, retro clothing and live music.

And it gets better:

As a true Rømø style, the event is fun, free and fantastic.

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Tønder Festival

All the way back to 1974, Tønder Festival has consisted of originality - a real festival with real music, in real southern Jutland marshland and with real music.

But what's more:

With artists from all over the world, and music genres that span a wide range, Denmark's nicest trading town offers something for everyone - and not far from the festival site, the city has set up parties and colors with a large selection of food, activities and music.

Are you going with?

Kloster Mærken

Æ 'Kloster Mærken takes place over 4 days in Løgumkloster, which attracts up to 25,000 visitors to the small southern Jutland town. 

And what's more:

The popular event is an annual flea market - expanded with carousels, competitions, good food and live music - a good experience for both young and old.

See you there 'before - see you tea'

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Black Sun

Get the best seats for the beautiful natural phenomenon when Sort Sol comes to Tøndermarsken. Here you can oexperience the fascinating patterns that almost darken the sun as the starlings migrate in flocks. 

But how can I see Black Sun:

With Black Safari you can either be picked up, or drive yourself, so you do not want to miss the phenomenon - they can even help with accommodation options!

Rock in Mølleparken

One of the big events in South Jutland is Rock in Mølleparken. When great musical guests take over Mølleparken's stage in Sønderborg, there is a real party for partying and singing - because when pop and rock fill the park, guests from all over the world are attracted!

And best of all:

Fantastic music and good atmosphere in Mølleparken can not only be experienced once a year - the program extends over 4 weekends! 


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Nord-Als Festival

In its idyllic setting at Nordborg Castle, you can find Nord-Als Music Festival every other weekend in June. On the festival's 2 big stages you can hear both new and well-known artists!

But not only that:

If the music is not for you on the first scenes, you can at the entrance of the festival find another scene where local artists play up to lir - here you can even buy a ring knight and a cold beer for the music!

Green Concert

Grøn Koncert is touring around Denmark, and will be visiting Esbjerg and Kolding in July. Here you can experience a wealth of different artists during the day, while of course there are stalls with food and drink!

And did you know?

All profits from the Green Concert go to the Muskelsvindfonden's work, and you thereby support a good cause when you buy your ticket for one of this year's great experiences.

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Music on the Square

The weekends during the summer holidays bring a good atmosphere with them in the streets of Tønder.
With music from local bands and good food and drink, it is definitely recommended to take a stroll down to the square by Tønders gågade, when people from near and far gather for some good hours in good company.

Jelling Music Festival

What started as a handful of young boys' desire to make money for their football club has grown up to be the huge bang of a party that we today call the Jelling Music Festival.


Take your friends under your arm when a bang of a party kicks off every year until May for 4 days with 90 artists, about 35,000 guests and 5,000 volunteers! 

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Are you going to take part in a race that is a little out of the ordinary? When ColorFun comes to Kolding and Esbjerg, team spirit, DJs, dancers and all sorts of colors are in focus, so you and your friends, colleagues or family get the best experience.


You do not have to be in top shape to join. The race does not take place on time, so the only thing you need to make sure is white clothes for the race and to have fun!

Sand sculpture festival in Søndervig

Experience one of Europe's largest sand sculpture festivals, when every year there is a new theme to explore in Søndervig from May to October. Must be experienced.

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Visby Tractor Tractor

Are you into the really big machines? Then this is for you!
Every year until May, Visby invites to tractor pulls, where you can experience some of Denmark's strongest tractors fighting for the top position - and you can even meet some of Europe's strongest modified tractors!

But that's not all:

During the day there will be something good for the palate and something cold to drink, and a bouncy castle for the little ones - and the good atmosphere? Of course it is there too! 

Kolding Light Festival

Come and see Kolding in a completely different light when the city is decorated with exciting lighting, video lighting, interactive installations and lighting art.
Since 2013, the festival has evolved over the years to show the city from a new side, and provide inspiration to visitors - residents, as well as tourists, artists and professionals.

When does it start:

Every year - in the first weekend in December - the city of Kolding really lights up.

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