Coast to Coast Path

A fantastic hike across South Jutland for experienced and adventurous hikers

 This hiking route is a full 130 km! And is for you who are ready for a challenge and some days in the fantastic nature in South Jutland. Typically, you can hike between 15-25 km per day, and therefore this route also requires that you are ready for a lot of overnight stays in the open air. Fortunately, lots of primitive tent sites have been set up during the route, for which there is water, locum and a campfire site. If you want to make the trip more luxurious, you can spend the night at a hotel or in a cabin at Hovborg Kro, Halradskær Hovedgård and Bindeballe Købemandsgård, which are all located on the route.

On the hiking route you will pass these places:  

  • Blåvand, Ho bay And Varde Å
  • Karlsgårde Sø and Holme Å
  • Hærvejen and Bindeballestien

You start at the sandy coast characterized by dunes and cottages by Blåvand, and move through the beautiful South Jutland landscape, which is characterized by lush plantations and rippling streams. The route follows both Varde Å and Holme Å, which meander beautifully through the landscape. The route finally moves you out on a stretch of Hærvejen, after which the last many kilometers take place on Bindeballestien.


  • Blåvandshuk Lighthouse, which is 39 meters high and located on Denmark's westernmost point
  • The Tripitz position, which is never completed German cannon exhibition from World War II
  • Janderup Church and the natural harbor Janderup Ladeplads
  • Karlsgårdeværket, which today functions as a museum
  • Treherredsstenen, which was built by Holme Å in 1913 by artist Anders Bundgård
  • Hovborg Kro, where you have the opportunity to spend the night and have a wonderful meal
  • Bindeballe Købmandsgård, which contains both old-fashioned grocery store, museum, café and the possibility of accommodation in a cabin
  • Haraldskær Hovedgård, which today functions as a hotel

Frequently asked questions

Based on an agreement with the landowners, it is not allowed to bring a dog on the route.

Primitive tent sites have been set up with access to water, locum and campfire site along the entire route. You can stay overnight in these tent sites for one or two nights, and may only be used by hikers. In some of the pitches it costs a small amount per night, but the vast majority free. You also have the opportunity to stay overnight at the hotels, which are located on the route.

You can typically walk between 15-25 km a day, and it really depends on your fitness. Some people can hike up to 50-60 km a day. 

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