Nymølle Bæk

A short hike filled with sights

Views, elk swamps, beech forests, meadows, cattle and the brook are among the natural gems that lie in wait for you on your hike at Nymølle Bæk. On a beautiful spring day, the forest floor is adorned with white anemones and beech buds on the spring. On the open pasture, junipers grow and in the autumn you can find chanterelles in the same place.

The hiking trip at Nymølle Bæk is among the shorter trips with its route of 4 km, and it can therefore be described as a half-day trip. If you follow the marked yellow arrows from the parking lot at Nymølle all the way around the area, you will experience everything that Nymølle Bæk has to offer. Dogs are not allowed on this route due to the craters in the area.


The area by Nymølle Bæk is full of exciting sights, all of which are based on the Danish nature:

  • The brook is a sight in itself, as it has never been regulated, and therefore meanders beautifully through the valley. The stream contains clean groundwater from Kildevæld
  • The block stone bridge over the brook
  • Book rolls, which are a multi-stemmed beech
  • The old dams from the time Nymølle Bæk operated the watermill Nymølle, which is now closed

Frequently asked questions

There is a possibility of parking in the parking lot at Nymølle south of Østervrå

Dogs are not allowed in the area

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1 review


    Beautiful 4 km route through beautiful area.
    Nicely marked - both the 3 and 4 km route.
    Fairly hilly terrain, so wear good shoes 🙂

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