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Experiences in North Jutland

There are a wealth of experiences in North Jutland for both young and old. You can experience both the fantastic North Jutland nature and the cultural city life. 

In this guide you will find a lot of tips and recommendations for experiences that are particularly interesting when you are going to experience North Jutland. 

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Main attraction for the whole family 

Visit Fårup Sommerland

Whether you are away alone or have the children under your arm, Fårup Sommerland is the ultimate experience if you want a fun experience in cozy surroundings. Pack a good packed lunch or go exploring in the many different restaurants located in Sommerlandet. 

See our guide to the North Jutland summer country. 

Nature experience

Hiking trails in the North Jutland nature

North Jutland offers a wealth of versatile hiking routes in the North Jutland nature - you can experience both the lush and hilly landscape and the rugged and raw nature on the northwest coast, which reflects the unique North Jutland nature. 

Get a guide to the absolute best hiking routes in North Jutland. 

Main attraction for children

Take a trip to Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is one of Denmark's most visited attractions, and the suburban zoo is a true classic and a big hit with families with children, which we can not miss.

Get tips and information about Aalborg Zoo in the guide below. 

Nature experience 

Stand on top of Denmark

Stand with one leg in the Kattegat and another in the Skagerrak and experience the atmosphere when the waves hit each other at Denmark's northernmost point. Let yourself be transported around the Sandormen, which is gradually becoming a whole attraction in itself. 

Get a guide for your next trip to the top of Denmark. 

Northern Europe's largest aquarium 

Explore the North Sea Oceanarium

Visit one of the country's biggest attractions located in Hirtshals. The North Sea Oceanarium takes both children and adults with it during the water attack, and you can take both memorable and educational experiences home. 

Get a guide to the activities that you can experience in northern Europe's largest aquarium. 


Explore the North Jutland Coastal Museum

North Jutland Coastal Museum is a museum, which is divided into four different exciting locations in North Jutland. You can explore the four museums with one ticket - and dive into the history that has unfolded on the shores of North Jutland. 

See our guide to the four museums - so you can get an overview of the many experiences that await you. 

Nature experience 

Stand on Bulbjerg Fuglefjeld

Visit Denmark's only bird mountain at Bulbjerg in Thy - and experience the fantastic nature that surrounds Bulbjerg Fuglefjeld. In addition to the bird mountain, you can experience a lot of other things in the area!

Get a guide of Bulbjerg Fuglefjeld and the attractions nearby. 

Troll hunting 

Find Arrow Millennium

You probably know the now quite famous trolls from Thomas Dambo - but did you know that there is a troll hiding on Egholm in the Limfjord outside Aalborg. Go exploring on the small North Jutland island, and see if you can find Pil Tusindtunge. 

We have made a guide to how you can find the troll who lives in the middle of the Limfjord. 

The capital of North Jutland 

Take a walk past Aalborg

The North Jutland capital Aalborg offers all kinds of experiences - everything from great musical experiences to local attractions such as Aalborg Tower. There are experiences for both young and old, so take the family under your arm and explore Aalborg, which is popularly called the Paris of the North. 

We have made a comprehensive guide to experiences, restaurants and accommodation in the North Jutland capital 

One of Denmark's largest forests

Take a walk in Rold Skov

Explore Denmark's largest forest, and experience the unspoilt nature in Troldeskoven and Urskoven. It is also possible to lace up your hiking boots and explore the heather-clad Rebild Hills with a fantastic view of Gravlev Ådal. 

We have compiled a guide of the area. 

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