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Bad Seed Beer Fest

Bad Seed Brewing, voted Denmark's Best Brewery 2023, holds their beer festival, Bad Seed Beer Fest, every year in August, where in 4 hours you can taste all the beers you can drink from some of the very best breweries from abroad.

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Hirtshals Fiskefestival

Hirtshals Fiskefestival offers a whole weekend with fish market, tasting stalls, boat trips and Local Cooking, which is a competition where the fish and some of the best chefs are honored!

About 10,000 people participate each year in this festival, which focuses on fish and fishing.

Blokhus Sand Sculpture Festival

Experience the World's Largest Sand Castle and much, much more when Blokhus sculpture park opens its doors for this year's sand sculpture festival.

In the spring, a number of artists are given 10 days to make their sand sculptures based on the year's theme. In 2022, the theme is "From Ice Age to Now" where you can discover Denmark's history. The festival is open until the New Year!

© Skulpturparken Blokhus

© Læsø Jomfruhummerfestival

Læsø Lobster Festival

Læsø Lobster Festival is held every year on the first Saturday in August. This has been done since 2004 (with the exception of 2020 due to corona), and it has become a very popular event in North Jutland. Taste "Læsøs Guld" and see famous people from home and abroad compete for "Den Gyldne Jomfruhummerklo".


Nordjysk Madfestival

There is full focus on local ingredients, producers and restaurants when Nordjysk Madfestival kicks off every year.

Expand your food horizons to a host of events for kids and adults and purses of all sizes.

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Aalborg Carnival

Aalborg Carnival is Northern Europe's largest carnival and every year more than 80,000 party-happy people participate in the big carnival parade through Aalborg city center.

There are 4 different routes, which have changed sometimes over the years, but which always end at Kildeparken, where there are parties with concerts, bars and restaurants. In addition to all the party-loving people from all over the country who participate in the carnival parade every year, there are also performances from various artists and dancers along the way.

Nibe Festival

Nibe Festival is held every year, and offers four wonderful days in Skalskoven in Nibe with lots of music, party and happy people. You can both buy a Partout ticket, which gives you access to the entire festival, but you can also just buy a ticket for a specific day, when your favorite artist, for example, performs. The festival's organizers have created different areas for tent setting up, where you can choose based on what you are most into - whether it should be the more luxurious camping experience, tent or something completely different.

Both Danish and foreign names come and perform at the renowned festival, and the concerts take place up in a beautiful forest area, which only makes the atmosphere even better!

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© Aalborg Congress & Culture Center

Skovrock in Aalborg

Skråen holds Skovrock in Skovdalen in Aalborg every year. For Skovrock you can experience Open Air concerts on certain dates throughout the summer.

It is the perfect opportunity for an open-air concert experience in the city center. 

Medieval days at Voergaard Castle

Take a trip to Voergaard Castle for Medieval Days, where you get an insight into the castle's history and become part of a fantastic medieval theme. Here, medieval days in 1533 are recreated, and you therefore get an exciting historical experience. 

Medieval days at Voergaard Castle came to mind back in 2002, and have since attracted many history enthusiasts. 

© Voergaard Slot

© Nordjysk Vinfestival

Nordjysk Vinfestival

The idea for the North Jutland wine festival came from Søren Flodgaard back in 2015. The festival takes place in Brønderslev, and the weekend offers an outdoor wine festival with a wine route, where you can taste exciting wines in various stalls and stands. 

If you are a wine enthusiast, then Nordjysk Vinfestival might be just the thing for you!

Light falls in Fårup

Have you ever experienced Fårup after dark? Normally, only the animals of the forest have been allowed access to the theme park after dark, but in 2021 that changed!

You can experience Lysfald every year during the autumn holidays.

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© Hjallerup Market

Hjallerup Market

Hjallerup Market has been held since 1744 and is therefore a historic horse and flea market in North Jutland. It is also one of Northern Europe's largest!

Here you can walk around and look for exciting flea finds in the many stalls, while there is a fun fair, a wealth of different events, concerts and much more.

Around 200,000 participate every year in the horse and peddler market, and it is one of the most recognized events in North Jutland. 

Blokhus Wind Festival

The international Wind Festival is held at Pentecost, where kite enthusiasts go to Blokhus beach and gather about their passion for kite flying. Here you will therefore experience the amazing sight of colorful dragons in the sky.

If you are interested in kites, skydiving or paragliding, then this is the perfect event for you.

© Blokhus Wind Festival

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Must do in December

Christmas at the Zoo

Since 2019, Aalborg Zoo has held Christmas in the Zoo, where the doors are opened for a spectacular decoration of the park. An extremely popular tradition has been created with magical light landscapes and thousands of Christmas lights that guests can follow and admire through their walk around the garden.

Green Concert

Grøn Koncert is touring around Denmark, and will be visiting Aalborg in July. Here you can experience a wealth of different artists during the day, while of course there are stalls with food and drink, so you can stay running to see all your favorite artists!

All profits from the Green Concert go to the Muskelsvindfonden's work, and you thereby support a good cause when you buy your ticket to the event. 

© Green Concert

Bangsbo Fort 4045

Every year you can experience Bangsbo Fort 4045, a major reenactment event at the Fort with extras from home and abroad. The event takes place in June, but all year round there are tours of the fort if you are unable to attend the 4045 weekend.

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