Blokhus sculpture park

Experience the world's largest sandcastle and much more!

The sculpture park in Blokhus is an outdoor park of over 20,000 m2 between forest, beach and city. The park contains perhaps the largest sculpture exhibition in Denmark, and the sculptures consist of, among other things, sand, wood, stone, granite, concrete, metal and bronze. They are all beautiful works of art, where attention is paid to every detail.

Between the sculptures, you can also experience and feel yourself in the Gardens of the Senses, which consist of a sea of different flowers and plants.

The park in the summer with lots of life

Sand sculpture festival

The park started as a sand sculpture festival, and it still is to this day. This year is the 10th time the park has held its festival, and this year's theme is "From Ice Age to Now".

The sand sculptures take you on a journey that stretches all the way back to when the land was covered in ice and ancient man hunted large mammoths to survive, then through the Bronze Age and the Viking Age.

You can also learn more about occupation and the post-war period, so as not to forget the global times, and the time right now. The festival officially opened on 1 May 2022, and ends 30 December.

Below you can see a quick rendering of how the sculptures for the festival were built.

Magical Christmas

The blockhouse sculpture park welcomes you to a magical Christmas market from 5 November. There is Christmas cheer in every nook and cranny, and there is almost a guarantee of an adventurous experience in the park at Christmas.

The fairytale experience continues when the park opens up for their magical Christmas light show. The Christmas spirit fills the entire park, with its impressive decorations illuminated in the beautiful Christmas light and sound show. More than 2 million Christmas lights in fantastic colors and designs create a very special experience.

The lights are sculptures in themselves that take shape in e.g. a 46 meter long light and sound tunnel, Christmas sleighs with reindeer, a giant Christmas tree of almost 18 metres, twinkling poinsettias, illuminated snowmen and Santa Clauses, angels and even Disney Christmas characters, etc.

Magical Christmas sculpture park blockhouse with light show over the entire park

The lights culminate in a magical Christmas light show, which has been specially designed for Blokhus. The music plays together with the lights, which every day at 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 sparkle beautifully over the park.

Experience Magical Christmas every day in the period 5 November to 30 December from 15.00-21.00. (Closed 24, 25 and 31 December).

The Christmas market is open from 15.00-20.00.

Many other events

During the year there are also many other activities, such as the wood sculpture festival, concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, and much more. 

On your birthday you can also get free entry, you just have to remember to bring valid photo identification.

Experiences for all ages

The park also offers extra fun for children and childlike souls, who can try their hand at seesaws, swings, bouncy cushions and a jungle path.

For the creative or energetic, there is also the opportunity to play a game of giant chess, skittles, take a trip on the "the earth is toxic" track, take a trip to the knight's castle, or even make your very own sand sculpture in their giant sandbox.


The cultural center's many activities

The Kulturhuset, where the reception for the sculpture park is also located, also has many activities. Here you will find e.g. Kulturhuset's café and art shop.

Kulturhuset's café

The café mixes the Danish with the international both in the decor and in the food. There is a good view of the sculpture park, and meals made from pure ingredients are served. You can e.g. get the house's café classics in the form of "Blokhus tartelette", "luxury star shot", as well as burgers, side dishes and salads. You can also buy wine, freshly roasted coffee and several different drinks.

The cultural café

Kulturhuset's art shop

You will find the inspiring art shop as one of the first things when you enter the cultural center. Here you will find a large, varied and inspiring selection of new and classic goods within art, by hand and unique gift items. There is a special focus on quality and design.

Metal sculptures

Opening hours and prices

You can read more about the park's opening times and prices on their website, which you will find here

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