Hammer Bakker

A short hike in hilly countryside with a rich animal and bird life

Hammer Bakker is a beautiful hilly hiking route, which goes through coniferous and deciduous forest, Pebermosen and up on Tvillingehøje, where a beautiful view of the heath awaits. Bakkeøen rises 60 meters above the surrounding land in southern Vendsyssel. Red deer, foxes, badgers and squirrels are permanent residents of Hammer Bakker. It is a good idea to bring binoculars on this route, as the area is also home to rare bird species such as the dove hawk, wasp warbler and night owl.


The hiking route is 5 kilometers, and is therefore a half-day trip. The route is marked in red on black poles, which follow the entire route, and begin in the parking lot at Brødland. On the route at Brødlands Høj there is a primitive campsite with parking, toilet, shelter and a campfire hut.


  • Twin mounds, which are a group of burial mounds from the Bronze Age. From the burial mounds there is a fantastic view over the heath, Langholdt and Vodskov
  • A heath with heather, cranberries, blueberries and junipers, which creates good chances of seeing both buzzards, dove hawks and wasps. The heath is cared for by the area's free-ranging sheep.
  • The pepper moss, in which there are floating islands and hammocks. On open water you can spot both yellow and white water lilies. The green-legged partridge also lives in Pebermosen.
  • A rich butterfly fauna, you can find brown spotted wing, fringe, bluebirds and the mother-of-pearl butterfly in the area.
  • Hestedal, which is one of the many erosion valleys in the area.

Frequently asked questions

On the hiking route at Hammer Bakker there is the possibility of accommodation at a campsite with toilet, shelter and campfire hut

There is the possibility of parking in two places along the hiking route, there is a parking lot at Brødland and Brødlands Høj. The latter is located at the campsite.

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