Restaurants in North Jutland 2024

Where can you get the best burger, ice cream or gastronomic experience in North Jutland? 

Here you will find our recommendations for the best taste experiences and restaurants in all of North Jutland - from the world-famous restaurants to the small hidden gems around North Jutland. 

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The Danish Dining Guide

The best restaurants in North Jutland

The Danish Dining Guide is a recognized guide that since 1978 has reviewed restaurants that serve food out of the ordinary in various price ranges. Food critic Bent Christensen is behind the dining guide, which contains over 250 different restaurants throughout the country. 

See the guide to the best restaurants in North Jutland. 

Gourmet in Lønstrup

Restaurant Villa Vest

In the small fishing village of Lønstrup on the west coast of North Jutland, you will find restaurant Villa Vest. At this restaurant you can enjoy a meal in a class of its own for the most beautiful sunset - as they are only found in North Jutland. 

See more about restaurant Villa Vest in Lønstrup. 

The ice house with the famous guf 

The Gray Ice House in Tversted

Have you heard of the legendary guf, which can only be found in Tversted? The owners behind the secret and famous recipe for guf currently live in Det Grå Ishus in Tversted - You wouldn't believe it, but this guf belongs on your bucket list when you visit North Jutland. See more about the Northern Jutland Ice House and the iconic Guf on the button below. 

Gastronomic experience in Skagen 

Ruth's Hotel

The historic seaside hotel is located in the first floor down to the water in the idyllic Gl. Skagen. Ruths Hotel serves exclusive gastronomic experiences in their two restaurants. 

Ruth's Gourmet is based on fresh North Jutland ingredients, and is a dining experience that you will soon forget. In Ruth's Brasserie you take a stroll through the French cuisine, and during a visit to the restaurant you can almost feel the warmer skies. 

Denmark's Best Ice House 2022

Guts & Bullets

The ice house Guf & Kugler welcomes you in both Nibe and Aalborg. In 2018, they won the title of Denmark's Best Ice House, but they were in close competition with a lot of other fantastic North Jutland ice houses. 

We have repeated the success of the vote on Denmark's best ice house ever since - see our overall overview Denmark's absolute best ice houses. 

North Jutland's best burger 2020

Top 3 of the best burgers in North Jutland

We set out to find the best burger in all of North Jutland - and through a poll conducted by the country's burger eaters, we found these winners: 

1. Chuck Wagon, Hjørring 

2. JOMA Burgerbar, Thisted 

3. Burger Boom, Aalborg

Street Food for the whole family 

Aalborg Street Food - The Lighthouse

The concept offers a lot of different stalls, which serve food from all over the world - so there is something for everyone. Aalborg Street Food is located in the charming Aalborg district called Vestbyen, and you can enjoy your meal at tables and benches at the boat harbor just outside the building.  

Get a guide of Aalborg Street Food and an overview of the many different stalls below. 

North Jutland food truck 

Chuck Wagon

The traveling food truck is what is called a real North Jutland gem! Chuck Wagon serves one of the country's best burgers - and even in beautiful North Jutland surroundings. It is worth paving the way past the traveling food truck, which always offers good service and formidable food. 


Find out where Chuck Wagon is located on the button below. 

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