Accommodation in North Jutland 2024

There are lots of different types of accommodation in North Jutland - whether you are camping in the North Jutland nature or beach hotels with five star luxury. We have put together a guide to the many different options, so there is something for everyone. 

Are you looking for opportunities in a specific city or area in northern Jutland? So jump to our overview here

One of Denmark's best beach hotels

Badehotel Villa Vest

At Villa Vest you can get the full North Jutland experience with breakfast, lunch and dinner in a class of their own - all right next to the harsh North Sea. The beach hotel is located in the cozy little fishing village Lønstrup with lots of shops and experiences for both large and small. 

Get a guide for your next visit to Badehotel Villa Vest below. 

Green Key-certified accommodation

Skagen Strand Holiday Center

If sustainability is a motivation for where to spend the night in Skagen, then it is worth looking for Green Key-certified places - and here you will find Skagen Strand Holiday Center. The place is an excellent base for experiences in Skagen, and in addition to its own restaurant, you will also find a wealth of activity options for holidays with and without children.

Denmark's Best Campsite 2022

Pool Own Camping

Every year OpdagDanmark awards Denmark's Best Campsite. In 2022, the title went to Denmark's northernmost site – Poul Eeg Camping in Skagen.

Read more about the square and why so many chose to vote for Poul Eeg - and why you should consider the square as your accommodation in North Jutland.

Denmark's Best Small Campsite 2022

Tannishus Camping

Every year OpdagDanmark chooses the country's best campsites, and in 2022 the title of "Denmark's Best Small Campsite" went to Tannisby Camping in Tversted.

We then stopped by with a diploma - and to find out how so many people chose to vote in this particular place.

Top class bathing hotel

Hotel Bramslevgaard

On the north side of Mariager Fjord is the scenic and very popular excursion destination Bramslev Bakker. Through the hills passes one of Denmark's best hiking routes, the Panorama route, which you absolutely must try.

And here, at the top of the hills and straight up the route, lies BramslevGaard, an idyllic old manor house that has hosted guests from near and far since 1959.

The place is therefore worth a stay when you want to experience the hills and the hiking route.

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5-star seaside hotel

Ruth's Hotel

The Ruth Hotel hardly needs any introduction. The iconic beach hotel with gourmet restaurant, brasserie and wellness is a gem in Gl. Skagen. Just watch the video.

Accommodation with history

Brøndums Hotel

Brøndums Hotel in Skagen is the ideal place to stay overnight if you want to experience the lively Skagen at the same time as you find peace and quiet in the middle of the old town, Østerby. With only 600 meters to Skagen center and 500 meters to one of Denmark's best beaches, Brøndums Hotel has probably one of the city's best locations.

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4 star hotel

Color Hotel Skagen

If you want a Skagen hotel that offers great facilities, such as a pool, hot tub, sauna, restaurant, café and bar, then you should look towards Color Hotel Skagen. The place has both rooms and holiday apartments.

Overnight on one of Denmark's best hiking routes

Rold Storkro

Rold Storkro is not just a nice place with a good restaurant. The inn is also right on one of Denmark's best hiking routes

Hotel in Rebild Bakker

Comwell Rebild Bakker

Another hotel to stay at if you want to experience Rebild Bakker is Comwells. Green Key certified and good deals.

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