Northern Europe's largest castle ruin

Hammershus is Northern Europe's largest castle ruin. Begin your walk across the castle bridge, follow the stone-paved road further up, and finish at the top 70 meters above sea level. Hammershus offers an atmospheric experience for children and adults alike, if you venture out to explore the well-preserved ruins of the medieval fortress, which rises high on the northern tip of Bornholm.

From Hammerhus you get a beautiful view of the sea. At the foot of the steep cliff you can see the animal-like rocks: the lion and camel heads. With a little childlike imagination you might be able to spot other animal formations? You can combine your visit with a walk in the surrounding nature, for example at Slotslyngen south of Hammershus. The castle sling consists of lush forest and rocky hills with heather, which is a particularly impressive sight when the heather blooms in late summer.

Hammershus was completed in the late 13th century and served as a fortress for Bornholm's changing rulers until 1743. After this, the rulers abandoned the castle, which was decaying, as the Bornholmers were now free to pick up stones on the site. The ruin was preserved in 1822.

Close to Hammershus is the family-friendly Hammershus Visitor Center, where you can see an exhibition that tells about the history of the castle. There are several parking spaces in the area.

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  1. The original night trip at Hammershus

    He who arranges night trips to the castle with real kerosene lamps and sim ends up burning the castle off with a red light, ha is a good narrator, without being flat.
    HN is there Wednesday and Friday at 9.30pm this week and 9pm next, it's a must; for the whole family

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