Bornholm's spectacular crack valley

The echo valley on Bornholm is the most magnificent part of Alminding's largest crack valley. The spectacular cliffs are an impressive sight in themselves, but for children and childish souls it will be a special hit to play with the echo that arises when the sounds are thrown back from the steep cliff walls.

The best place to experience the Echo Valley's echoes is at the source of HC Ørsted. It is on the left if you follow the path from the parking lot at Ekkodalshuset.

The echo valley is up to 70 meters wide and is bounded by majestic rock walls up to 20 meters in height. At the bottom, the Læsåen runs through a meadow, and the open landscape gives a wide view of the vertical rocks. You can also experience the Echo Valley from above, where a more than 200-year-old forest with winter oaks grows.

From the viewpoints Queen Queen and Loklippen you get a beautiful view of the lower landscape. Bornholm's fissure valley runs across the island. It is visible from Saltuna on Bornholm's northeast coast and 12 kilometers inland to Vallensgårds Mose, which is on the outskirts of the forest area Almindingen. Thereafter, the crack valley continues underground to Arnager on Bornholm's southwest coast.

Apart from the car park at Ekkodalshuset, there are also parking areas at a number of other locations in Almindingen.

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Map of the Echo Valley

Use the Nature Agency's map of the Echo Valley and other experiences in Almindingen to find the way to the various highlights:

(click to enlarge and zoom)

  1. Ekkodalen
  2. HC Ørsted's source
  3. Fuglsang trench
  4. The Queen Stone and Loklippen
  5. The equestrian and the king's memory
  6. Gamleborg
  7. Romer Memorial
  8. Hall Bakken
  9. Christianshøj
  10. Jomfrubjerget
  11. Lilleborg
  12. Rokkestenen
  13. Arboretum
  14. hurricane forest
  15. Røsegravfelt
  16. Udkæret
  17. cold Source
  18. Rømersdal
  19. Christianshøj step board
  20. Hareløkkerne
  21. natural Playground
  22. Bastemose
  23. juniper forest
  24. Bisonskoven

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At HC Ørsted's source.

  • A fissure valley is large crevices in a primeval mountain. On Bornholm there are approx. 70 fissure valleys.

The echo valley occurs when large tensions in the subsoil cause the bedrock to crack.

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