Experience Denmark's largest waterfall

In the middle of Døndalen runs the Døndaleåen, which with its fall of 20 meters, forms the framework of Denmark's largest waterfall. The lush and beautiful nature in Døndalen is a must visit if you visit Bornholm. The steep cliffs, the cascading waterfall and the species-rich forest are an unusual piece of Danish nature. It is especially recommended to visit Døndalen in the spring just before leaf spring, where the forest floor is covered with beautiful anemones, and the characteristic scent of ramsons fills the spring air. At this point, you may also be lucky enough to hear the nightingale's song resounding between the cliff sides.

There are three different trails, all of which lead into the magnificent waterfall. No matter which path you choose, the route is 2 km long, of which 600 meters is the trip to the waterfall. The trails are wide and usually easy to walk on. Therefore, the route can easily be done by inexperienced hikers. You must be aware that rubber boots can be an advantage if you visit Døndalen in the winter and in the spring, as the valley here is filled with meltwater.


  • On the northwest side of Døndalen you can experience the lookout point Amtmandsstenen, where you can enjoy the beautiful view over the Baltic Sea. According to an ancient legend, in ancient times people sacrificed to the gods from this very vantage point.
  • If you take the southern path into the waterfall, you can experience the disused railway "Allingebanen", which closed in 1953.
  • On the path from the west you will be led through a small oak stand. This vegetation is named after Birthe Daell, who donated a million to the Danish Nature Foundation, which made it possible for the foundation to buy Døndalen.

Frequently asked questions

You can park both in the car park at Søndre Strandvej and at Røvej.

Yes, it is quite free to visit Døndalen.

Yes, Døndalen has been protected since 1975.

Døndalen got its name from the rumbling water from the waterfall. On Bornholm, it is said that the water 'thunders'.

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