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Bornholm's most popular hiking route

One of the most popular walks on Bornholm is the route around Hammeren. The route is 6 km long and takes place in strongly hilly terrain. When planning your trip to Hammeren, you should investigate which direction the wind is blowing in, as there can be very strong winds on Hammeren. When there is a westerly wind, you should walk clockwise, and when there is an easterly wind, you should walk counterclockwise.

If you take the trip clockwise, you can start your walk at the car park at Hammerhavn, and from here you can follow the yellow plates, which are painted on both trees and stones. The route takes you along the coast of a narrow track up past Hammerodde lighthouse, which is an annex lighthouse to Hammer Lighthouse. The hiking route continues along Bornholm's largest lake - Hammersø. Here you have the opportunity to shorten the route by following the northern shore of the lake.

In the spring, the hammer's bird life is characterized by migratory birds, where flocks of sparrows and a few birds of prey pass by. It is also possible to experience both cranes and flocks of sea ducks along the coast.


  • On the northwest coast of Hammeren is the Chapel of Solomon, which is a ruin of a late medieval chapel.
  • Bornholm's northernmost point is called Hammerodde, and this point you will pass on this route. Here is Hammerodde lighthouse, which was built in the 1890s.
  • The route takes you past Lake Opal, which with its angular cliffs served as a granite quarry from the 1880s, until the Hammer was protected in 1970.

Frequently asked questions

You can park at Hammerhavn if you come by car.

The hike around Hammeren is not easy, and it undoubtedly places demands on fitness, as it rises up to 82 meters above sea level.

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