Meet a European bison in the middle of Bornholm

In the southeastern part of the forest Almindingen you will find an enclosure of 200 ha, which offers a beautiful hiking route around Svinemosen. This hiking route is something very special, as you have a completely unique opportunity to meet European bison on the trip. The impressive animals create clearings in the forest, and they thereby help to create a more diverse nature in the area.

The 4 km long walking route starts at the parking lot on Christian X's Vej in the middle of the large enclosure where the bison live. The entire route is marked, and it takes you past both Svinemosen and Tvillingemyr bog.

If you are hoping to experience the herd of European bison, it may be beneficial to visit the forest morning or evening as the herd is most active at these times. It may also be necessary to set aside plenty of time for it, as the area is large and it can therefore be difficult to find the herd.


  • Northwest of Svinemosen you will find a bird tower, from where it is possible to experience cranes in the summer.
  • In the northern part of the enclosure you can experience the nature-restored bog called Tvillingemyr.
  • The small flock of European bison.

Frequently asked questions

You can park inside the fence at Chr. X's road, but there is also a parking space at Ndr. Svinemosevej.

If they meet the little bunch, it's important that you:

  • Holds about 100 meters distance
  • Have your dog on a leash and keep it close to you
  • Never walk between a bison and a calf
  • Avoid noise and running

One must keep in mind that bison are wild animals, but basically they are peaceful. If you unexpectedly feel insecure, just move slowly and backwards away from the animal

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