Chicago Burger

Best burger in Odense 2019

Chicago Burger is an American diner that serves some extremely popular, homemade burgers.

The place came on our map of the country's best experiences when in 2019 they were named Best Burger in Odense and furthermore got a 4th place in the national voting for Denmark's Best Burger.

The pictures were taken from our diploma award in October 2019. Here we could see for ourselves how completed the place is as an American diner; checkered floor, pastel colors, leather upholstered furniture as well as pictures, signs and vinyls on the walls. Tough!

In terms of food, there is also clear inspiration from the American, as you have countless burgers to choose from & #8211; a whole 27 different burgers when we were over. The cases are homemade and then you can of course get milkshakes. Super completed diner!

A forward-thinking place

If you are in doubt as to whether Chicago Burger is indeed the best burger in Odense, then you can also take a look at the number of restaurants.

It started with a restaurant in Odense city center (Buchwaldsgade), but the popular burgers now also have branches in Korup (Åbakkevej) and from 2020 also Dalum (Dalumvej).

It's pretty impressive in a time when nationwide burger chains like Burger Shack are also struggling to become burger eaters' favorites.

opening of department in dalum
Opening of the department in Dalum, February 2020

The menu

At Chicago Burger you get the American diner atmosphere for all the money!

The menu is packed with delicious burgers in all varieties, a host of accessories and various homemade milkshakes. Try for example. the most popular burger on the card; & #8216; hollywood style & #8217; with cheddar cheese, red onion, bacon, chili cheese tops and homemade garlic mayo. Yum!

Find the current menu card via the button here:

What do the guests say?

5 reviews

  1. Great concept even if you choose vegetarian burger plus tabasco and good french fries. Smiling staff and cozy decor. My colleagues also like the place now that they have tried it too. Thanks for a great experience. Will probably eat there many times as soon as possible. It needs training more often now it seems

  2. Was at the restaurant in corup before corona. The meat was really fine and the food tasty. The toilet needed a proper time main cleaning, maybe a repair. Sweet staff

  3. Super.

    It's really American and cozy.
    It's lovely clean. The officer is smiling and provides good service. And the food !!!!
    Just perfect.
    Yours sincerely and on reunion.

  4. There are many better places

    Their website and app generally perform poorly.
    The experience starts with an order approx. an hour before that the food should be ready. The food then ends up being barely half an hour late. Very generally, the order can be divided into the following points where the negative part is clearly dominant:

    1. Food is not ready on time
    2. I am told the food is ready within 5 to 10 minutes, which is far from the case
    3. The clerk is about to give my order to another until I ask why someone who has booked for a neighborhood later gets his order first.
    4. When I get home, it turns out that one burger is pretty cold.

    1. All the pumpkin fries were hot as well as the two of the burgers.
    2. The food could be eaten

    I would have given a star and a half as it borders on the bad.

  5. Denmark's best burgers

    They make the best burgers in Denmark. super food

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