Denmark's Best Burger

rosette 2020

In recent years, more and more burger chains and places have sprung up and have taken up the fight against Burger King and McDonald's. But where do you get Denmark's best burger? It's almost a civil war in some of the larger cities of Denmark. The new burger restaurants have been successful and several of them have already expanded their territories. Some of them have even been named in international magazines. But who really makes the most delicious burgers if you ask the Danes? We have decided to find out which is why we need your help now!

Our intention is to make a list as well as a map of the best burger joints and restaurants - and ultimately find the best place to eat burgers.

Denmark's Best Burger

Every year we find and nominate Denmark's Best Burger. This is done by a popular vote, where you can vote for your local favorite via SMS or through our app. Along the way we also find the best places in the regions and the 4 largest cities. 


Where do you get Denmark's Best Burgers in 2021? We hope your help to find out! Read about the poll below and nominate your favorite here.


The program for the 2021 vote is clear:

  • Nomination phase: 18 August - 31 August 2021
  • Regional qualifying round: 1 September at 12.00 - 8 September at 12.00
  • After the regional qualifying round, the Top 3 from North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen and Zealand advance to the final. The final thus gets 15 participants.
  • Final vote: 15 September at 12.00 - 22 September at 12.00

Details of this year's poll:

  1. All the burger places that get in the Top 3 or get over 250 votes, get a place on our map of Denmark's best burger places.
  2. After the final vote on 22 September, we will select winners for the regions North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, Zealand, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and of course the whole of Denmark on the basis of the final position in the final.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to give away competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like. Read more in our set of rules here:

We have created a graphic that the nominees can share online and offline with instructions on how to vote. Get the graphic here.

21 Final 2021 🏆🍔

We are ready for the final! From Wednesday 15 September at 12:00 to Wednesday 22 September at 12.00 you can vote for your favorite among the 15 finalists. Vote via our free app or by sending an SMS with the nominee's code (NOTE! same as in the qualifying round).

When the time hits 12.00 on 22 September, we will announce winners for Zealand, Funen, South Jutland, Central Jutland, North Jutland, Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg. They will all receive a free, framed diploma.

We wish good luck to all participants and fans - and remember that it is just a small popularity competition to put a spot on the good burger places. The only way you can be sure to find the best is by visiting all 15 🍔 😜 🍔

Update 22 / kl. 12: The winners have been found!

Congratulations to:


🏆 Zealand & islands:
🥇 Eden Jaxx
🥈 The Börger
🥉 Square Burger 

🏆 Funen & islands:
🥇 Chicago Burger
🥈 Burger Shack, Odense
🥉 Thaisens Ma'hus

🏆 North Jutland:
🥇 The Burger Shack, Aalborg
🥈 Chuck Wagon
🥉 Burger GO

🏆 Middle Jutland:
🥇 Foodtrucks Pagoda
🥈 Highway 51, Randers
🥉 Samsø Madsnedkeri

🏆 South Jutland:
🥇 Lazy Dog
🥈 The Burger Boys
🥉 Garage Burger

See the regional polls here:

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The Danes have voted! Between September 17 and October 1, over 10,200 have used their mobile to cast a vote for their favorite in 2020.

The popular votes are counted and we now have 12 burger joints that have received over 250 votes and thus also a pin on our map of the country's best burgers. Whether the taste of the people is also in your taste is now up to you to find out. Now you have at least 12 burgers to try next year… 😋🍔

… And now to the winners:

rosette 2020

Congratulations to:

Liban Cuisine


The final position for the seats with over 250 votes in 2020:

  1. Liban Cuisine
  2. The Forest Grill, Hillerød
  3. Foodtrucks Pagoda
  4. Turn in, Rødding
  5. Chuck Wagon, Hjørring
  6. The place, Aabenraa
  7. Chicago Burger
  8. Syd Grillen, Kolding
  9. JOMA Burgerbar, Thisted
  10. Café Farø Vad, Bogø
  11. Haderslev Golfrestaurant
  12. Hejsager Strandgrill, Haderslev

See the winners for the cities and regions here:


The program for the 2019 vote looked like this:

  • Nomination: August 20 - August 25
  • Regional poll: August 26 12 PM - September 10 12 PM
  • Final: September 11 12 PM - September 18 12 PM

Below you can see the final position from the final.

Congratulations to:


Top 10 in 2019 looks like this::

  1. Lazy Dog, Sonderborg
  2. The Dining Pagoda, Beer God – Midtjyllands Beste
  3. Café Razz, Middelfart – Funen Best
  4. Chicago Burger, Odense
  5. Haderslev GolfrestaurantSouth Jutland's Best
  6. Sallie & #8217; s, Albertslund
  7. Chuck Wagon, Hjørring
  8. Burgerhjørnet, Vig - Zealand's Best
  9. Korup Steakhouse, Odense
  10. Restaurant NerD, Frederikshavn - North Jutland's Best
Denmark's Best Citizens


Sunday, July 9, 2018 was the last day to vote for your favorite in our big poll on Denmark's Best Burger 2018. We should have announced the ultimate winner, but unfortunately, excitement was turned into frustration when the website got technical problems during the final sprint on Sunday evening. At this time, The Burger Shack in Aarhus and Mikuna, also from Aarhus, were very, very close.

The reason is due to a combination of the many of you who wanted to support your favorite on the finish line, but unfortunately also a lot of very strange traffic from abroad that we haven't experienced before. Our website can withstand a lot of traffic but not to the extent that was the case this Sunday night. This means that many of you went in vain and we truly apologize. On this note, we cannot identify one separate winner, but rather two:

The Burger Shack and Mikuna both got more than 3.300 votes. Congratulations!

3d place went to Pagoden in Ølgod, who got 1.505 votes. Congratulations!

In the months that the poll has been running, 35 burger joints have gotten the 250 votes that is required to get on our map of the best places in Denmark. That is why we also have to congratulate these 35 burger joints who is also worth a visit in 2018::

  • The Burger Shack, Aarhus & #8211; 3300+ votes
  • Mikuna, Aarhus & #8211; 3300+
    (Closed as of August 26 2018)
  • The Dining Pagoda, Beer God & #8211; 1505
  • Sallie's, Albertslund & #8211; 872
  • Gasoline Grill, Copenhagen & #8211; 854
  • Olli & #8217; s Burger Spot, Horsens & #8211; 659
  • Burger Anarchy, Odense & #8211; 656
  • Rumbles, Helsingør & #8211; 647
  • Bar Burger, Barrels & #8211; 612
  • The eagle dagger, Nibe & #8211; 599
  • GreenBurger, Copenhagen & #8211; 543
  • Garage burger, Vejle & #8211; 502
  • Chicago Burger, Odense & #8211; 498
  • Provider, Dog site & #8211; 452
  • Stacy & #8217; s Diner, Kitchen & #8211; 447
  • Bull, Odense & #8211; 445
  • Læsø Antik & Retro, Læsø & #8211; 435
  • Café Maku, Liseleje & #8211; 426
  • Halifax, Copenhagen & #8211; 416
  • Cafe Kosmos, Odense & #8211; 408
  • Café Holmeren, Fensmark & #8211; 405
  • Burger 57, Frederiksværk & #8211; 363
  • Souls, Copenhagen & #8211; 335
  • Highway 51, Vejle & #8211; 335
  • The Forest Grill, Hillerød & #8211; 333
  • Café Venchi, Odense & #8211; 333
  • Thai Ma'hus, Rings & #8211; 324
  • At Tetzlaff, Løgstør & #8211; 316
  • The Grill, Copenhagen & #8211; 303
  • Haveje, Gudmindrup Strand & #8211; 286
  • Jagger Fast Food, Copenhagen & #8211; 279
  • The Burger Shack, Kolding & #8211; 266
  • Normann´s, Hirtshals & #8211; 257
  • Cock & #8217; s & Cows, Copenhagen & #8211; 256
  • At Janes, Marstal / Ærø & #8211; 252


  1. Jesper Smith

    Hi there
    Did you stop choosing the country's best burger?
    There is a relatively new Grillbar in Grenå that I and everyone I know think that their BaconCheese Burger is definitely the best in the country.
    Information on them:
    The town's Grillbar Grenå
    Østerbrogade 43
    8500 Grenå

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Hello Jesper,

      No, but the burger referendum took a break in 2022. It will come again in 2023.

      Mvh Lau / Discover Denmark

  2. marianna

    How have pagoda food trucks managed to get so many votes in such a short time? Hmm …….?

    1. Anna

      Also wondering how Pagoda managed to go from 500 votes to +1000 in one day…

      1. Gustav M. Thygesen

        I suggest OpdagDanmark to call the phone numbers up and verify, that they voted for Pagoden.

  3. Line Povlsen

    The pagoda burger, of course !!

  4. Rasmus Toft Duus

    The punishment you have given Lazy Dog is directly unreasonable. The conditions in Nova Data's competition are not that you have voted, but they mention that you should vote for Lazy Dog. To think that everyone who has commented on the announcement has voted to participate in the competition is unfair. They deserve no punishment for this.

  5. Lasse Nielsen

    Think Cafe Razz Middelfart is cheating. Many votes in such a short time, notice how things were going with the Funen vote. It is unrealistic to get so many votes in such a short time. Is there anyone from Opdag Denmark who has received a little extra bonus here recently? Wait until the end of the poll so you can see what I mean. If they can't reach the tops then I know nothing.

  6. Sarilarin Sülo

    The king of them all is Chicago Burger Odense 🙂
    Forget about the others.

  7. Cafe Big Chef Ringsted

    1. Lone Mikkelsen

      Whatever the outcome, Pagoda is and will become the country's best burger place & #8230; In the beer god

  8. Oliver hesseldal

    The Old Shop on Samsø makes a fantastic burger a little hidden gem

    1. Rikke - Discover Denmark

      Thanks for your contribution, Oliver! The Old Store has now been added to the list.

  9. Carsten

    Isn't that a very misleading investigation? The places that are centrally located in big cities will most often win as they have the highest traffic. Those who respond to these studies have probably tried a few places at most. The only real thing must be a blind test & #8230;

  10. Empty

    Of course, many voices came from abroad at the last minute. It was with the guarantee that the vegans just needed help. I bet 80% of the voices on mikuna have never eaten there.

    By the way, I don't understand what a Vegan restaurant does on a list like this one in the first place. A user contains meat!

  11. Mads Buchardt

    You are no better than the last burger you craved on the counter & #8230; STRAM UP THERE !!

  12. Elisa Frans

    Hey, can you see that Janes who is in the list of the top 35 is not on the map yet? Of course understand that you have had problems with the technique, but we have been at 250 for some time now & #8230; Thank you and hug from Ærø

    1. The editors

      Hi Elisa. Sorry for the wait! That Janes is on now.

  13. Jeanett Pietens

    We are still missing Gardenje, Gudmindrup Strand, 4573 Højby on the map

  14. Jane Frans

    Hello Discover Denmark! 🙂
    We are thrilled to be among the 35 best burger places in Denmark & #8211; but we haven't been put on the map?
    Please greet us at At Janes, Marstal, Ærø

    1. The editors

      Hi Jane! Sorry for the wait. You are on the map now 🙂

  15. Anne-Mette Hougaard Hansen

    Hi! Missing to see & #8220; normann's & #8221; in Hirtshals marked on the map ?? They also reached over 250 votes and are mentioned and congratulated among the other 35 locations?

  16. Daniel Alejandro

    It must be Mikuna in Aarhus! Even though I love meat burgers, this one can just as well!

  17. Andreas Gade Jensen

    Very clear Mikuna !!
    Can't they get one in Kbh soon?

  18. Ann Pedersen

    Obviously Mikuna in Åarhus!

  19. Helle K

    How can you close the poll 1 hour before midnight? ? It simply does not hold.
    It is then mega cheating.

  20. Monica Nielsen

    Hello Experience Denmark,
    It is 23:06 and I would like to vote but there is only one silly card and this endless list of comments & #8230; what happened to the mentioned list where you can vote until 24? Have been updating since last 10 minutes and the list remains pissed off. Super sorry and a little disappointing that something has gone wrong or that the vote is closed ahead of time.

  21. Mikkel

    Is there a reason MASH is not included? After all, have won a few burger awards.

  22. Ole Haahr Hansen

    The Pagoda & #8211; they are just the best

  23. Mehrdad

    The burger shack is just always delicious. No one is better!

  24. Christian Leonhardt Sørensen

    There's just nothing beating the delicious burger from The Burger Shack

  25. Kim

    Why is Rumbles not on the map of Denmark when it is placed so high?



  26. It is very sad that the backyard burger in Herning is not included. 100% the best burger & #8230; and yep I've tried a lot of the places on your list. Imagine living in Aarhus where we have many burger places, and then still set course for Herning when the burger desire to have a king burger.

    sorry but i give nothing for this list when this place is not included. 🙂

  27. John

    Hey. It is fine with a competition like this but it should not be judged on the basis that you have actually tried all the burgers and at the same time the bull burger cannot be compared eg my favorite from Thai ma & #8217; house.

  28. Jeanett PIetens

    Will Haveje, Gudmindrup Strand on the Burgerkortet? 🙂

  29. Flemming

    We announce the winner on Monday, July 9, 2018. You can vote until midnight, Sunday, July 8.

    We have today 5 July 2018 but obviously can NOT vote anymore.
    Pity and shame for would have liked to have voted at Skovgrillen in Hillerød but then you just have to increase their number of votes by 1, thank you.

  30. Mikkel stomach

    You are missing the memphis mansion and using schack and using boom from Randers

  31. Lars Dyrner

    You are missing out on the Haché gourmet burger. Their vegan burger in portobello mushrooms is the best I've tasted.

  32. line

    Maybe a little late in the process; best burger brewery no 5 in Holbæk & #8230; Well worth a detour too!

  33. Hi,

    Burger shack has just won the taste award in aarhus for 2018.
    Me and Aalborg Awards in Aalborg 2018.
    If you can add in your comments.


  34. Soren

    Ollis clearly best & #8230;

  35. cafe hammer cozy place and good food and burgers, highly recommended

  36. Burgerkilden, Hersegade 12a, Roskilde.

    Small menu card, high quality. Tasty homemade burger buns. Juicy burgers of home-minced beef. Delicious chickpea vegetarian burgers are also served. In addition, a nice patio and a nice and serviceminded owner.

  37. Mikkel the ball

    Certainly at Haveje on gudmindrup beach it tastes of meat and delicious ingredients it is definitely worth a visit and after that visit you do not drive elsewhere to get burger .. 6 out of 6 star

  38. Per breaststroke

    Café Morville in Viborg makes a fantastic burger


    Price & #8217; s Diner in Tivoli, Copenhagen.
    Delicious ingredients, good crispy bun, flavorful meat and lovely dressing.
    It just tastes heavenly, like their french fries.

  40. Charlotte

    Ollis Burgerspot is a sublime taste experience. Welcoming staff and good hygiene ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  41. Zanne Empty

    There is NO better burger than those served at Haveje Gudmindrup beach

  42. Mads Vagnby

    Café Holmeren, Fensmark

  43. You are clearly missing South Zealand's best burger at Cafe Elysia. See posting from May 10

  44. With my 40 years of life, I have never in my life tasted a better burger at Haveje I Gudmindrup in Zealand. I am a burger lover, and have always been looking for a burger that will make my life rich in taste. And so does Haveje

  45. Elisabeth Lisberg Kjærbo

    Best burger available at Kebab to go, Brøndbyøster Station, Gillesager 1, 2605 Brøndby

  46. Jimmy remy Jensen

    Cafe red and yellow in the center of Rødovre

  47. Kjeld Gustafson

    Highway 51 in Vejle. Good burgers, great service and great music & #8211; Elvis understood

  48. Ønder

    Peppes pizza grill restaurant Ullerslev

  49. Tor Einar Aune

    Cafe Razz in Middelfart has the best burger I've ever tasted.
    Greetings tourist from Norway

  50. Zarah

    Cafe Kosmos, Odense
    GreenBurger, Copenhagen
    Café Venchi, Odense

  51. Gert Hansen

    It can never be a fair winner!
    Right now, Mikuna has one vote per. 145 citizens in Aarhus
    The Pagoda in Beer God, on the other hand, has one vote, per. 3 residents of Beer God.
    How can you vote without having tasted several / all burgers?
    A final should be made where everyone who votes must have tasted all burgers in the field!

  52. Soren

    Ollis 100! & #8230;

  53. Maria

    Clearly royal pita and burger in Horsens!

  54. Henriette

    The Golden Ox in Viborg definitely makes the best burgers. A crispy bun with an incredibly delicious tasty juicy steak. The onion rings and delicious roasted yellow and red peppers taste sweet and salty with the fresh tomatoes and crispy salad. Ferrets as an accessory with Golden Ox's special herbal cream & #8230; mums !! Run for it !!!!

  55. Anne Lindgren

    Cafe Mathilde in Sæby definitely makes the best and most juicy burger you can imagine! A powerful flavor of grilled beef steak, crispy salad and a flavorful dressing all matched to perfection

  56. Mona

    The Pagoda in Beer God

  57. maria

    you are missing the barbecue steak at nørrebro

  58. Jane Lykke-Skov

    All through an amazing, juicy and tasty burger!
    Yesterday Friday I enjoyed an amazing burger at the Agtergrillen in Kolding. The staff were smiling and sweet, the prices extremely reasonable, the fries delicious chrisp with good taste & #8230; and then a big and juicy burger 🙂 this is not the last time the Killer barbecue grill will be visited & #8230; Mums 🙂

  59. Lene

    Royal Pita and burger in Horsens cook delicious and good food.
    They have a smiling and happy staff that really shows they want their customers.

  60. Karsten

    Halifax Burgers & #8211; no matter which of their restaurants you choose in Greater Copenhagen or Hillerød. Have the best burgers, no matter what your taste, and also if you're vegan. Clearly my recommendation 🙂

    1. Rune Hammer Storm-Korsvig

      I have eaten burgers in 48 out of 50 states in the United States. I always go for diners with real burger food of the old classic recipe.
      If you are into true rockabilly and rock and roll vibe.
      If you want to taste the burger from the original recipe, choose Sallies. Always good people, quick service. Genuine 60 & #8217; s atmosphere and delicious food. They serve the best milkshake I've ever had.
      The best burger goes to Stacy & #8217; s at Køge harbor. Take it from a true connoisseur. Their balance of vegetables, meats, bacon and cheese is perfectly cooked and tastes great. Smiling waiters, quick service and great surroundings. I mean how often are you allowed to eat in a real American yellow school bus ?! 🙂

      1. Helle Flnæs

        Gives you right in terms of Stacy's delicious burgers and bold vibe. The service is fast, at Sallies it is mega slow, they can't handle big smokes and have waited twice for 45 minutes for food.

  61. Morten Larsen

    You are definitely missing TGI Friday & #8217; in Copenhagen. Far better quality and taste than many of the others here on the list.

  62. Nam

    Can you now get Burger Go in Aalborg with. 🙂

  63. Laugesen

    The City of Burger joint in Aarhus N is missing. They probably make Denmark's best burgers

  64. Jesper Gaardboe Holmenlund

    Chuck Wagon, makes burger with original American soul and he drives around Vendsyssel only to do what he loves most, namely to give not just a burger, but also the good American hospitality and is always smiling and fresh with a funny note .
    Really good burgers and really passionate about what he does and then man is a pensioner, so what gets a man his age to do it?
    The answer is passion. Must be experienced

  65. I Vote for and nominate

    Cafø Farø Vads Kiteburger

  66. Mia

    You are missing out on Burger Boom in Aarhus. No. 1 !!!!

  67. Helle Kristensen

    Østerbro's Original Burgerrestaurant, Østerbrogade 74, 2100 Copenhagen.
    Really good quality, with focus on taste and quality of raw materials. Good service and customize selection. Well assorted without being obscure. You do not go hungry from there, and if, then it is for your own sake!
    And then just a fantastic plus, by storing the glasses of soda in a freezer. This means that the soda should not be drowning and diluted to infinity of ice cubes

  68. Tove Johansen

    Sallie & #8217; s, Albertslund has a really delicious selection, tasting the angels singing and a canon atmosphere

  69. Martin

    Hi why is Olgas at Odden not on the list? What does it take to get on the list?

    1. The editors

      Hello, Martin. Because no one has nominated them. It is not Discover Denmark that selects the sites for the list & #8211; it is the users in the comment track 🙂

  70. Nivi

    You're missing the chuck wagon and I'm voting on it

  71. Joel Birschbach

    The Chuck Wagon definitely should be at the top of the list. Mark knows how to make a really juicy burger topped with his famous chill. Well worth the trip!

  72. Esben Juul Andersen

    There is a lack of KONYALIS BURGER their burgers taste very good and filling, but it does not use ketchup, it uses homemade tomato salsa, and the steak has a nice taste of barbecue.

  73. Mother's Summer Cafe
    Strandvejen 7 Tornby
    9850 T-shirt
    To be included in the list of House burger
    Because it is so delicious & #8211; 220 gr homemade beef steak, pickled red onion, etc.

  74. Martin Damgård

    All hail Chuck Wagon!

  75. Chuck Wagon is missing so definitely it's the best burger I've tasted outside the US.
    Mark & #8217; s chili burger is the perfect combination of the smoked flavor from the grilled juicy meat delicious bacon striking cheese and the best chili con carne I've tasted.

  76. Chuck Wagon is missing so definitely it's the best user I've tasted outside the US.
    Marks & #8217; s chili burger is the perfect combination of the smoked flavor from the grill along with juicy meat a good solid deal of cheese delicious bacon also of course the best chili son carne I've tasted.

  77. Lars Hejn Kristensen

    Missing & #8230 ;.

    Greasy Spoon & #8211; Copenhagen
    Sliders & #8211; Copenhagen
    Yo Burger & #8211; Copenhagen & #8230 ;.

    & #8230; just saying & #8230;

  78. Mathias Vejen

    You lack the Chuck wagon that lies my voice.

  79. Mads Jens Jørgensen

    Why on earth is Chuck Wagon Løkken not part of this contingency as he makes the best burger in the Kingdom?

  80. Kristian Larsen

    Totally agree! GO Chuck Wagon and Mark! Best burger and Best service ever!

  81. Mette Bloksgaard

    Chuck wagon from Hjørring is definitely missing from the list.

  82. Kristian Larsen

    CHUCK WAGON is by far the best burger I've had! And Mark's American service mindedness is second to none❤ Let's get Chuck Wagon on the list right away!

  83. Morten Holmsgaard

    Chuck-Wagon Must be on the list as Mark has undoubtedly DK & #8217; s absolute best burger

  84. Henrik

    It must be a mistake that CHUCK WAGON is not on the list

  85. Svandís

    There is no one north of the Limfjord?
    Definitely missing the Chuck wagon.
    The best burgers in the world.

    1. Palle Vejen

      You are missing Chuck Wagon in Hjørring. It is clearly world class

  86. Renee Hansen

    I have to say that Chuck Wagon is missing from the list. 😀 Only thing I would put my voice to.

  87. Ole Iversen

    The list is missing & #8220; Chuck Wagon & #8221; here from northern Jutland

  88. Jonas Jeppesen

    How can anyone forget Café Chic Oldschool in Hjørring ?? Legendary Burgers !!

  89. Peter Lind

    Yes, where is Chuck Wagon on this list?

  90. Casper Christensen

    ChuckWagon from Hjørring is missing from the list. A real American called Mark, who makes and makes the most crazy and mega delicious burgers, in the true American spirit. He drives from city to city in his food truck and serves the best burgers and french fries❤️

  91. Jette Matzen

    Chuck Wagon in North Jutland! There is no better burger! On the list with Mark!

  92. Kim Kristensen

    The grill, Copenhagen
    Dear friends it is the best burger and not the one with the sauce.

  93. Kristian Krabbe

    Bournonville's Wild West is truly authentic and grilled over an open fire and such delicious steaks.

  94. Kirstine

    Chuck wagon v mark Steven makes the best Burger in the world in Northern Jutland he is the burgeman !!!

  95. Sune islet

    Chuck wagon should be clearly on the list. North Jutland's best mobile burger cart. American Style burgers made by a real American Nice dude are clearly recommended.

  96. Shirwan

    Garage burger bar vegle, No doubt best burger in Dk.

  97. Jesper Jensen

    I can't claim to have tasted them all, but have not yet tasted one better than at Friends & Burgers, class quality and concept.

  98. In missing B factory Holbæk & #8211; these are delicious gourmet burgers

  99. Burger Bite
    Nørre Allé 13, 2200 Copenhagen
    31 50 12 17

    Super good burgers, fresh produce, everything is homemade

  100. Jan H

    Hey. You should try the Texas burger they make in Lyngby. It is good and deserves some attention

    1. Could not put in & #8220; The burger & sandwich & #8221; in Lyngby on the list?

  101. Anne-Lise

    The best burger is available at Mayan now in Søndersø near Odense, where it used to be.

  102. Gitte Andersen

    Cafe Liyana in Køge. Definitely have the best burgers.

  103. Texas Burger, Albertslund

  104. Dorthe Jacobsen

    Stacy & #8217; s Diner in Køge just has to win as the best burger bar as it is the only place I can get a burger my way. Especially their Cadillac burger is super & #8230;

  105. Vigga Andersson

    You are missing Black Angus in Haderslev

  106. Nathalie Roed

    You are missing Vejle's best burger! Namely 1401 🙂

  107. Edwin van den Berg


  108. Stefsims

    Salinaz definitely makes the best burger in Kolding. If not even the best in the country.

  109. Jan

    Cafe 19, Brande Golf Club is then missing on the map

  110. Bente Juhlsen

    I'm not usually very fond of burger, but the ones you get at Olli's burger spot in Horsens are super delicious, where you taste good raw materials used.

  111. nickolaj

    Cafe Razz Middelfart makes a Deluxe burger which is the best burger. :)

  112. Steffen Jensen

    The Chicago burger also has a restaurant in Korup and I have not been disappointed yet. Always a juciy burger with crispy fries! I recommend it to Everyone I Know!

  113. Great fun

    Læsø retro and antique just have the best burger in Denmark

  114. Lasse ranch

    Burger joint in Kødbyen Kbh. Hammering wild burger

  115. Kirsten

    The Burger at & #8220; The Golden Ox & #8221; in Viborg is DELICIOUS!

  116. We are missing Cafe Chalk

    Cafe Kridt is located both in Tønder & #8211; Aabenraa and Haderslev.

  117. Kristine

    You are missing Miklagaard in Copenhagen NV!

  118. Jorge Pereira

    The best burger I've had in DK is from Carl & #8217; s Jr 😀

  119. Mayan, 5471 Søndersø

    Delivers the best burger and with French fries there is more than one meal.
    Always freshly prepared mums

  120. Bjarni Johannsson

    Missing Grandma's burger in Odense. They are exceptional.

  121. Chef and Taurus in Ringsted. Makes a formidable bearnaise burger. Sounds vulgar but keeps 100% with homemade red onion and everything

  122. Ib

    Gastropubben Hot Buns, Copenhagen.
    They are a good choice if you like steaks that are cooked medium-rare, not something I've seen many burger places offer.

    Being served by some pretty girls, but it obviously doesn't have anything to do with the taste, at best it's visual spice 🙂

  123. The best burger in DK & #8230;

  124. Maria Lykke

    The back grill in Kolding

  125. Royal Pita and Burger in Horsens throw many good burgers over the counter

  126. Michael Jalking

    Cafe Apostrof, Nyborg. Basta

  127. Highway 51 in Vejle is missing from the list

  128. Lone Ørbæk

    I definitely think we are missing Cafe Mauritz, Skibhusvej in Odense. They make some really good burgers

  129. Tonio Vorst

    The & #8220; Original & #8221; Rumbles in Sydhavn 2450 Kbh SV missing from the list, it in Helsingør is probably as delicious but has only tasted the burger from Sydhavn, it is so delicious that you lose your jaw which is only a bonus because there is room for more burger in the oral cavity 🙂

  130. Richard Frans

    Super delicious burgers

  131. Alex Maersk

    The Diner (

  132. The grilling plant in Frederik, they chop meat and produce from scratch

  133. Pernille juggles

    The best of the best can be found here.

  134. Mette Elgaard Fersztand

    It's a pity that The Diner, Vejle Transport Center, is not on the list. They have fileme good burgers !!

    1. Lars Nipper

      Thanks for the nomination

  135. Thor madsen

    If a chicken burger counts, Denmark's best burger is to be found at zahida in the west market

  136. Ditte Juul

    Cafe Ziggy by the river in Aarhus & #8211; simply because it is the BEST burgers in Denmark

  137. Grethe Manø

    Of course, the best burger is available at Læsø retro and antique

    Local ingredients are used which are super good

  138. Michael

    Bossen & Bumsen, burger bar Hillerød

    Without it, your list is not complete ..

  139. Marcellos Kolding is missing from the list. I can't remember that I got anything better than from that place.

  140. Jeppe Rasmussen

    Cafe apostrophe is missing, they have amazing burgers.

  141. Anna Karin

    Café Apostrof at the harbor in Nyborg is clearly on the list.
    Here you will get the most delicious and tasty homemade burgers with a good steak and lots of fresh stuffing in freshly baked muffins. Nothing has been saved here. And the accompanying ferrets are also exceptional

  142. Annakarin Solfred

    Café Apostrof at the harbor in Nyborg is clearly on the list.
    Here you will get the most delicious and tasty homemade burgers with a good steak and lots of fresh stuffing in freshly baked muffins. Nothing has been saved here. And the accompanying ferrets are also exceptional

  143. Soren

    Café Apostrof in Nyborg, their burger is the best !!

  144. Gry

    Restaurant Bakken, 9940 Læsø
    They make the best burgers with local limousine meat from local butcher's just the best burgers!

  145. Anna Karin

    Cafe Apostrof in Nyborg should definitely be on the list. Here you get the most delicious and most tasty homemade burgers with a good steak and lots of fresh stuffing in freshly baked muffins. Nothing has been saved here.
    And the accompanying ferrets are also exceptional

  146. Gita Pasternak

    Antique and retro at Læsø has
    burgers made from organic meat from galloway cattle, free-range on the meadows of Læsø & #8211; no better!

  147. Peter Riis

    Rumbles Sydhavn in Copenhagen. No doubt!

  148. Lasse Mortensen

    Rumbles in South Harbor & #8211; the original Rumbles. It should (and must win) because they make a simple grilled burger that just tastes great. All the content just plays along and it all has a delicious crispness.

    In addition, a menu (Burger + fries + canned soda) costs only 87 kroner. Cheaper than most other burger restaurants in Copenhagen, but the food is just as delicious.

  149. Mette

    Lazy Dog in 6400 Sønderborg

  150. Michael Nielsen

    Munkholm Bridge Holbæk

  151. Heidi

    We Meat Burger in Frederikshavn
    Great juicy burgers and delicious parmesan frites at a great price

  152. Rasmus Linddahl

    Hey. In missing Bistro V in Hjørring, they have several times received 5/5 stars for their steak sandwich. and their other burgers are just as good!

  153. Anne-Mette Hansen

    normann´si Hirtshals is clearly missing from the list !!

  154. Tanja Klitgaard

    The Best Burger is then decided upon at Cafe Mathilde in Sæby 9300 Nordjylland.
    The burger contains a lovely home made steak, of course by beef dad from our local Butcher Tranholm. Fresh vegetables. Cheese and Bacon. All this in a delicious home baked bun.
    A taste experience that will please any Burger Lover.
    Bon appetite .

  155. Cafe Rohde in Aabybro.
    They make Denmark's best user, always fresh produce, beef of Danish beef cattle, bowl of herbs, last but not least, large portions.

  156. Merve

    I clearly lack BurgerMania in Svendborg! Really good juicy burgers as well as their crispy frites and homemade's milkshakes

  157. Tina

    Denmark's best burger place is clearly Restaurant Bakken on Læsø. They taste absolutely amazing!
    Huge large burgers in many varieties with homemade dressings, big steaks, fresh salad and delicious muffins. Always serve with crispy coarse fritters. Yum!
    There are, among other things. A gentleman burger with 2 & #215; 250 grams of steak!

  158. Lotte vestergaard

    Café Holmeren in Fensmark, 4684 Holmegaard
    They make the best burger

  159. Grethe Andersen

    I know it's not fancy. But it is, after all, one of Denmark's best-selling burgers. Namely McFeast from McDonald's.
    How can you avoid including McDonald's? You may have particularities, but burgers from them are and will be the best-selling.
    And after them comes BurgerKing, which is not even possible to vote for ????

  160. Bjarne

    No no there is no doubt & #8211; Largest, special and most tasty is at Læsø Retro and Antik

  161. Birte Frans

    AtJanes makes delicious delicious burgers.

  162. Cem okan tan

    It's no comment just the best burger I've eaten in so far

  163. Cemil karanfil

    Chicago burger is highly recommended & #8230; top quality / service

  164. Kristoffer Ellehammer

    Café Kaiser = big ben burger

  165. Niels Drohne

    Lenda's Griller on Ærø makes the best burger in the world, so they should be included in the list

  166. Majken banged Mikkelsen

    Lenda's grills in Ærøskøbing on Ærø
    Jettes Diner in Svendborg

  167. Ida Larsen

    Chicago Burger Odense should definitely be on the list

  168. Ole dandanell Nielsen

    Fredensborg houses flame-grilled burger. At Roskilde animal show and big horses day

  169. Michael Esven

    That Janes, Marstal makes the best burgers in Denmark.

  170. Dorthe Nexø

    Kitchen in Middelfart is missing from the list
    Their burgers are truly amazing

  171. Rita Kjelsmark

    That Janes in Marstal has the best burgers

  172. Tom Juul Pedersen

    You are clearly missing the new one (Cafe Knox) in Ribe.

    I would definitely choose one instead of a place like the eatery pagoda 😉

  173. Martin Hansen

    Chicago Odense, Super Delicious Burgers & Fritters & #8230; Some of Denmark's very best. It should definitely be on the list. Don't doubt it gets in the top 3 🙂

  174. Peter Esbersen

    Definitely Chicago Burger OdenseFantastic burgers !! It tastes good, it is relatively cheap and I have never in my life got such a great and delicious burger. Besides the food, the furniture and decoration are really charming 🙂 next time I passed Odense, I definitely have to go in and have a burger 🙂

  175. Chicago Burger at odds

  176. Lulu

    Chicago Burger in Odense
    With 2 departments definitely the best.

  177. Musa

    Hi, Mamma Rosa in Helsingør, has been voted North Sealand's No. 1 in Danish take away awards in 2017. And in the whole of Denmark for number 7. In 2018 based on Just eat's platform. They definitely deserve to be included !!

  178. Ilker Celiker

    Chicago Burger is definitely the best burger in Denmark with several departments in Odense.

  179. Thomas Bruun

    Double Bacon / Cheese from Madonna Burger in Helsingør. Just stop the competition now 🙂

  180. Elisa Viberg

    You are then missing Denmark's best burger place: "At Janes" in Marstal on Ærø!
    Without a doubt the best burgers the world has known

  181. Stine

    You are clearly missing Dad's Ristorante pizza bar, 5960 Søby, Ærø .. their burgers are the most delicious

  182. Betina Rön Lange

    You are definitely missing & #8220; That Janes & #8221; on Ærø. Their burgers are completely their own and made from scratch and made from the best ingredients.

  183. Michael Nexø

    The Kitzchen in Middelfart should be on the list with their The Awesome One served in fantastic environment from their food truck in the middle of Kongebroskoven

  184. Ulla Vejbjerg Kristoffersen

    Sallie's, American Diner in 2620 Albertslund
    They have the most delicious burger and milkshake.
    With authentic history and original recipes.
    They are clearly Denmark's best burger

  185. Karl

    You are missing Jette & #8217; s Diner in Svendborg

  186. Martin

    Fox & Hounds, both in Aabenraa and Sønderborg. Delicious burger with homemade stuff.

    1. The editors

      Hereby added, Martin

  187. Tina

    Grilling, Aarhus
    They make a great burger with homemade ingredients, friendly service and a great atmosphere.

  188. Hans Uerkvitz

    Haderslev Golfrestaurant & #8211; Kim Kok's Burger is FAN TASK!

  189. Ronni

    Antik & Retro on Læsø. Large, juicy burgers with various accessories. The best, however, are the steaks from Læsø's Galloway cows

  190. Johnni

    The steak in Ribe next to the cathedral
    It doesn't get any better and Burger

    1. The editors

      Thanks for the tip, Johnni. The steak is put on 😉

  191. Iben

    Nurs burger and steakhouse in Nyborg

    1. The editors

      Nurs added, Iben 🙂

  192. Happiness

    Restaurant and Café Bøjden beach are missing from the list

  193. Happiness

    Lemon, Svendborg is missing from the list

  194. Lykkr

    The motorway grill, Haderslev is missing from the list

    1. The editors

      Highway grills added, Happiness

    2. Happiness

      Oops it's Haverslev Motorway Grill (not Haderslev)

  195. Ole Rosén

    I vote at Café Strand, Henne Strand & #8211; Hans Beck Thomsen

    1. The editors

      You can now vote for Café Strand, Ole. Thanks for the contribution!

  196. Friends & BRGRS should be on too! Good burgers and mega good people!

    It is located on Vimmelskaftet 47 in Copenhagen!

    1. The editors

      Friends & #038; BRGRS added, Dion. Thank you for your contribution 🙂

  197. Kurt Bach Christensen

    I / We would like to recommend Bellona Nørregade 19 Hundested, where the most delicious burgers are served with delicious fresh ingredients as well as lovely fresh salads and a wonderful service is definitely recommended and there is enough to satisfy the burger

    1. The editors

      Thanks for the tip, Kurt. Bellona is now on the list!

  198. Fie bahrt

    "At Grandpa" has some amazing burgers for truckers on the road
    Delicious juicy homemade
    Infoteria kongsted rest area 4100 Ringsted

    1. The editors

      Grandpa's added, Fie. Thanks!

  199. Mette

    Larsensbøfhus in Frederikssund Østergade 1a they just make pretty good burger 10 different burger that just kicks r .. mums I just say 🙂 and then they make us mega good milkshakes 🙂 definitely worth a visit 🙂

    1. The editors

      Then we added Larsens Steak House, Mette. Thanks for the contribution!

  200. Bonni Rathje-Ottenberg

    Bar Burger in Tønder
    Clearly the best burger.

  201. Nanna Baagøe

    Denmark's best burger

  202. Per Nygaard Thorsen

    Cafe Upstairs, Strøby Hall, Strøby Egede, 4600 Køge. They have a good burger menu, good ingredients and made from scratch and so at prices that can be described as cheap.

  203. Johan

    2000 Frederiksberg,
    Falcons all 12

    Clearly the best burger and one of the world's best shakes !!

    1. The editors

      Shakedown is added, Johan

  204. Stone Lausdahl

    Clearly Emil's burger at Valby Bakke, Skanderborg.

    1. The editors

      Valby Bakke is added, Steen

  205. Morten Knudsen

    dinner 34, Holstebro

  206. line

    Stacy's diner in Køge now also has some pretty amazing burgers

  207. Katrine

    Vesterbro's original burger restaurant, Copenhagen

    The place is reminiscent of a real diner and it's just a lovely atmosphere

    1. The editors

      Thanks for the nomination, Katrine. Vesterbro's is now on the list

  208. Why is the burger shack Vejle not on the list?

    1. The editors

      Hi Vali. Because no one has nominated them. They are now on the list 🙂

  209. Ateequllah

    The burger shack, the best burger in Denmark

  210. Cafe Kaiser Helsingør, makes super delicious burger. Their concept is to build your own burger.
    100% is recommended ❤️

    1. The editors

      Thanks for the tip, Christian. Cafe Kaiser is now added

  211. Sally's in Taastrup & #8211; American diner at its finest and cozy. Here it is not only the good food that is at the forefront. No it's the whole package & #8211; the whole experience Great. Must be clearly on the list. Crazy burgers and chilie cheese fries to die for

    1. The editors

      Sounds delicious, Jette. We've put Sally's on now

      1. Ulla Vejbjerg Kristoffersen

        It's called Sallie & #8217; s and is right on the municipal border between Taastrup and Albertslund!
        And yes they have Denmark's best burger

        1. Ulla Vejbjerg Kristoffersen

          You have written Sally & #8217; s on your ballot, Taasinge !!

  212. Tanja Z

    "The Burger Shack" is missing in Aalborg

    1. The editors

      Not anymore. Thanks for the addition, Tanja

  213. Silja

    Zakabona in Copenhagen

    1. The editors

      Zakabona added, Silja

  214. GreenBurger is missing in Copenhagen. Homemade plant-based fast food burgers. My favorite burger is chickless burger with cheese and bacon 😉

    1. The editors

      GreenBurger is now on! Thanks for the tip, Jannick

  215. Christine

    Thai Ma & #8217; house in Ringe on Funen
    Juicy steak throughout the meal. Super delicious accessories among m raw marinades red onion. Sweet and friendly service & #8230; Don't bother burgers anywhere from now

    1. The editors

      Thank you for your contribution, Christine. Thaisens is on the list

    2. Anne

      Totally agree. Funen raw materials ❤️

  216. line

    If you can still get nominated, I would like to hit the greenburger in Copenhagen! Really delicious burgers, great variety and at really great prices 🙂

    1. The editors

      GreenBurger is on. Thanks for the contribution, Line

  217. line

    The harbor pearl of Aarhus is missing

    1. The editors

      The Harbor Pearl is added. Thanks, Line

  218. Lone Salfekt

    Vegan, fresh produce

    1. Where does Burger Anarchy get off the list?

  219. Cafe Victoria,
    Storegade 9,
    6270 Barrels

    1. The editors

      Victoria added, Marianne

  220. Gitte Due

    I definitely vote and prefer to drive to Rasses in Skanderborg, they taste like you are & #8220; in heaven & #8221; and can just see and taste that it is quality

  221. Really fine, but my favorites are missing (unless Halifax is together). The absolute best vegan burger I've had, I got at Cafe Gimle in Roskilde, Helligkorsvej 2, 4000 Roskilde, then comes Cafe N, Jægersborggade, Copenhagen and finally Halifax (Valby and Lyngby).

    1. The editors

      Gimle in Roskilde has arrived. Thanks for the addition, Deborah!

      1. Thank you very much! Is there any reason why Cafe N may not come along ??

        1. The editors

          It was a sweeper, Deborah. Then the N is added

          1. Thank you very much!

  222. Mads Gregersen

    The Happy Cookery in Hjørring

    1. The editors

      Thanks for the tip, Mads. The Happy Cookery is now also on the list

  223. Brigitte

    Café Venchi In Odense, they are fantastic.

    1. The editors

      Venchi is on now, Birgitte. Thanks for your contribution!

  224. Halifax Køge 🙂

  225. Tobias

    I would very much like to add Souls, Copenhagen and Café Kosmos, Odense as their burger is VERY delicious, in every way!

  226. The editors

    Cosmos has already been added by Henrik, but Souls was not there. They are now included. Thanks for the nominations, Tobias!

    1. Tobias

      It was so little, sorry I posted twice. The message didn't appear to me the first time so I thought I must have done something wrong, but it came up after I wrote the second time.

      1. The editors

        No problem, Tobias. We can just remove one of them 🙂

  227. Kasper pedersen

    Rumbles, Helsingør (also available in South Harbor)
    Quality burgers with grilled steak. Being grilled medium / weird. Fast and cheap and tastes very good

    1. The editors

      The Rumbles are now in the fight, Kasper. Thanks for the tip!

  228. Ozan Karatas

    Café Woody, Lyngby
    A steak that has a really nice barbecue flavor! A good bowl! Delicious fresh ingredients that are not saved! And the steak is on solid 200 gr. Real burger steak!
    This burger is a real original.

    1. The editors

      Woody is added, Ozan!

        1. The editors

          Café Loving is on now, Lone. Thanks.

  229. Henrik Camillo Halle

    You are clearly missing Cafe Kosmos in Odense which has delicious vegan and organic burger

    1. The editors

      Thanks for the nomination, Henrik. The cosmos has come on the list

  230. The best burger restaurant I know is the Bronx Burger in Frederiksberg! It should then be included in the list

  231. Birgitte Tetzlaff

    Insanely good Burgers with lots of love for the food. There is also Man VS Food

  232. Heidi Albertsen

    The harbor grill at Hundested garden is missing

  233. Henrik Nilaus Nielsen

    Provianten in Hundested.
    It is a super delicious homemade burger with rustic fritters.
    Can definitely be recommended

    1. The editors

      The provider has been added, Henrik. Thanks for the tip.

  234. Lone Clemen

    Cafe Maku in Liseleje, makes the BEST Burgers

  235. Ove Marinkovic

    Café Maku

    1. The editors

      Café Maku is hereby added, Ove. Thanks for the addition.

  236. Marco Mikkelsen

    57 Burger and Beer in Hillerød!
    Not only is it the most delicious burger you can get in Denmark, it is also owned by the nicest people in the world.
    It seems to be a shortcoming that it is not on the voting list in Hillerød

    1. The editors

      Hi Marco. Thanks for the tip. Hillerød is now on the list.

  237. Lene starcke -Jensen

    SOUND on the inner Nørrebro
    Mums fresh and delicious

  238. Linda

    Bar Burger in Tønder
    A small gourmet burger bar, which shows that eating gourmet food doesn't have to cost a fortune. Super delicious burgers

    1. The editors

      Added here, Linda. Thanks for the tip.

  239. René Wraae Johansen

    The Burger Shack In the cold.

  240. Thomas Vedstesen

    I recommend and vote for "Oli's burger spot" in Horsens. Definitely the best burger I've tasted to date. And have tasted some! 😀

    1. The editors

      Thanks for the nomination, Thomas! We've put Olli's & #8217; s on the list so you can vote on them.

  241. Butcher American Steakhouse (Butcher Burger / Post Office) in Esbjerg is clearly missing from the list. Their burgers are amazing.

    1. The editors

      Butcher's on, Erik. Thanks for the tip.

  242. Nina Pichler

    Just wondered that the comment was awaiting approval and then & #8230;
    But appreciate that you chose to follow up on a & #8216; old scam & #8217; which none of the people involved wanted to correct
    Thank you

  243. Nina Pichler

    Why did I know that my comment would be deleted?

    1. The editors

      Hi Nina. Nothing is deleted. We just had to investigate your initial inquiry.

  244. Jens Åge

    Where is the Italiano Burgerhouse in Bjerringbro? Does not see it in the list.

  245. Nina Pichler

    Restaurant Vestre Bådelaug won in Aalborg in 2017 and not the Cafe as you write.

    1. The editors

      Hi Nina. It is correct. Vestre Bådelaug won at Mig & #038; Aalborg. It was their user vote, the Café won. We have fixed it in the text & #8211; thank you for your attention 🙂

  246. Burkhard von Stuermer

    There is a lack of the Pagoda in Beer God. That is clear.

  247. Sorrow garden

    I mean it is cafe Knuths on Havnevej 14 in Skagen that should win with their (Knuths burger) it is watery after all

  248. At Tetzlaff, cannon has burgers

  249. Janet Soede

    Missing the Forest Grill in Hillerød.

  250. Peter H

    Cafe Knuths in Skagen is missing from your list

  251. Peter

    I think that one place missing from the list must be Cafe Knuts in the Skagen. They have an insanely good product

  252. Jytte Navntoft

    They make a delicious burger

  253. Dann Fløjgaard

    Pinders cafe in Arnborg certainly deserves a place on the list as well.

  254. Tina Mulvad Madsen

    The Pagoda in Beer God

  255. Henriette Lion

    The Dining Pagoda, Beer God & #8211; undoubtedly

  256. Michaela karlson

    Missing the Beer House dining list ???

  257. Missing the Dining House in the Pagoda, Beer God
    On the list

  258. Laila Leah

    I wrote Spisehuset Pagoden in Ølgod, why not include it in the list ??

    1. The editors

      Hi Laila. We strive to add new ones to the list as soon as possible, but we need to review them before they appear. Otherwise, the list will be several kilometers long. I hope you understand that.

  259. Bent blind brook

    The Dining Pagoda in Beer God must then be on the list if this vote is to have any kind of justification!

    1. The editors

      Hi Bent. We review all add-ons before they can appear. The pagoda has just been added.

  260. Lisa

    I have written the Dining House in Pagoda, Beer God on. But still I don't think I can see it on the list.

  261. You are clearly missing the Dining House in Pagoda, Beer God

    1. The editors

      Yes. It's added now, Dorthe.

      1. Michael

        You are missing 100% also Bossen & Bumsen, burger bar in hillerød

        1. Mads

          Totally agree, the boss and the pimple in hail red

  262. Jeanett

    Garage Burger in Vejle 😀
    They have the most delicious ingredients, super cheap concept, the most delicious chocolate milkshakes and sweetest employees & #8211; and then their Garage fries with Parmesan rice and herbs are just muuums!

    1. Tanja Vilandt

      1. Mikuna Kbh
      2. The cosmos. ODENSE

    2. Jesper

      Totally agree! Garage! I only travel to find the best burger in the world with my friends, and when we hit the garage we were overwhelmed! It is worth traveling for & #8230; even from Skagen to Vejle!

      1. peter

        try Hungry Dane in Aarhus, Fredericia, Odense or Copenhagen

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Ask for help from local news media. Positive attention to a particular place is also positive attention to the area. That is why your local newspaper, tourist office etc. also has something to gain by helping the nominees in their area. If you have them share your post / link to the poll, it can greatly improve your chances. We see many examples of this.

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To be able to make polls where you can nominate and vote for your favorites while we exclude attempts at cheating and the like, we use tools that use cookies and where you provide some non-sensitive information. You can read much more about our general cookie and privacy policybut, for good measure, we have included that part of the policy that applies to polls, then there is complete transparency.

Here's what you should be aware of:

& #8211; If you nominate a candidate via the comment box, you enter information about name, email address, and possibly website and commentary. This information is stored together with registration of IP address (for protection against spam) in our database

& #8211; When you vote, information about time, phone number and voice dialing is stored in our database, which only Discover Denmark has access to. We do this purely in order to show the number of votes and find a winner. None of this information is disclosed to 3rd party. 

& #8211; To prevent cheating, we continually check and contact some of the phone numbers that have been used to vote. Therefore, we may call you if you have voted.

You do not provide any sensitive information when you participate in our polls. The name, telephone number, mail and ip address are counted as personal data and we have therefore taken all security measures to ensure that no one besides OpdagDanmark's trusted employees can access this data.

We continually delete data from our polls when they are no longer used on the site.

Read more in our cookie and privacy policy

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