In our quest to find Denmark's Best Burgers, we also find the best places in the regions. Here you can see and not least vote for Central Jutland's best burger bars.

Vote for your regional favorites below and click on to the other regional polls.

Central Jutland's best burger


The program for the 2020 vote is clear:

  • Nomination phase: 24 August at 12 - 17 September at 12
  • Voting: 17 September at 12 - October 1 at 12
All the burger places that get more than 250 votes get a place on our map of Denmark's best burger places.
It is strictly forbidden to give away competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like. Read more in our set of rules here:

Below you can see the nominees and vote for your favorite when the voting starts on September 17.

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How to vote

  • Find your favorite in the list below
  • Find the code and enter it in a text message +45 92 45 24 04
  • Send the text message You only pay regular SMS fare.


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The program for the 2020 vote looked like this:

  • Nomination phase: 24 August at 12 - 17 September at 12
  • Voting: 17 September at 12 - October 1 at 12

Congratulations to:

Pagoda Foodtrucks, Ølgod


This is what the top 3 looked like in Central Jutland in 2020:

  1. Pagoda Foodtrucks, Ølgod
  2. Guldhammers, Horsens
  3. Burger Boom, Aarhus


The program for the vote in 2019 looked like this:

  • Nomination: August 20 - August 25
  • Regional poll: August 26 12 PM - September 10 12 PM
  • Final: September 11 12 PM - September 18 12 PM

Congratulations to:

The Dining Pagoda in Beer God


This is what the top 5 looked like in Central Jutland in 2019:

  1. The Dining Pagoda, Beer God
  2. Green Vibe Burger, Odder
  3. Melone, Aarhus
  4. Pie Glovi Grill, Samsø
  5. The meat joint Burger Joint, Aarhus

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  1. Sofie


  2. Fantastic Kimchi burger
    With homemade Kimchi hook-hung steak Japanese Mayo on black sesame bun

  3. Esben hansen

    The Pegod clearly. Really never got better burger

  4. Ulla Blok

    The pagoda is innovative, the burgers are delicious and well cooked!

  5. Majse

    the pagoda in Ølgod, is total food orgasm, always totally super delicious, and really good service.

  6. Kir

    Pagoda Beer God & #8211; definitely the favorite place, hold up a taste experience

  7. The beer goddess has never tasted so delicious burger spider does not burger at all but the beer god has got me on second thoughts

    1. Josephine

      Pagoda, Beer God & #8211; one's taste buds dance fandango!

  8. Thomas

    The pagoda, king burgers, all taste amazing, well-made crispy content, well made. Definitely worth a visit, remember ferrets they are absolutely brilliant, along with their home stirred dip.

  9. Hanne

    Pagoda Beer God of course

  10. Rikke Dammark

    The Dining Pagoda in Beer God

  11. Helle

    The Dining Pagoda manufactures and makes the most delicious homemade burgers made from good ingredients, and then it is always exciting to see what they have found for this month's burger, they are incredibly creative and innovative.

  12. Jonna Horskjær

    Pagoda grill beer good.
    Always well prepared with really good ingredients. It's just the icing on the cake.

  13. Mmmmm mums die glovi is soooo good! Good vibes from here <3

  14. Marianne

    The Pagoda in Beer God. undoubtedly

  15. Green Vibe Burger, odds are the best

  16. Herning's best burger is available at Dirty Ranch Steakhouse. Not only is there good with meat, dressing, buns and accessories sitting right in the closet. Yes and then you can buy a & #8220; big snack & #8221; if you're extra hungry, basically a vulgar and oversized burger with the option of getting ribeye in it! MUMS!

  17. Melone & #8211; vegan Cafe at Frederiks Allé & #8211; Aarhus C

    They make the best burgers!
    They taste fantastic and are environmentally friendly

    1. Danielle Buchreitz

      Cafe Melone

  18. Lonni

    Smile's grill,
    SMILETS SUPRÉME CHEESE burger is so FANTASTIC it just can't be missed

  19. There is no doubt
    The best burger can be found at SPISEHUSET PAGODEN

  20. Find Laursen

    The Burger Concept in Silkeborg

  21. Backyard Burger in Herning & #8211; there is nothing in Central Jutland that compares with them

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Exciting. They are now in the race. Thanks for the addition, Chris!

  22. I would like to nominate Evald Burgeren at Café Evald in Silkeborg.
    It's just Jutland's best burger!

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Thanks for your nomination, Heidi! Café Evald is now on the list 🙂

  23. Liliann Sølvi Christensen

    Denmark's best burger is made in the food truck Hippie mom on the harbor quay 7 in Aarhus.
    It is a vegetarian burger with lots of flavor.

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