In our quest to find Denmark's Best Burgers, we also find the best places in the regions. As part of the vote, the best burger place in the largest cities is also chosen. Aarhus afstemningen is a selection of The Central Jutland poll, which means that the number of votes that the burger bar in question has in this poll is the same as in The Central Jutland poll.

Below you can see the nominees and not least vote for your favorite burger place in Aarhus. Participating burger places must be located in postcodes in Aarhus. 

You can also click on to the other polls for the other cities and regions.

Aarhus' best burger


Where do you get Aarhus' Best Burgers in 2021? We hope your help to find out! Read about the poll below and nominate your favorite here.


The program for the 2021 vote is clear:

  • Nomination phase: 18 August - 31 August 2021
  • Regional qualifying round: 1 September at 12.00 - 8 September at 12.00
  • After the regional qualifying round, the Top 3 from North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen and Zealand advance to the final. The final thus gets 15 participants.
  • Final vote: 15 September at 12.00 - 22 September at 12.00

Details of this year's poll:

  1. All the burger places that get in the Top 3 or get over 250 votes, get a place on our map of Denmark's best burger places.
  2. After the final vote on 22 September, we will select winners for the regions North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, Zealand, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and of course the whole of Denmark on the basis of the final position in the final.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to give away competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like. Read more in our set of rules here:

We have created a graphic that the nominees can share online and offline with instructions on how to vote. Get the graphic here.


Find your favorite below and give them a voice via SMS in the period September 1 at. 12:00 to 8 September at 12.00

See the regional polls here:

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The program for the 2021 poll looked like this:

  • Qualifying round: 1 - 8 September
  • Finals: 15 - 22 September at 12

Congratulations to:

Burger Boom


This is what the top 3 looked like in Aarhus in 2021:

  1. Burger Boom
  2. The Burger Shack
  3. Meat City Burger Joint


The program for the 2020 vote looked like this:

  • Nomination phase: 24 August at 12 - 17 September at 12
  • Voting: 17 September at 12 - October 1 at 12

Congratulations to:

Burger Boom


This is what the top 3 looked like in Aarhus in 2020:

  1. Burger Boom
  2. Café Sidewalk
  3. Melone 


The program for the 2019 poll looked like this:

  • Nomination: August 20 - August 25
  • Regional poll: August 26 12 PM - September 10 12 PM
  • Final: September 11 12 PM - September 18 12 PM

Congratulations to:



This is what the top 3 looked like in Aarhus in 2019:

  1. Melone
  2. Meat City Burger Joint
  3. Hippie Mom 

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  1. Rasmus

    Definitely Meat Burger Burgerjoint!

  2. Jan Ditlev Sørensen

    Anything but Burger Shack, it's just shit & #8230; rather McD.

    But Hippie Mom it's just goofy, gourmet burger!

  3. Steffen

    The meat joint burger joint. Definitely worth it all.

  4. Steffen Distler

    Do not think that you have got Kødstadens burger joint with. They are clearly making one of Denmark's best burgers. If not the best. !!

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      We have it now, Steffen! The meat joint Burger Joint has been added

  5. Gitte Borup

    Think you forgot Highway 51 Aarhus?

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      We don't forget anyone, Gitte. It is up to the users to set the candidates for the list. We have now added Highway 51 🙂

  6. Knud Jensen

    A great voice on the Harbor Pearl.
    Their burger is legendary

  7. Søren Schjødt

    Smilets Burger Viby is clearly the best burger in Aarhus

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Hi Søren. Thank you for your Smilets Grill nomination! They have been added in the mid-Jutland vote (you have to have Aarhus postal code to be included in this for Aarhus).

  8. Henrik

    Just a really good steak sandwich ..

  9. Tue

    Burger Shack in Frederiksgade & #8211; undoubtedly

    1. Mohamed

      Burger shack

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