Local producers and farm shops on Zealand 2024

There are so many wonderful farm shops and local taste experiences in the Danish country that many unfortunately do not know where to find them. We would like to change that, and we have therefore made a list of farm shops and local taste experiences on Zealand and islands.

The many local enthusiasts sell exciting products, which range from everything from vegetables and meat to jams and spirits.

Hideaway Winery & Fig Farm

Hideaway Vingård, located on top of the picturesque island of Fejø, is a real gem for wine lovers and nature enthusiasts. This Danish winery, which exudes an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere, offers a unique combination of wine experiences, gastronomic delights and scenic views.

©️ Hideaway Winery

© ️ Gundekildegaard | The Strawberry Café

Gundekildegaard | The Strawberry Café

On the road between Vejby and Rågeleje you will find Gundekildegaard and Jordbærcaféen. When you drive down Jordbærallén you come to the old four-lane Gundekildegaard, where Jordbærcaféen is arranged in the old barn with a view over the fields, where you can pick strawberries yourself.

Stengårdens Økologiske Gårdbutik

Stengårdens Økologiske Gårdbutik is a must if you love organic and locally grown products. Here you will find both products that are grown at Stengården and delicious, organic specialties from other Danish and foreign producers.

© ️ Stengårdens Økologiske Gårdbutik

© ️ Vexebo Vin

Vexebo Vin

Danish organic natural wine which has been sold to several top restaurants such as Geranium, Relæ, Kadeau and Amass.

Danish Seaweed and Seaweed Safari

You can find Dansk Tang in Nykøbing Sjælland. From here you can order different types of seaweed, both in fresh form and in dried form.

© Dansk Tang og Tangsafari

© Birkely Vegetables

Birkely Vegetables

At Birkely Grønsager, the soil is cultivated without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Here you can buy delicious vegetables in their little roadside stall.

Bryghuset Møn

Bryghuset Møn has been brewing beer according to the old traditions since 2005. Bryggeriet Møn offers many organic beers as well as organic juices and soft drinks.

© Bryghuset Møn

© Chocolate workshop Jota

The chocolate workshop Jota

You will find the Chocolate Workshop Jota in Gilleleje. High quality chocolate has been made here since the late 1930s and the owner, Christian Bahr, has chosen to keep the old craft traditions.


BAPTISM is The Organic Sausage Man, and you will find him in Copenhagen. Organic and healthy fast food is made here. The sausage man has won several awards, and here you can find all the good things that a sausage man usually has to offer, namely hot dogs and ordinary sausage with bread, just with different sausages of extremely high quality.


© ️ Rhubarb Gardens

Rhubarb Gardens

Rabarbergaarden is a special place in North Zealand, which is far more than a farm. It is a lifestyle and a vision - a place with a holistic attitude to ecology, the interplay between cultivation and nature, food quality, healthy living and the values we pass on to our children. Rabarbergaarden is an organic farm, a restaurant, a country store, a farm bakery, a nursery, school gardens and dissemination. It is owned by Louise and Thomas Køster, and run together with a group of dedicated employees.

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