Local producers and farm shops in North Jutland

There are so many wonderful farm shops and local taste experiences in the Danish country that many unfortunately do not know where to find them. We would like to change that, and we have therefore made a list of farm shops and local taste experiences in North Jutland.

The many local enthusiasts sell exciting products, which range from everything from vegetables and meat to jams and spirits.

The Good Farm

Den Gode Gård is a small organic farm near Sindal, which produces first-class meat from rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese and pigs. The animals are bred outdoors and often moved to new paddocks. It gives happy animals with good taste as they constantly have new insects, roots, herbs and fresh grass to eat. We try to hit the animals' natural habitats so that they live in health and harmony. We are constantly making new initiatives to increase the already high biodiversity on the farm. We build healthy and living soil that provides great grass for the animals. This means excellent meat for our customers. The name commits, and we strive to make the right choices in terms of animal welfare and climate friendliness.


Between Brønderslev and Løkken, Henrik and Jane Thomsen run a small farm with a farm holiday, beef cattle, country kitchen, café and soon also a farm shop. We sell homemade jams and juices - among others. elderflower juice from unsprayed berries and vegetables from our own orchard, and we make a delicious cherry liqueur. We also sell products from other small local food producers. Gift baskets are made as desired. In the cafe you can buy ice cream, coffee and cake. We have Dexter beef cattle, which provide tender and tasty meat, and Dexter cattle are also fantastic nature caretakers. They go out all year round with the opportunity to enter the barn. The meat is sold vacuum-packed as minced meat, cuts or in quarters / half animals. Children are welcome to play on the playground, cuddle with the animals, and play in the straw on the hayloft

Lophave Hereford

Lophave Hereford is scenically located close to Rubjerg Knude, Lønstrup and Skallerup. At Lophave Hereford, the meat can be followed all the way from the barn and field until you pick it up in the shop. The farm is run organically and the animals are fed with grass all year round. The cattle graze natural areas in the summer and animal welfare is given high weight. In the farm shop you will find all beef cuts - steaks and sausages for the grill as well as roasts, minced meat and spiced sausages.

We make tapas to order, and are happy to drive out with our food truck and make Hereford burgers for your event. You are always welcome to visit us and see the animals!

© ️ Lophave Hereford

© ️ Bakken Butik

Bakken Butik

Claus and Bente run Bakken Butik from the farm Bakken, beautifully situated by forest and hills in the middle of Vendsyssel. The farm is run organically. Here is a breeding herd with Gotland fur sheep, which goes out all year round. Lamb meat is sold on frost - finely chopped lamb, sticks, beef, back chops, spiced sausages, grilled sausages etc.

In addition, a number of products from the animals are sold, e.g. washable, self-produced lambskin, wool plaids spun and produced in Denmark, yarn from Hjelholt, which we supply lambswool to, ceramic sheep, wool, etc. You are welcome to bring your own packed lunch, and you can go for walks in the forest.


Bi-Kongen is a dedicated beekeeper that produces 100% Danish and local honey. I keep the honey from my apiaries separate and from the marking on the packaging you can see which of the 6 areas in Vendsyssel the honey comes from. In the early summer, the bees pull from dandelions, fruit trees and rapeseed. The bright summer honey is swayed in late June. The late summer honey is darker and stronger in taste, it is slung in the month of August. Bi-Kongen is a member of the Danish Beekeepers Association. Our products are sold in several grocery and specialty stores in Vendsyssel. See dealer list on the website. You are always welcome to contact me for the purchase of my honey.

Blokhus Meat and Agriculture

Blokhus Kød og Landbrug is a small farm just outside Blokhus, which is owned by a young farmer, Viktor Riise. Viktor produces natural meat based on Scottish Highland cattle. The creatures graze on natural areas during the summer, where they help to protect and restore vulnerable nature. We sell ¼, ½ and frozen cuts of natural meat. From the spring of 2021, we also have production of vegetables, which are sold from roadside stalls at Kystvejen 16, 9490 Pandrup.

Brdr. Mogensen - Haldager Bær

The strawberry farm in Haldager has existed for more than 30 years and everyone in the Mogensen family takes part in the work. In addition to strawberries, peas and potatoes are also grown. The berries are picked early in the morning and delivered directly to shops in the summer country and in the immediate area. The products can also be bought in our sales stall by the farm and at the raw material market in Blokhus. In season there is also the possibility of strawberry self-picking.

Bugtens Bryghus

Bugtens Bryghus produces specialty beer, lemonade and mead. We use only the best ingredients, malt from Belgium, hops, local honey and local ingredients for the mead. Quality, old-fashioned craftsmanship and local ingredients.

Bøgebæk Ecology

The farm Bøgebæk by Tårs has been a family farm for over 100 years and is today an organic egg producer. We have about 3000 brown hens, which walk freely and safely around the chicken farm, which is planted with fruit trees. In the barn we use bedding, which provides a soft surface, better health, less stress and a better indoor climate for the hens. We feed the hens with fermented grass / whole seed (silage), which gives sunny yellow plums and best of all - a better taste! We hand-sort and screen the eggs, which are sold to private individuals, restaurants, selected grocery stores and schools in North Jutland. You are always welcome on the farm, where we also have barn door sales of our beautiful organic eggs. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and offers.

The happy farmer

Den Glade Bondemand runs Sønderlund Landbrug on the edge of Store Vildmose. Here are dairy cows, beef cattle of the Limousine breed, pigs, chickens, ducks and geese, which walk freely and are cared for with lots of love. The Happy Farmer emphasizes happy animals that thrive and have a good wildlife. Keld and Kirsten sell frozen cuts of beef and pork, and from the roadside stall sell eggs, honey, jam, potatoes, fresh and pickled vegetables.

Aabybro Dairy

Aabybro Dairy was founded in 1888 and is today owned by the Lindhardt family. There is a dairy shop and café adjacent to the dairy. We make real ice cream, ice cream cakes, cheeses, sorbets and butter according to old craft traditions.

In the dairy shop you will find a large selection of cheeses, butter, biscuits, jams and specialties.

© ️ Aabybro Dairy

The Green Carriage

Den Grønne Vogn has been supplying vegetables to Vendel residents, tourists and other good people for many years. We produce vegetables from seed to table and sell the products in Den Grønne Vogn near Lønstrup. We grow approx. 40 different kinds of vegetables in different shapes and colors - carrots, potatoes etc. We are specialists in tomatoes and have several different kinds. We place emphasis on sustainability and consideration for the environment. In Den Grønne Vogn you will find the season's fresh produce every day.

Eskebæk Green

Knud and Margit have lived on the small property Eskebæk for 26 years. At Eskebæk Grønt, we grow organic vegetables and berries. Among other things. potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, aronia, gooseberries, blueberries and white currants. From the greenhouse there are in season tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and chilies. In the self-service shop we sell home-grown vegetables and berries as well as eggs. At frost, the organic berries and tomatoes are sold. We have a farm shop with a wide selection of organic groceries. In the freezer you will find organic ice cream, organic pork, beef, lamb and chicken. You can also buy homemade, pickled beets, asians, tomatoes and jams. In the garden there are tables and benches where you can enjoy nature and the life of the farm. Welcome to Eskebæk Grønt.

Gjøl Bigård

At Gjøl Bigård, traditional beekeeping is conducted with respect for the bees and nature. We produce several types of honey, honey wine, mead, propolis, flower pollen and beeswax. The bees pick up everything they need on our organic meadows and flower fields on Gjøl, and in several other of North Jutland's scenic areas, such as Svinkløv, Slettestrand, Rødhus, Jyske ås, Thy and Østhimmerland. Gentle treatment ensures maximum taste and aroma in our products. In season, it is possible to visit the world of bees, see the bees work, meet a queen bee, taste the results of the bees' work and participate in a honey harvest.


Gladgris is a small family-run company located in the heart of Vendsyssel. We supply first-class meat from pigs who have had a fantastic life in the open air. They are born and raised in the open air with access to mud holes, shelter, shade and have plenty of space to frolic. We try as much as possible to let nature take its course. The pigs are MRSA-free, and we use the pigs 'resources to fertilize the soil and grow part of the pigs' feed themselves. We sell cuts of meat, tapas and specialties via www.gladgris.dk or you can order for collection on the farm. From our self-service refrigerated cart, special items such as spiced sausage, sausages, minced meat, etc. are sold. During the summer period, it is possible to book farm visits via www.gladgris.dk. Also keep an eye on visiting days, open houses, etc. on Facebook. Welcome to Gladgris!

© ️ Grøntsagsgården


Grøntsagsgården is located in the middle of Vendsyssel close to Øster Brønderslev and the E39 motorway. The farm is run by Dorthe, which offers fresh vegetables, homemade jams and juices, home-pickled products such as Asian, squash, beets and red onions. I sell eggs from free range chickens and we also have a sugar free line of jams, beetroot asians, squash, red onions and juices.

The raw materials are free of pesticides and fertilizers, and everything is made with a loving hand according to traditional recipes. I only use the farm's own raw materials, so therefore the range can vary. For Christmas, we make kale buns.

Vegetable flavor

Nikolaj is an experienced gardener and has established "Grøntsmag" - a micro-garden located in Arentsminde town in Jammerbugt Municipality. Approx. 40 different kinds of vegetables and micro-vegetables, of which "Grøntsmag" are specialists. All vegetables are grown in a gentle way without the use of pesticides and machines, and harvested by hand. Vegetables for business and individuals are sold here by prior arrangement.

Gårdbutikken Over Ugilt

Above Ugilt is a beautiful old farm with cobbled courtyard located approx. 6 miles southeast of Hjorring. We have lots of different animals and animal welfare is very important to us. In the farm shop we can offer frozen cuts of beef cattle, chicken and rabbit. We also have roe deer, lamb, horsemeat, quail, ducks, geese, turkeys, grilled sausages, spiced sausages, fruits and berries.


At Hybengaarden we grow our own rose hips, which we cook according to old-fashioned methods for jams, sauces and other related products. We also work with strawberries, rhubarb, plums, blackcurrants, gooseberries, cherries, raspberries, currants, apples - in fact all types of Danish fruit and berries, which we carefully select according to taste and color. Sea buckthorn, cranberries and blueberries we buy from Finland and Sweden. We focus on taste and consistency and we weight a low sugar content - typically 25-30 %.

Hybengaarden's products are made in the heart of Vendsyssel, it is nature's own taste of sun and summer that can be enjoyed all year round.

© ️ Hybengaarden

© Ingstrup Dairy

Ingstrup Dairy

Ingstrup Dairy's history dates back to 1890 and ever since, quality cheese and freshly whipped butter have been produced. Today, Ingstrup Dairy receives the fresh milk directly from the cows at Vrejlev Kloster. Every single cheese is cared for and cared for, and is in the hands of the dairymen at least 10 times. Each cheese has its very own distinctive character. More than 130 years of experience from generations of dairymen, good craftsmanship and lots of love for the product, bring out the best flavor nuances in our cheeses.

In the dairy shop you can buy the award-winning cheeses, freshly whipped butter and a wide range of local and foreign delicacies that belong to a good cheese board.

Jensen Strawberries

At Jensen Jordbær we offer home-grown, lovely strawberries, beautiful potatoes, crispy peas galore, as well as onions, carrots and delicious wine rhubarb. In our small farm shop at Jordbærgården we offer free tea, coffee, fresh ice water and juice every day. Here you can buy strawberries, vegetables and local honey. Strawberries and potatoes are also available in several grocery stores in Vendsyssel.

When the strawberry season really starts, you can pick it yourself on the strawberry field. In the month of July - every Sunday from kl. 11 to closing time - we bake pancakes, of course with the farmer's wife's homemade strawberry jam. Fun for everyone, big and small. Welcome!

© Jensen Strawberries

Købmandsgaarden in Serritslev

Local and natural! We are a grocery store with a strong focus on local food. Among other things, we sell cheeses from Sønderhaven Gårdmejeri, Ingstrup Mejeri, eggs from Bøgebæk Økologi, jam from Hybengaarden, Ryå Is, Løkken Bryghus, Tranum Mølle Distillery, Rosenbeck Frilandskød, Glad Gris and Aurion. Meet us every day in the cozy grocery store. We also like to make gift baskets with local food to order.


Aurion is Denmark's largest ecological and biodynamic mill with more than 24 different grains, including rye, øland wheat and purple wheat, as well as a large gluten-free range. The majority of our grain comes from organic or biodynamic Danish growers, and the quality is absolutely top notch. In our cozy shop in Hjørring you will find all our products such as flour, flakes, whole grains, porridge, muesli, chocolate and unique Aurion products such as baking books, baking aprons, baking utensils, etc. A wonderful shop for everyone who loves to bake.

Lunden Gårdbutik

On the farm Lunden, the sweetest strawberries, juicy peas, vegetables and potatoes are grown, which are sold in our farm shop. The season is from late May with new potatoes and strawberries. Eggs, potatoes and jam are sold all year round. The jam is made from own strawberries and is produced by Hybengården. We also sell peeled potatoes, which are ready for the pot.

Lykkesholm Apples

At Lykkesholm Æbler near Hjørring we have an orchard with 1400 apple trees, 50 pear trees and black currants. We value good taste and health, and are concerned with creating good habitats for insects and small birds. We have honey bees and bumble bees in places. We fight harmful insects with traps and create shelter for "good insects" that help fight aphids and wrappers. In the autumn we hold 3 open house events with a tour, tastings and where you can hear about cultivation methods. We have the option of self-picking and sell apple juice from our own apples. Read about the varieties at www.lykkesholm.dk and our Facebook page. Here we announce new initiatives, events etc. Schools, associations and other interested parties are welcome to call for an appointment

© ️ Hybengaarden

© Løkken Bryghus

Løkken Bryghus

Løkken Bryghus is housed in Smørkræmmerens Pakhus - one of Løkken's historic buildings from the 19th century. Here, beer is brewed according to old craft traditions. The brewmaster is involved in the entire process, from selecting the finest types of malt and hops to brewing and bottling or cask bottling. At Løkken Bryghus you get a unique experience of how beer should taste and a very special experience of the art of beer brewing. And if you are lucky, you can even get to experience when it all boils and boils in the brewery. We are happy to arrange beer tastings and lectures for groups of at least 10 people.

Visit Bryggerstuen in Løkken Bryghus, experience the brewery from the inside, and taste the different types of beer in cozy surroundings. In our Brewshop you can buy beer and gift boxes. Beer must be drunk with the senses and in good company!

Food and Butcher

We are a small family-owned farm shop and a really old-fashioned butcher shop, where we make everything from scratch in the old-fashioned way. We have our own sausage factory and smokehouse as in the old days, and we sell completely classic butchery products with a large selection of meat, cold cuts, sausages, etc. We also supply open sandwiches, cold cuts, etc. out of the house. We have our own breeding of Simmental beef cattle, grow our own winter feed and make sure that the animals are well both outside and inside. Visitors are always welcome at Tina and Torben Brander and can make an appointment to see both the stable, the animals and the shop.

Mouse Coffee

We are a small family-owned farm shop and a really old-fashioned butcher shop, where we make everything from scratch in the old-fashioned way. We have our own sausage factory and smokehouse as in the old days, and we sell completely classic butchery products with a large selection of meat, cold cuts, sausages, etc. We also supply open sandwiches, cold cuts, etc. out of the house. We have our own breeding of Simmental beef cattle, grow our own winter feed and make sure that the animals are well both outside and inside. Visitors are always welcome at Tina and Torben Brander and can make an appointment to see both the stable, the animals and the shop.

The nature farm Tranum

On our organic farm, a wide variety of free-range vegetables, potatoes and now also lentils, beans and peas are grown. Tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in greenhouses. The selection of the season can be found in refrigerators in the roadside stall. Juices and jams are produced from the farm's fruit and vegetables. Our vegetables and herbs have to contend with the harsh weather and it can be tasted. We work closely with three organic farms, where the cows eat our sorted vegetables and potatoes. In addition to sales at the roadside stall, we sell to meal boxes, wholesalers and restaurants.

New Nordic Mead

Ny Nordisk Mjød is the fairy tale about the garden's old apple tree, which became a mead brewery. With us you can buy a variety of mead brewed from local ingredients. You get the essence of Danish honey from local growers, Scandinavian fruit and organic spices in our hand-brewed mead. Like our spice schnapps, our gin is made from local berries and herbs, which we collect in the North Jutland nature.

© New Nordic Mead

Nørre Vinstrup

Nørre Vinstrup is an organic family-owned farm that, in addition to milk, produces pigs, chickens and other poultry. We practice holistic grazing with all our animals. It provides the most nutritious soil, the healthiest animals and thus the best products. We have barn door sales of individual cuts of pork, half pigs and poultry. We want to contribute to a better contact between country and city, and you are therefore very welcome to come and greet the animals.

Rosenbeck Frilandskød

At Rosenbeck Frilandskød, we believe that there is a connection between animal welfare and quality. That is why all our meat comes from free-range pigs and cattle and we take pride in the fact that all our animals are well. We are approved by Dyrenes Beskyttelse and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's "Better Animal Welfare" We have free-range pigs, calves and poultry in the fields. The meat is processed in our own slaughterhouse, from where we sell sausages, cold cuts, smoked products, all in fresh cuts of pork, veal and beef as well as ducks for Christmas.

© Rosenbeck Frilandskød


Skovlykål is a small family business that specializes in making Vendsysselsk kale according to old-fashioned principles. At Skovlykål we are specialists in kale and an old saying goes: "where kale grows - no disease lives"! The kale buns are sold in small boxes of 500 g for retail, and for butcher shops in bags of approx. 4 kg. See the website under the retailer overview, where you can buy our products and follow us on Face

Stensgård Strawberries

Stensgård Strawberries is one of the most traditional pick-your-own places in Vendsyssel, which has been producing tasty strawberries and peas for more than 30 years. Take the family to Stensgård Jordbær between Hjørring and Løkken, and have a wonderful experience in the countryside. You can pick your own or buy pre-picked strawberries, peas and potatoes.

Alstrup Organic

At Alstrup Organic, we run 150 hectares with organic plant breeding and roughage production. On a nearby farm, we breed organic forest chickens, which live the free life in natural surroundings. The chickens are raised in small groups with free access, directly to the forest. The forest chickens are sold fresh or frozen. On the farm we also have 20 suckler cows with associated breeding, which helps with nature conservation around the farm.

Thorupstrand Fiskehus

Freshly caught fish and good mood. Right down on the beach is Thorupstrand Fiskehus - a food house and a fish shop. Here you will find fresh fish in the counter, simple fish dishes and local specialties. In the food house we have a small menu where the fish plays the main role in all our dishes. We always use naturally caught fish and choose organic ingredients as far as possible. You can sit and eat on the beach while looking out at the blue cutters and the North Sea - or take shelter on our cozy 1st floor. The fish from Thorupstrand is something very special. Coastal fishing ensures that the fish are never a long time along the way. The fish is literally shipped directly from the cutters into our refrigerated counter. The selection always depends on the day's catch. Follow us on our facebook page and instagram.

Tranum Mill Distillery

Tranum Mill Distillery is established in what is now left of the old grain mill in Tranum by Jammerbugten. We produce award-winning gins and schnapps, and we place emphasis on solid taste experiences that are out of the ordinary. Craft, sense of quality and patience produce gins that are simple in terms of ingredients but refined in taste and ambiance. We make gin tastings and have a webshop at www.tranummølle.dk. Here you can also see our dealer list and check if there are current open events. Are you missing a gin tasting? So call or write and let's see what we can find out.

Vendelbo Honning

Vendelbo Honning is a small beekeeping business run by Jens and Leif. We produce good local honey from Vendsyssel. Our hives are located on open nature areas or organic fields, especially in Jammerbugten, in Fosdalen, by Fårup and on the heath by Tranekærvej in Kås. We make the mild honey from spring flowers, willow, dandelions and rapeseed; the gentle honey from the summer flowers and the spicy one from the late summer with i.a. red clover and white clover.

© Vendelbo Honning

WebGrisen - Online Farm Shop

WebGrisen produces organic free-range pigs and lambs in eastern Vendsyssel. The welfare pigs live below the highest standard and are free of MRSA and antibiotics. We hook-mature all our meat and the transport time for slaughter is max. 30 min. At WebGrisen.dk you can put together your meat box of pork and lamb as well as local quality products of: • Organic outdoor veal • Organic forest chicken • Freshly caught fish You will also find delicacies such as organic cold cuts, barbecue and other specialties. Follow life on the farm, Alleruplund via Facebook and read about other people's taste experiences on Trustpilot Welfare can be tasted.

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