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Local producers and farm shops on Funen 2024

There are so many wonderful farm shops and local taste experiences in the Danish country that many unfortunately do not know where to find them. We would like to change that, and we have therefore made a list of farm shops and local taste experiences on Funen.

The many local enthusiasts sell exciting products, which range from everything from vegetables and meat to jams and spirits.

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn

In South Funen you can experience Aqua Vitae, which produces fruit brandy. Here you can visit their farm shop or order a demonstration or tasting of the exciting spirits.  

© ️ Aqua Vitae Sydfyn

© ️ Avernakø Landhotel

Avernakø Landhotel

On a beautiful island south of Funen you will find Avernakø Landhotel. In 2006, a small farm shop was opened, which sells delicious specialties, such as goat meat, herbal salt, jam, homemade ice cream and much more. You can also find horn jewelry, yarn and pottery in the store. 

Usable Farm Shop

You will find Brugbar in Nyborg on Funen. It is an organic farm shop where you can buy delicious homemade bread, tomatoes and much more. 

© ️ Usable Farm Shop

© ️ Byens Gårdbutik

Byens Gårdbutik

In Svendborg on Funen you will find Byens Gårdbutik. Products from Funen and the Archipelago are sold here, which include everything from meat and vegetables to ice cream and soft drinks.

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

Ditlevsdal Bison Farm is located by Morud on Funen. In the farm shop you can find cuts of bison meat, an exciting bison beer, bison skins and much more. 

© ️ Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

© ️ Dreyer's Organic Farm Shop

Dreyer's Organic Farm Shop

Southwest of Odense you will find Dreyers Gårdbutik, which sells good organic products. Here you can buy cuts of beef / veal, pork, lamb, ducks, chickens and geese. 

Fællinggaard, the small farm shop

Fællinggaard is located on Funen and here back in 2015 the Little Farm Shop was opened. In the farm shop you will find meat from Scottish Highland cattle, wine, beer, spices, chocolate and much more.

© ️ Fællinggaard, the small farm shop

© The farm shop at Skovsgaard Estate

The farm shop at Skovsgaard Estate

Come visit and taste Skovsgaard's food with lots of local, sustainable and meaningful taste. The majority of the products in the farm shop come from Skovgaard's own production. 

Strynø Orchard

Strynø Orchard on Strynø grows many different apple varieties. At the same time, there is also the cultivation of pears, cherries, plums, blueberries, apricots and much more. You can buy must from Strynø Frugthave at various food markets, and otherwise the must is served at several restaurants. 

© Strynø Orchard

© Dynamo Coffee

Dynamo Coffee

At Dynamo Kaffe, there is a high focus on the collaboration between the coffee producers and themselves, as they want to create positive development and at the same time develop coffee of the highest quality. In the store you will find great coffee from Columbia, Brazil, Costa Rica and more. 

Ærø Ismageri

At Ærø Ismageri, the ice cream is made by hand and from scratch. The raw materials come from local producers and the quality is top notch. Here you can choose between 22 different ice cream varieties. 

© Ærø Ismageri 

© Bryggeriet Vestfyen

Bryggeriet Vestfyen

Denmark's 4th largest brewery can be found in Assens on Funen, namely Bryggeriet Vestfyen. The brewery can be dated all the way back to 1885, and here you can buy products from various brands, such as Vestfyen itself, Willemoes, Bryggeriet Frejdahl and Jolly Cola. 

Gudme Slaughterhouse

In Gudme you will find Gudme-Slagteri, which is owned by two enthusiasts - a chef and a farmer. Here you will find a wealth of slaughterhouse products such as barbecue meat, smoked products and cold cuts. The owners have a strong focus on animal welfare.

© Gudme-Slagteri

© The Good Butcher

The Good Butcher

You will find Den Gode Slagter in Rudkøbing on Langeland. Here you can buy everything from open sandwiches to tapas to various meat packages.

Gundestrup Dairy & Brewery

Gundestrup Dairy and Brewery can be found on South Funen. Here, specialty beers and cheeses are produced, where the main production is their handmade smoked cheese. Most of the cheese production is organic.

© Gundestrup Dairy & Brewery

© Chokoladehuset in Nørregade

Chokoladehuset in Nørregade

Odense Chokoladehus is run by the couple Tine and Thormar. Here you will find handmade chocolate, which does not contain either dyes or flavors.  

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