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Local producers and farm shops in South Jutland 2024

There are so many wonderful farm shops and local taste experiences in the Danish country that many unfortunately do not know where to find them. We would like to change that, and we have therefore made a list of farm shops and local taste experiences in South Jutland.

The many local enthusiasts sell exciting products, which range from everything from vegetables and meat to jams and spirits.

Als Sausages

Als Pølser has stood for good quality for more than 50 years of life. Recipes from the old days are still used at the same time as newer and more exciting products are created. 

© ️ Als Pølser

© ️ Brummers Gaard Café & Restaurant

Brummers Gaard Café & Restaurant

On Aarø you will find Brummers Gaard, and here you can have a wonderful lunch or dinner in their restaurant. Here, delicious dishes are served, which are based on the local ingredients from the island. At the same time, they have a farm shop where they can buy exciting special products.

Dal Basso

You can find Dal Basso in Billund, and here you can taste all sorts of varieties of wonderful Italian ice cream. As Dal Basso uses local ingredients, the selection varies depending on what ingredients are available during the season. All ice cream here is made from scratch and you can mostly choose from 12 different varieties when you visit Dal Basso.

© ️ Dal Basso

© ️ The Little Farm Shop - Ledgaard

The Little Farm Shop - Ledgaard

You will find the Lille Gårdbutik at Ledgaard Landboturisme, which is located in Ulfborg in South Jutland. Here you can buy beef from the farm's Galloway cattle. 

The Organic Farm Shop

You will find The Organic Farm Shop in Billund. Here you can buy all kinds of organic vegetables, most of which come from your own field.

© ️ The Organic Farm Shop

© ️ Domaine Nyballe

Domaine Nyballe

Domaine Nyballe is located by Broager. Here, red wine is made with a focus on quality, exclusivity and fullness.

Fanø Brewery

Fanø Bryghus was established back in 2009. Since then, many exciting specialty beers have been brewed right here. You can either visit the brewery's bar, which has 17 different beer taps, or buy Fanø Bryghus' range in selected supermarkets and shops. 

© ️ Fanø Brewery

© Fary Lochan Distillery

Fary Lochan Distillery

Fary Lochan Distillery is located at Give in South Jutland. The distillery has, since 2009, produced many exciting whiskey varieties. Other products have subsequently been added, such as gin, liqueur and schnapps. 

Frydendal Ismejeri Dybbøl

Close to Sønderborg you will find Frydendal Ismejeri. You can both their own produced ice cream in the farm shop, but there are also many other items in the range. There are, for example, chicken from Røllum Gård, ceramics, rosehip products from Bondegårds Hyben and much more.

© Frydendal Ismejeri Dybbøl

© Gartneriet Rødmose

Gartneriet Rødmose

Gartneriet Rødmose is located in South Jutland and here the primary focus is on a biodynamic cultivation. You can buy all kinds of delicious vegetables, jams and fruit from Gartneriet Rødmose, all of which are in either organic or biodynamic quality. 

Årø Winery

Årø Vingård is a beautiful vineyard, with fields containing more than 5000 vines and 1200 apple trees. Here you can be allowed to enjoy a glass of their own produced wine, where you can also enjoy the view towards the Little Belt.

© Årø Vingård

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