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Local producers and farm shops in Central Jutland 2024

There are so many taste experiences in the Danish country that many unfortunately do not know where to find them. We would like to change that, and we have therefore made a list of local taste experiences in Central Jutland.

The many local enthusiasts sell exciting products, which range from everything from vegetables and meat to jams and spirits.

Anholt Gin

On the beautiful island, Anholt, you can find Anholt Gin. They use exciting ingredients in their gin that reflect the area, namely juniper, coriander, turnip root and lemon peel. It is an award-winning Danish gin, and the company behind it has a motto, “less piss, more gin” as they want to make a product that can be enjoyed pure or with a top quality tonic.

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Mariendal Mosteri

Mariendal Mosteri has a vision to produce Denmark's best apple juice. This must be done with organic farming, local cooperation and with the environment in mind.

Bakkely Gårdbutik

Close to Viborg in Central Jutland is Bakkely. In their farm shop, the owners sell their own raw materials and other exciting specialty products. For example, you can buy eggs, fruit, must, specialties in the form of local coffee, beer and licorice, and much more. You must stop by Bakkely Gårdbutik if you want a good selection of specialties.

© Bakkely Gårdbutik

© Brænderiet Limfjorden

The Limfjord distillery

Beautifully located, with a view directly to the Limfjord at Sundsøre Harbor, you will find Brænderiet Limfjorden. Here you can buy different gin, whiskey and much more. Brænderiet Limfjorden offers tours for their guests, so here you have the opportunity to get an insight into the process while you can taste the exciting products.

The Monastery Wild

At Klosterhedens Vildt you will find game that has lived freely in the Danish forests. The people behind it are particularly concerned with creating sustainable products for the end user. Here you have the opportunity to buy meat from Sika, game, wild boar and much more.

© Klosterhedens Vildt

© Thy Whiskey

Thy Whiskey

Close to Thy National Park you will find Thy Whiskey Distillery. Organic whiskey is produced here with local ingredients - so you can taste the area in every sip.

Nordic Seaweed

The sustainable superfood: seaweed. The Ottesen family, who are behind Nordisk Tang, have a great love for seaweed and its many healthy benefits. They make products like seaweed mustard, seaweed breading, seaweed almonds and more.

© Nordisk Tang

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Between Struer and Holstebro in Central Jutland you will find this fantastic manor house. Farm owners have a special focus on sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. In 2012, they opened a cozy farm shop, where it is primarily their own products you will find. It includes cold cuts, cuts, honey and flour.

Dueholm Ismejeri

At Skive in Central Jutland you will find Dueholm Ismejeri. Here, ice cream is made from the milk from the cows in the field. Here you can buy delicious ice cream and beautiful ice cream cakes.

© Dueholm Ismejeri

© Gothenburg organic poultry

Gothenburg organic poultry

At Them in Central Jutland you will find Gothenburg organic poultry. The farm shop sells organic products, in the form of chicken, flour, spices and much more.

© Cold Hand Winery

Cold Hand Winery

In the countryside somewhere between Viborg and Randers you will find Cold Hand Winery. Fruit wine is produced here, with apples, blackcurrants, currants, pears, plums, blackberries, quinces and rhubarb. The owners strive to sell some of the world's best fruit wines, and they are dedicated to the Danish ingredients. You can take a stroll past Cold Hand Winery and taste the wine and / or get a tour.

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