The Sources of the God River and Skjernå

Beautiful nature in Middle Jutland

Skjern Å (the Skjern River) is Denmark’s most water-rich river, beginning only 300 metres away from the source of Denmark’s longest waterway, Gudenåen (the Gudenå River). The two rivers flow in their own directions towards the sea – Skjern Å to the west and Gudenåen to the east. The area around the rivers’ sources is often called “Det Store Vandskel” (the Great Watershed) and offers visitors both varying nature and historical remains.

Skjern Å originates in a small lake, which was created by peat extraction. Near the source is Tinnet Krat, which belongs to Denmark’s largest concentration of oak spinneys. The old spinney consists of small and crooked oak trees, and Denmark’s oldest road, Hærvejen, passes through it. Skjern Å flows through the lakes Rørbæk Sø, Kulsø and Hastrup Sø, extending from one another like a string of pearls. Rørbæk Sø, with its surrounding woods and hilly terrain, is especially worth a visit.

You can fish, cycle and walk amidst the nature of Det Store Vandskel. Several of the walking routes are marked and lead you via narrow tracks through the two protected areas, from Tørring in the south to Vester Mølle at the western end of the landscape surrounding the lake Rørbæk Sø.

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