Weekend hike with accommodation in the beautiful nature between Vejle and Billund

This hiking route extends over a full 36 km, which we recommend that you spread over several days. In this way you can get the most out of the hiking's many fantastic experiences and sights. There are plenty of options for accommodation during the route, where you can choose between the slightly more luxurious hotel accommodation at Haraldskær Hovedgård or a tent accommodation at one of three primitive campsites.  

The route starts at Vestbanevej in Vejle, from where you walk on the path that follows the tracks of the old Bindeballebane between Vejle and Vandel. From here you pass Haraldskær Hovedgård, Haraldskær Fabrik, Vingsted Iron Age Village and Ravning Station. From Ravning Station you just have to walk 6 km to reach Bindeballe Købmandsgård. Here you can enjoy a delicious refreshment, and explore the historical surroundings. It is also possible to rent a cabin for the night before the trip continues.

From Bindeballe Købmandsgård, the route takes you on gravel roads through forest, plantation and fields. Frederikshåb Plantage is truly a fantastic nature experience, here you will find Hestedalen and Syvårssøerne, among other places. Just before you arrive in Billund, the path begins to follow Billund Bæk. The path continues in through the city center and out to Skulpturpark Billund, where you can enjoy the many beautiful works.

Overnight stays

  • You can spend the night at Haraldskær Hovedgård, which today functions as a hotel
  • You have the option of staying overnight in a primitive campsite or in a cabin at Bindeballe Købmandsgård
  • It is possible to stay overnight at a primitive campsite at Ravning Station
  • You can spend the night at a primitive campsite in Hestedalen


  • On your hike you can visit Vingsted Iron Age village
  • Ravning Station, where you will find information boards about Bindeballebanen, primitive campsite, packed lunch house and toilet
  • The landscape sculptures at Slotsbjerg
  • Bindeballe Købmandsgård, where there is an old grocery store, museum and cafe
  • You can experience a scenic landscape by Hestedalen and Syvårssøerne, which is surrounded by plantations
  • Billund Sculpture Park, where 17 different works have been set up, which follow Billund Bæk

Frequently asked questions

It is possible to stay overnight in several places during the route. You can choose between accommodation at a hotel, in a cabin or at one of the three primitive campsites.

You can park at the start of the route, and then take public transport back to Vejle from Billund.

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