North Jutland Coastal Museum

4 exciting museums from Skagen to Sæby

North Jutland Coastal Museum is a museum divided into 4 exciting locations. With one ticket, you have access to all four museums that make you wiser about life on the coast to this day. Below you can read more about the experiences that await you at each museum.

The 4 locations: (click link to jump to the museum in question)

  1. Skagen
  2. Bangsbo Fort
  3. Bangsbo
  4. Sæby
North Jutland Coastal Museum in Skagen

Coastal Museum Skagen

The Coastal Museum in Skagen is a combined open-air and exhibition museum with rebuilt houses from three periods in Skagen's history: The Black Period (until about 1875), the Yellow Period (about 1875-1907) and the Red Period (after 1907). Here you can see how the rich and poor fisherman lived under vastly different conditions. 

In the museum's main building there are various special exhibitions about fishing, rescue and shipping. The exhibitions provide a good introduction to Skagen's exciting history and to the often dramatic life on the coast. 

All year round, the Coastal Museum offers various guided tours, exciting lectures, concerts and fun activities for children, especially during the school holidays. 

Welcome to an exciting time travel in the history of Skagen. 

Highlights at the museum in Skagen 2021

Guided tours:

  • Children's guided tour "Skagen at eye level" - Tuesdays and Thursdays in July.
  • "Pirates in Skagen" - June
  • "Skagen on the front page" - July
  • Guided bike ride "On the trail of Skagen's cultural history" - August
  • Take a trip on the historic Bedford Bus - from 18 May until week 42.


  • May - "The death of one, the bread of the other" with Jan Hammer Larsen
  • September - "Forfatternes Skagen" with Hans Nielsen.

In addition, the North Jutland Coastal Museum in Skagen offers a wide range of different themed tours, exhibitions and fun activities for children during the summer holidays. The children can also play History Detectives and solve various tasks at the Coastal Museum, after which they receive a diploma that they have now passed as a History Detective.

bangsbo fort

Bangsbo Fort

Bangsbo Fort is located at an altitude of 82 meters with a formidable view over Frederikshavn and the Kattegat. In clear weather you can see both Skagen, Sæby and Læsø.

The fort consists of a fortification, built by the German occupying forces during World War II and expanded by the Danish navy during the Cold War. The fort has thus been used for two historical periods, which distinguishes the fort from other German-fortified areas in Denmark.

The fort consists of 80 concrete structures, of which 70 were built during World War II. The last 10 bunkers were built in 1950 by the Navy, which still owns and uses a smaller part of the fort.

The bunker museum mediates the part of the fort that the navy does not use and has so far taken approx. 20 bunkers in use. Of these, at least half are open on the museum's opening days.

The museum offers a number of guided tours for both children and adults, which are free for guests. In addition, there are various exciting activity days, which you can also participate in.

Highlights at Bangsbo Fort in 2021

  • New exhibition "Luftwaffe at Knivholt" - opens in April.
  • Large reenactment event with various extras "Bangsbo Fort 4045" - 5. + 6. June.
  • Guided tour "The poor battery in Bunken Klitplantage" 6 June.
  • Tour "Atlantvolden and D-day" 6 June
  • During the month of July, there is an activity day every Wednesday where guests can meet extras dressed as German soldiers in the bunkers at the Fort.
  • During the summer and winter holidays, there are various activities for children at the Fort.

The museum in Bangsbo

The Bangsbo Coastal Museum is housed in the old manor house, which dates back to 1364 and is located in the idyllic Bangsbo area.

In the main building (also called “The White Farm”), the primary exhibition is centered on life around the year 1900. Here, the farm was owned by Johan Knudsen and a gathering place for some of the greatest writers and painters of the time. So here you can follow in Herman Bang's footsteps and get an exciting insight into the colorful life at Bangsbo.

In the farm's former breeding buildings you will find a fascinating occupation exhibition, which provides a gripping insight into various stories of fate as well as the dangerous work of the resistance movement. In addition, you can visit an exciting maritime exhibition that shows the unique Ellingå ship from 1163, impressive galleon figures, various ship models and marine archeology.

In the main building you will find a ticket office as well as a cozy museum shop and café. All year round, there is dissemination of the collections as well as various exciting activities and lectures. See more under the Coastal Museum's activities.

Bangsbo Hovedgård is located in a scenic area in Bangsbo ådal surrounded by park, botanical garden, Boelsens Stenhave and the zoo with forest and nature playground.

Highlights at Bangsbo

  1. May "In the footsteps of Tordenskjold." Guided city walk with Erik Christensen in Frederikshavn.
  2. June "Strandbyskatten" - guided tour in Strandby.
  3. September "The literary Frederikshavn" - guided bike ride with Erik Christensen.
  • During the summer there will be various activities for children at Bangsbo and also here you can play History Detectives.
  • NEW EXHIBITION IN MAY "The women at Bangsbo" - about the exciting women's cultural personalities and destinies that have had their way in Bangsbo at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • In addition, guests will be offered a wide range of themed tours, concerts and much more during 2021.
the coastal museum sæby

North Jutland Coastal Museum in Sæby

Coastal Museum Sæby is located in the beautiful half-timbered building “Consul Ørums gård” in the heart of the city. The farm dates from the 1600s, but got its current appearance around 1800. The Coastal Museum's exhibitions provide a thorough introduction to the historical development of the charming market town, which has an entire district with historic buildings from the Middle Ages. In the museum you will find several exciting exhibitions, a museum shop and a mini café.

Highlights in Sæby 2021

  1. May "The occupation period in Sæby" - guided city walk
  2. June, 10 + 24 July "Spa, artists and spring water" - guided walk

3., 17., 31. July "The crooked gang and other robbery stories" - guided walk

  1. August + September 11 "Henrik Ibsen and Sæby"
  2. October "Sæby at child height"
  • In addition, guests are offered a wide range of other dissemination activities as well as various activities for children during the summer holidays.

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