Swanninge Bakker

Beautiful nature experiences and great views

Svanninge Bakker, together with Svanninge Bjerge and Sollerup Skov, is the largest contiguous forest and nature area on Funen, and the whole area also goes by the name “The Funen Alps”. Here you can take a walk in the hilly natural landscape, make your way past the restaurateur's tower for star gazing and enjoy the view of Svanninge Bakker from the top of the tower. The tower is located by restaurant Skovlyst and was built in 1935.

Svanninge Bakker offers you a varied natural experience. Growing On Svanninge Bakker’s south-facing slope, Hestebakken, are around 125 different species of plants. Here, you can find everything from grasses and herbs to moss and mushrooms. The diverse nature attracts different species of animals; on Hestebakken you can find all of Denmark’s five reptiles, so look out for sand lizards, ordinary lizards, slow worms, grass snakes and adders. You can combine a visit to Svanninge Bakker with letting your children play freely in the nature playground, Gåsebjerg Sand. This is located south of Svanninge Bakker and is one of Denmark’s largest nature playgrounds.

The tower at Skovlyst contains an exhibition about the natural and cultural history of Svanninge Bakker. North of the tower are two of the area’s many car parks.

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In Svanninge hills there are two different hiking routes, a yellow route of 3.3 km and a red route of 2.3 km. Both of these beautiful routes are half-day routes.

On the yellow route you will be greeted by some of the most beautiful views and best natural areas that Svanninge hills has to offer. During your walk through the yellow route you will also encounter various enclosures with peaceful creatures. On the slightly shorter red route, you will be led through the most central parts of Svanninge hills, and the route will, among other things, pass the "Troll Finn".


  • Trolden Finn lives in Svanninge Bakker. According to legend, it was he who dug the hole that today forms Arreskovsø. Today you can meet the Troll Finn in the form of a natural sculpture of branches created by the sculptor Thorkild Hoffmann Larsen.
  • At the foot of Svanninge Bakker you will find Svanninge church. The church differs from the typical Danish village church when the artist GF Hetsch found inspiration for the church in Austria.

FAQ about Svanninge Bakker

There are many parking spaces in the area. For example, north of the tower, where there are two parking spaces.

Dogs must be kept on a leash in Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge, but there is a small area in Sollerup Skov that functions as a dog forest, where dogs are allowed to run free.

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