Restaurants on Funen 2023

Are you going to visit Funen and are you in doubt about where it is best to eat? 

Here you will find our recommendations for where the best tasting experiences and restaurants can be found on Funen - we have gathered everything from ice houses to gourmet experiences.

Ice house

Vaffelhuset in Kerteminde

It is no coincidence that the Waffle House in Kerteminde has been voted the best on Funen - the ice cream waffle is homemade, the guff is homemade and you can either choose Kastberg gourmetis or regular Premieris. In addition, the service is top notch, and Vaffelhuset is located in beautiful surroundings. 

The Kaffeminde waffle house is without a doubt worth a visit when you make your way past Funen. 

© Andreas Bastian


Falsled Kro

At Falsled kro, attention has been paid to detail, and emphasis has been placed on delicious ingredients. This is reflected in the herb and kitchen garden that the restaurant has established in the backyard, where they can go out and pick up completely fresh ingredients.

Falsled Kro has been honored in the prestigious White Guide, where they are ranked as the 19th best restaurant in all of Denmark.


Street Food

Storms Warehouse

The 100-year-old warehouse today forms the framework for Odense's first street food, where You can explore between all the different food stalls. Whether you are into sweet, salty, strong or mild, the place offers a bit of everything.

In addition to the many delicious food stalls, the place also has a selection of delicious cocktails, Funen beers and wines from around the world.

© Storms Warehouse

The Danish Dining Guide 2020

The best restaurants on Funen

The Danish Dining Guide is a very recognized guide, which has gathered the best restaurants, where you can get food out of the ordinary in different price ranges.

Below you can see a list of all the restaurants from the Danish Dining Guide.

Best burger

Top 3 of the best burgers on Funen

Where to get the best burger on Funen? This we set out to find out! Therefore, we conducted a poll among burger enthusiasts. Below you can see the top 3 of the best places on Funen.

1. Chicago Burger, Odense 

2. Nurs Burger & Steakhouse, Nyborg

3. Downtown Sandwich and Burgers, Odense

© Andreas Bastian

Gastronomic experience

Sortebro Kro

Sortebro Kro is located in the idyllic surroundings right at the entrance to the Funen Village. When you step into the 200-year-old historic premises in which Sortebro Kro is located, it is almost like stepping into another time. 

At Sortebro Kro, it is a priority to give yourself time, both to the guests, the ingredients and to create delicious dishes every time.


Restaurant Pasfall

At restaurant Pasfall in the center of Odense, you can experience high-quality gourmet. The food is inspired by French cuisine, and the focus is on using local Funen ingredients.

The restaurant is mentioned both in the White Guide Denmark and since 2017 in the Michelin guide. The sumptuous food and the beautiful location in Odense's Latin Quarter undoubtedly make the restaurant worth a visit.

© Andreas Bastian

© Broholm Slot

Gastronomic experience

Broholm Castle

In the middle of beautiful surroundings on South Funen is Broholm Castle, where the setting is absolutely perfect for a wonderful experience.

The kitchen at Broholm Castle uses Funen ingredients and small specialties from local producers.

French Bistro 

Restaurant Cook and Wine

Restaurant Kok og Vin is a traditional French bistro, where the atmosphere is cozy and the atmosphere informal.

At Kok og Vin, they believe that the meaning of life is to eat and drink, and this should be done in a good mood in a relaxing environment - which is exactly what the place is trying to create.

© Andreas Bastian

© Jens Kjær Breuning

Informal Café

Café Odeon Social

Odeon is Odense's new culture house, in which Café Odeon Social is located. Here it is you who defines the framework, so you can both visit the place whatever the purpose is a meeting with your study group, a place to drink your morning coffee and read a newspaper or a dinner for the whole family.

Every evening there is communal dining, where food is served, which everyone shares with each other, at a long table. 

Eating place for the whole family

Spisehuset Faaborg

Are you looking for a place to eat for the whole family? Then you should make your way past Spisehuset in Faaborg. Here you can enjoy the view of the Funen archipelago, while you get a salad or a burger made with love. 

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