The old Town

Denmark's Købstad Museum

Den Gamle By lives up to its name by taking you through life in Denmark over many years.

Explore houses that are hundreds of years old, and even from around the country. You will find, among other things, Bendtsens Pakhus, which was built as a side wing to a merchant farm in Aalborg approx. year 1650. It has since been moved and rebuilt in Den Gamle By in 1938.

Before the 20th century

In Den Gamle By, however, you get a deeper insight into the 19th century and what this century had to offer. Through your tour of the city, you can experience craftsmanship and industry as it was back then, as well as go shopping in shops, as well as exploring people's homes.

Furthermore, there is also an old school from Kerteminde, Helsingør Theater, the customs booth and the water mill to explore.

Modern times

It doesn't stop here, we're also going to more modern times in 1927. People's homes were changing, especially as goods began to be manufactured in other ways, allowing ordinary people to buy things that were previously considered luxuries. Besides, cars also started to arrive.

Welfare Denmark

Next you come to the 1970s, when concepts such as collective, single mother and hippies were very much in vogue. Not to mention that you can pass by a moped repair shop, or buy sweets in Rahbek's mini market.

The story continues

So what's next? Yes, in Den Gamle by there are often new special exhibitions, and always focus on telling more of Danes' history from an everyday perspective.

So whether it's about nostalgia, or about curiosity about what Denmark was like when grandma and grandpa were children, this is a good place for you to start.

Opening hours and prices

Does The Old City sound like something to you? So find more information and opening hours and prices here:
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