Experiences on Zealand 2024

The island is a mecca for good experiences, and there is a guarantee that you will not get bored! We have compiled a guide with the best tips and recommendations for the whole of Zealand for both young and old.

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Nature experience for the whole family 

Go on a troll hunt

Go exploring and see if you can find the many trolls, by the artist Thomas Dambo, who are located around Zealand.

Below you can read much more about all the hidden trolls.

Denmark's Best Museum 2023

Experience center Nyvang

In Holbæk you can step back in time and experience the 1940s. The popular museum won our vote for Denmark's Best Museum in 2023. Read much more about it via the button below.

Unique places

Visit Faxe Kalkbrud

Faxe Kalkbrud is a very special place in Denmark. With its azure waters, unique history and opportunity to go fossil hunting, there are plenty of reasons why you should stop by this place at least once in your life.

Hiking around the island

Hiking trails in the Zealand nature

The nature on Zealand is something very special, and therefore we definitely recommend that you take a trip out and experience it on your own.

Below we have gathered all the best hiking routes to be found on Zealand. 

Main attraction for those interested in art

Visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

If you are into art and culture, you should without a doubt make your way past the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk.

The museum unites art, nature, architecture and culture in a beautiful interplay, which makes people travel from near and far to visit the place.

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Unique nature

Experience Røsnæs

Røsnæs is a fantastic area in western Zealand with lots of delicious nature experiences (see the video to get an insight). Definitely worth a trip.

Main attraction for children

Take a walk in Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is very high on the list of the biggest attractions in Denmark. 

Copenhagen Zoo is a sure winner when you visit Zealand with children - this attraction is a must if you want to have a nice day with the family.

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Main attraction for both big and small

Take a walk on the Hill

Should there be a little more speed across the field, you can visit Dyrehavsbakken, also just called Bakken.

The hill is the world's oldest existing amusement park, and with as many as 32 rides, there is without a doubt something for everyone!

Main attraction for the whole family

The Blue Planet

On the Blue Planet you can get really close to life below sea level. Among other things, you can experience large hammerhead sharks and breathtaking rays.

The Blue Planet combines entertainment and knowledge in the finest way, and ensures that the whole family gets one on the experience together. 

Denmark's biggest attraction 

Take a trip to Tivoli

It is almost impossible to make your way past Copenhagen without also considering taking a trip to Tivoli. Therefore, it is no wonder that Tivoli is Denmark's most visited attraction.

Copenhagen Tivoli offers everything from wild slides to gastronomic experiences and musical elements - here you will find wonderful experiences both large and small.

Nature experience

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden functions as a green breathing space in the middle of the vibrant city of Copenhagen. 

It is possible to go for a walk in the beautiful garden, where there are many exciting plants. In 2018, an indoor butterfly house also opened, which you can now experience when you visit the Botanical Garden. 

Cultural experience


To this day, the old water reservoir has been transformed into an underground museum, where various artists exhibit their works.

The artist Thomás Saraceno is currently working on the exhibition Event Horizon, which you can read more about below.

The largest renaissance castle in the Nordic countries

Frederiksborg Castle

The Nordic region's largest renaissance castle, Frederiksborg Castle, is located in Hillerød, and offers both experiences for children and adults.

The castle and its many beautiful halls house the National History Museum, where you can explore Danish history. 

Cultural attraction 

The Marble Church

If you want to experience one of Denmark's most beautiful nooks, then you should take a walk past the marble church.

All year round it is possible to go on a guided tour to the top of the church, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view over Copenhagen.


Explore more of Copenhagen

Our guide to Zealand already contains a number of tips for places in Copenhagen, but should you want to get even more local recommendations for our capital, you can take a dive into our dedicated guide to Copenhagen.

The highest attraction

The forest tower in Camp Adventure

In the middle of Gisselfeld forest, you can feel the rush in your stomach as you move up into the 45 meter high forest tower.

On this trip there is a unique opportunity to experience the forest from a whole new angle. 

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