Experiences in Hirtshals 2024

Are you going on a holiday to Hirtshals, and are you in doubt about what you should experience? Then we have fortunately gathered all the best experiences to be found in the old fishing town.

Below you will find our recommendations for what is worth passing by when you visit Hirtshals and the surrounding area.

Guided walking tour with your phone

Walk the Kløverstieren in Hirtshals

Experience Hirtshals via the clover trails - 4 different routes that take you around Hirtshals with stories along the way.

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Experience the nature of North Jutland

Go hiking with TheSkyIsBlue

Are you looking for a nature experience out of the ordinary? Then we would recommend leaving TheSkyIsBlue for your trip!

TheSkyIsBlue has tailored various guided walks for you - either with or without accommodation. If you like to get an experience out in nature, without having to worry about the practicalities, a trip with TheSkyIsBlue is without a doubt worth recommending. 

You can read more about all the different options and routes below.

Events in Hirtshals

Hirtshals, Tornby and Tversted offer a sea of events and experiences all year round. Here is something to see and experience for all ages and the local organizers are ready to welcome you.

To find the head and tail in the many events, you can use VisitHirtshals event calendar, which is constantly updated.

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Go out and find amber on the beach

Amber hunting

When the winds blow, it shakes up the seabed and sends the amber with the waves into the beach. It is therefore obvious to go amber hunting on the beaches in and around Hirtshals. Here you have the opportunity to find a unique piece of "Denmark's gold", and be shaken through as you can only stay out here on the west coast.

However, finding amber is not always easy - how many times have you not bent down for something you thought was amber? The secret is to look for a layer of sticks that consists of sticks and seaweed, which are driven ashore after a good and strong storm. Sometimes you will see many seagulls gathering food in the stick layer. It often takes many walks along the sea before you find your first piece of amber - but once you have tried to find amber, you feel a great joy and you can be gripped by amber fever.

Main attraction for the whole family

Museum visits

A museum visit is a source of many stories that can put perspective on life, and which are often conveyed at child height. Take e.g. at Hirtshals Museum and become wiser about the city's development conveyed through exciting exhibitions, and experience the city's "secret" elixir Bjesk.

Or take a peek because Tornby Gl. Købmandsgård and experience the exhibition about the boat trade between Denmark and Norway, where brave men crossed the Skagerrak. Here it is also worth taking in the old grocery store, which sells delicious specialties and wonderful trinkets. Here you get an authentic experience with the scent of freshly ground coffee, spiced sausage, cheese and soap and you can experience what it was like to shop over the counter before the world got stressed and plastic.

Other museums worth visiting are Bindslev Håndværkermuseum with a large collection of old-fashioned crafts and Herregården Odden which houses a unique collection by the painter JF Willumsen.

Herregården Odden © ️ Lars Horn
Hirtshals Museum © ️ VisitHirtshals

Experience that gives adrenaline in the blood

Experience Hirtshals from the water

Need a little more speed across the field than on a museum visit? Then we recommend that you take a trip out with Surf and Nature, which offers courses and instruction in both Surfing and Stand Up Paddling.

Whether you choose Surfing or Stand Up Paddling, there is room for the whole family, and you are guaranteed to have a fun and memorable experience together.

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For the art lover


Hirtshals, Tornby and Tversted are known for a great diversity of artists and artisans who have settled in the area to draw inspiration from the special light, the unique nature and the great contrasts found in the landscape.

Most artisans have a gallery, shop or café in connection with their workshop. It gives an extra dimension to the experience to see how to work with different materials, which end up in beautiful uniqueness.

Viewpoint and coffee stop

Enjoy the view from Hirtshals Lighthouse

Experience the city's beautiful landmark, which with its 35 meters proudly shines over the city. From the top of the lighthouse there is a beautiful view of the west coast, the sea and Hirtshals town. Learn more about the history of the lighthouse in the engine room.

Northern Europe's largest aquarium 

Explore the North Sea Oceanarium

In the middle of Hirtshals is one of Denmark's biggest attractions. The North Sea Oceanarium takes both children and adults with them during the water attack, and you can take both memorable and educational experiences home. 

Get a guide to the activities that you can experience in northern Europe's largest aquarium. 

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