Accommodation in Hirtshals 2024

There are lots of different types of accommodation in Hirtshals - whether you are camping in the nature of North Jutland, luxury hotels or authentic beach hotels.

We have compiled a guide to the many different options for accommodation in Hirtshals, Tversted and Tornby.

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Get an unforgettable overnight stay at Hirtshals

Summer house at Hirtshals

Rent a holiday home and experience the breathtaking coastline of Hirtshals, Tversted and Tornby, which offer charming holiday home areas by the roaring sea, embraced by the impressive nature of North Jutland or close to the lively small towns.

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Beach hotel with a view in Tornby

Munchs Badehotel

The small family-run hotel located in the dunes by Tornby Strand offers an authentic and atmospheric experience all the way to the North Sea. You are invited to a charming North Jutland holiday idyll in scenic surroundings. 

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Stay in a holiday home

Holiday homes

Living in holiday homes is a very special experience, where you have the opportunity to spend quality time with family or good friends, and to take things at your very own pace. There are both townhouses inside Hirtshals, and year-round holiday homes in Tornby, Kjul and Tversted, all of which are lovely holiday gems that create the perfect setting for a holiday on the west coast.

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The seaside hotel

Hotel Tannishus

Experience the beautiful Hotel Tannishus in Tversted. Here is a distance to the sea of only 200 m. Here you will find activities for all ages and at the same time have the opportunity for pure relaxation. The rooms are well equipped and you can also enjoy a meal in the hotel's excellent restaurant.

Read more about Hotel Tannishus, activities and facilities below. 

Historic and cozy

Hotel Hirtshals

Hotel Hirtshals has one of the city's best locations, as it is located right in the heart of Hirtshals town, overlooking the square, the Green Square, the harbor and the sea. The hotel has the historic restaurant Hirtshals Kro, which dates back to the 18th century. The inn has kept the original interior, and therefore contains a lot of history and atmosphere from the time as ship provisions. An overnight stay at Hirtshals Kro is therefore more than just an overnight stay.

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Bed & Breakfast in Hirtshals

B&B by the Sea

Lovely accommodation with the most beautiful views of the sea and the lighthouse. The rooms have panoramic views of the magnificent Skagerrak, and right outside the door you will meet a very special dune formation that paves the way up to Hirtshals iconic lighthouse.

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Private accommodation

Private accommodation in Hirtshals, Tornby and Tversted

Staying with private landlords is a wonderful form of accommodation, where you have the opportunity to stay for a longer period, a weekend stay or for a single night. Stay with the locals and get closer to the local life. The many private rooms are attractively located in relation to the many wonderful attractions and sights in the area.

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Hotel in Hirtshals

Montra Skaga Hotel

Montra Skaga Hotel is a 4-star hotel located near the harbor between Hirtshals town and the beautiful nature that surrounds the city, and is so characteristic of Vendsyssel and the rest of North Jutland. There, with an overnight stay at the Montra Skaga Hotel, you can easily enjoy the tranquility and the rural surroundings combined with a visit to the charming town of Hirtshals.

The hotel is Green Key certified and gets good reviews on

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