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Accommodation in Hirtshals, Tversted and Tornby

There are lots of different types of accommodation in Hirtshals - whether you are camping in the nature of North Jutland, luxury hotels or authentic beach hotels.

We have compiled a guide to the many different options for accommodation in Hirtshals, Tversted and Tornby.

Hotel in Hirtshals

Montra Skaga Hotel

Stay in cozy and atmospheric surroundings at the Montra Skaga Hotel, which is located in the heart of Hirtshals. Surrounded by good quality and a high level of service, the hotel is the ideal breathing space when you are on a trip in northern Jutland.

Read more about the hotel, the facilities and your booking options below. 

Bed & Breakfast in Hirtshals

B&B by the Sea

At B&B by the Sea you are welcomed with one of Denmark's most beautiful views - the panoramic view from the rooms and the large halls gives you a clear view of the Skagerrak, where thousands of ships pass between the North Sea and the Kattegat. 

B&B by the Sea invites, as the name indicates, to accommodation and breakfast all the way down the water in Hirtshals, and serves as the ideal starting point for excursions around the whole of North Jutland. 

Read more about the concept, the place and your booking options below. 

Holiday in a tent or cabin in Tornby

Tornby Strand Camping

Tornby Strand Camping invites you to a relaxed holiday atmosphere for both young and old - and you will not be bored, the campsite offers a wealth of activities for the whole family. At Tornby Strand Camping you can spend the night in your own caravan, motorhome or tent, but you also have the opportunity to rent the site's cozy cabins or spacious family tents. 

Read more about Tornby Strand Camping and your many options for accommodation on the site. 

Campsite in the dunes

Hirtshals Camping

Hirtshals Camping is a quiet family site located right next to the water with only a few minutes walk to both the center and the harbor. Large beautiful sandy beaches create wonderful bathing opportunities for the whole family - so you can safely throw yourself into the blue wave. 

Read more about the campsite, activities and facilities below. 

Historic and cozy

Hotel Hirtshals

The historic hotel dates back to 1769, when the place was called Hirtshals Kro and served as ship provisions. On your visit you can still experience the old inn, as the original interior has been preserved in the building, which to this day is preserved - an overnight stay at Hotel Hirtshals is therefore much more than just an overnight stay. 

Read more about the hotel's history, facilities and your accommodation options below. 

Camping for the whole family

Aabo Camping

The campsite is located close to Tversted Beach, and the site offers a wealth of activities for the whole family - including a 1200 sqm large water park, where both large and small can let go of their inner water dog. 

Aabo Camping invites you to a high level of relaxation in their brand new luxury camping cabins, which contain everything your heart desires. 

Read more about the campsite, the water park and the luxury cabins below. 

Beach hotel with a view in Tornby

Munchs Badehotel

The small family-run hotel located in the dunes by Tornby Strand offers an authentic and atmospheric experience all the way to the North Sea. You are invited to a charming North Jutland holiday idyll in scenic surroundings. 

Read more about the beach hotel, restaurant and accommodation options below. 

More options?

Second night

Are none of the above places completely suited to your desires? So consider these places as well:

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