North Sea Oceanarium

Northern Europe's largest aquarium!

The North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals is one of Denmark's biggest attractions. The popular attraction opened back in 1984. At that time it was called the North Sea Museum, and it was also the name until 1998, when it was expanded with an oceanarium of 4.5 million liters of water!

Standing in front of the huge aquarium and captivating the lumpfish Klumpe, the oceanarium's mascot and pet eggs, is a breathtaking experience. At the same time, the museum is really good at taking both children and adults under the surface, and giving them both memorable and educational experiences to take home.

Experience the new seal pup

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On Sunday 25 July 2021, something very rare happened, because the harbor seal Maria gave birth to a small seal pup in the large seal facility. It's there in itself in something rare in - the rare thing was that it happened before the eyes of today's guests at the North Sea Oceanarium!

Seals have a lactation period of 4-5 weeks, where the mother has extra care for the baby before it has to fend for itself. This means that until the end of August 2021, you can experience Mother Maria taking care of her young up close.

Not just an "indoor experience"

Many people associate the North Sea Oceanarium with an indoor experience that pays best to visit when the Danish weather fails and the weather is not for outdoor activities.

This means, among other things, that it is fully booked on rainy days in the high season, so people without a ticket must be rejected at the entrance.

Therefore is a really good tip to visit the aquarium on days with good weather. Here you have much more space, and you can enjoy the many outdoor experiences:

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The North Sea Oceanarium has 10,000 square meters of indoor fun, but outside there is also 6,000 square meters of fun to frolic on, where you, among other things. find the large seal pool with shows, huge playground and packed lunch house…

Highlights at the North Sea Oceanarium

Below we have compiled an overview of the highlights of the North Sea Oceanarium:

Experience the feedings

One of the great experiences at the North Sea Oceanarium is when it's feeding time in the large oceanarium.

Here you can experience one of the museum's divers jumping into the water and feeding the sea animals by hand.

At the same time, there is a narrator who makes sure to tell about the many things along the way.

2. Let the kids touch in the Sensory Pool

mixing pool

A sure hit with the youngest in the family is the sensory pool, where you can be allowed to touch fish and crabs.

When OpdagDanmark's broadcaster was over, we could easily feel how this part of the experience was a magnet for the children - and that is something the editor's children still talk about to this day .. 😄

Experience Sælkoloni Limfjorden

seal pool

Seals are playful, and at the North Sea Oceanarium you are good at teaching them tricks! It makes it fun for kids as adults to experience the show with feeding and demonstration. At the same time, the facilitators are good at telling and also maintaining the children's interest.

Right next to the large basin, there is also a storm simulator, where you can experience stormy weather at sea from the tip of a boat. It gave the kids a long time to go along.

4. Burn gunpowder on the playground


You can have a wonderful holiday with the kids when they have experienced a lot and at the same time burned a lot of gunpowder! Right next to the seal colony there is a huge playground where the kids can crawl, slide, jump, etc.

It is also worth keeping in mind if you do not live far from Hirtshals. With a season ticket to the North Sea, you get access to a huge outdoor playground with a packed lunch house, so you can have lots of fun for little money.

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