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Taste experiences and restaurants in Hirtshals

Despite Hirtshals' small size, one should not be mistaken that the city offers a lot of delicious food. We have compiled a guide to the delicious gastronomic experiences that await you in Hirtshals, below.

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Lovely restaurant with a view of Hirtshals Harbor

Restaurant Lilleheden & Café2

In the middle of Hirtshals are Restaurant Lilleheden and Café2. Here you can get everything from classic café dishes to sumptuous seafood dishes.

The restaurant must be said to have one of the best locations in all of Hirtshals. Whether you visit the café on the ground floor or you visit the restaurant on the 1st floor, you are guaranteed a fabulous view of the cozy harbor environment and the beautiful North Sea. 

The restaurant has been recognized in the Danish Dining Guide, which you can read more about below.

Restaurant with a view!

Montra Skaga Hotel

It is an experience in itself to visit the restaurant at Montra Skaga Hotel, which is located down to Hirtshals Harbor. Their restaurant is a panoramic restaurant, where you have a view of the entire harbor, so you can follow the many ships that dock.

The food is made with a focus on ecology, the good taste and less food waste. The restaurant takes pride in serving delicious food created from ingredients that are in season. 

The great focus on sustainability has also given the hotel the fine Green Key Certification.

Delicious fish restaurant

Hirtshals Fishing House

If you are into fish, we would definitely recommend that you make your way past Hirtshals Fiskehus, which is located at the end of the iconic staircase down to the harbor.

At Hirtshals Fiskehus, fresh fish are their wonderful dishes. You can both enjoy your food inside in the cozy atmosphere or outside with a view of all the boats at the harbor.

Restaurant by the beach

Restaurant Munch

Good, solid food made from scratch can be found at Restaurant Munch, which is located right down to the beach in Tornby just outside Hirtshals.

Here there is room for the whole family and the service is as good as the sunset you can enjoy from the restaurant is. Restaurant Munch is without a doubt worth a visit!

Nice Café

Café Møller

At Café Møller, the good ingredients are at the center, and the focus is on caring for the details. You can visit both the café for lunch and dinner, where you e.g. can enjoy a delicious shooting star or a fishing plate.

Not only can you enjoy a wonderful meal, you can also enjoy the beautiful view over Hirtshals Harbor.

To the sweet tooth

Places with delicious home baking

Are you looking for a good place for afternoon coffee and a piece of home baking. Then these places are good:

1) Grandma's Kitchen on the Southwest Quay 7

2) Mettes Kaffestue at Tornby Gl. Købmandsgård

3) The coffee shop at Hirtshals Lighthouse.

The ice house with the famous guf 

The ice houses in Tornby, Kjul and Tversted

A walk on the beach is a must if you visit Hirtshals. This of course includes an ice cream at one of the three ice houses in Tornby, Kjul and Tversted, respectively.

Det Grå Ishus in Tversted in particular is popular - they have a completely legendary guf, which you can read more about below. 

Delicate taste experiences 

cheese man

Quality cheeses, Italian ice cream, wines and jams are just some of the wonderful specialties and delicacies that you will find at Ostemanden in Nørregade in Hirtshals. 

The cheesemaker also has a delicious cheese tapas, which is perfect to take on a picnic or take home in the garden.

In addition, various delicious events are regularly held in the small cozy shop, such as barbecue evenings and cheese tasting. The shop is without a doubt worth a visit!

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