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North Jutland is a pure paradise when it comes to fresh and quality-conscious raw materials, and Hirtshals is certainly no exception.

Hirtshals is next door to one of the world's best commodity markets; North Sea. In Hirtshals, the restaurants get freshly landed fish and other good ingredients from the local area.

Lovely restaurant with a view of Hirtshals Harbor

Restaurant Lilleheden

Lilleheden Restaurant & Café is a "Fish restaurant with Big steaks" located on "Den Grønne Plads" at the end of the pedestrian street in Hirtshals with the most fantastic views of the sea and the harbor environment in Hirtshals.

For Lilleheden Restaurant and Café, it is alpha and omega that the menu is made from fresh and quality-conscious ingredients, and therefore the menu also varies according to the season. You can therefore always expect an exciting and quality dinner when you make your way past Lilleheden Restaurant and Café.

Restaurant with a view!

Panoramic restaurant at Montra Skaga Hotel

At Montra Skaga Hotel you will find the Panorama restaurant, which serves classic Danish dishes based on seasonal ingredients, with one of the best views in North Jutland. From your place you get an impressive view of nature, the North Sea and Hirtshals harbor. From here you can see the large ships dock, and feel the special industrial atmosphere and aesthetics that you only experience out here in the west.

Montra Skaga Hotel has a strong focus on sustainability, so great that they have received the beautiful Green Key certification, and this is also reflected in the restaurant, where there is a strong focus on ecology, fresh local ingredients, fresh fish and reduced food waste. You can therefore be sure to enjoy a delicious meal with a clear conscience.

Delicious fish restaurant

Hirtshals Fishing House

At the end of the iconic Stairs in Hirtshals you will find Hirtshals Fiskehus, which has a completely unique and attractive location with only a few meters to the harbor basin, and unobstructed views of the many beautiful fishing boats. Their attractive outdoor environment is well visited in the summer, and inside there is cozy dining inspired by the local atmosphere found here in Hirtshals.

Like Hirtshals' many other restaurants, Hirtshals Fiskehus takes great pride in the fact that only fresh ingredients are used, and therefore all their fish is bought daily at the local fish auction, and delivered only a few hours later, so customers can always experience getting completely fresh fish served at Hirtshals Fiskehus.

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Restaurant by the beach

Restaurant Munch

A stone's throw from Tornby beach, a little outside Hirtshals, is the family-owned Restaurant Munch, where there is a great focus on cosiness and good food. Here you will find the most beautiful view of the dune landscape, and the Skagerrak, where in the evening you can experience the breathtaking sunset from the 1st row.

At Restaurant Munch, the menu consists of solid Danish food, made from scratch based on the best ingredients from the local area.

Nice Café

Café Møller

Café Møller has one of Hirtshals' best locations with a view and terrace right down to the harbor. While enjoying the delicious food and drink, you can sit and watch the fine dinghies in the water, the work walk on the harbor and the nature walk right around you

Café Møller is modern and minimalist with large windows to the industrial harbor, so you get an authentic and cozy experience where the quality is top notch. The café stands out in particular with its menu, which offers dishes for everyone. You will find everything from a vegan plate to a classic "star shot" or old Danish dishes.

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© Grandma's Kitchen

A journey back in time

Grandma's Kitchen

On the way down to Tornby Strand you will find the cozy café and restaurant Mormors Køkken. Here you can experience a real nostalgic atmosphere, as if you were sitting at home in your grandmother's kitchen, as the restaurant is filled with memories from our grandparents 'and our parents' time.

In the restaurant, the guests are taken care of, and the service is top notch all year round. This fall, Grandma's kitchen is open on the weekends.

In the restaurant you can also enjoy the special art that characterizes the walls. Here exhibits i.a. the popular artist Lars Nielsen, who is local.

Nice restaurant in Tversted

Cafe Fisk

Cafe Fisk is a cozy eatery with a delicious selection on the menu, combined with a fish shop with delicious specialties. Quality and fresh ingredients are protected with a wide selection of both fresh fish, smoked products and delicious special products. Café Fisk is also very popular for their delicious take-away, which you have to be quick to get your hands on.

© Cafe Fisk

© Restaurant Tannishus

A dinner in the middle of scenic surroundings

Restaurant Tannishus

If you want an authentic seaside hotel atmosphere, then you should take a trip to Tannishus Restaurant. Tannishus is one of the last original beach hotels on the West Coast, and is located in the middle of the fantastic nature by the beach, close to the dune plantations and lakes in Tversted.

Restaurant Tannishus makes a great virtue in using seasonal ingredients, and you can therefore expect to get fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

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