In our quest to find Denmark's Best Burgers, we also find the best places in the regions. Here you can see and not least vote on the best places to eat burgers in South and Southern Jutland.

Vote for your regional favorites below and click on to the other regional polls.

South and Southern Jutland's best burger


Where do you get Denmark's Best Burgers in 2021? We hope your help to find out! Read about the poll below and nominate your favorite here.


The program for the 2021 vote is clear:

  • Nomination phase: 18 August - 31 August 2021
  • Regional qualifying round: 1 September at 12.00 - 8 September at 12.00
  • After the regional qualifying round, the Top 3 from North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen and Zealand advance to the final. The final thus gets 15 participants.
  • Final vote: 15 September at 12.00 - 22 September at 12.00

Details of this year's poll:

  1. All the burger places that get in the Top 3 or get over 250 votes, get a place on our map of Denmark's best burger places.
  2. After the final vote on 22 September, we will select winners for the regions North Jutland, Central Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, Zealand, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and of course the whole of Denmark on the basis of the final position in the final.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to give away competitions, give discounts, tastings and the like. Read more in our set of rules here:

We have created a graphic that the nominees can share online and offline with instructions on how to vote. Get the graphic here.


Find your favorite below and give them a voice via SMS in the period September 1 at. 12:00 to 8 September at 12.00

See the regional polls here:

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The program for the 2021 poll looked like this:

  • Qualifying round: 1 - 8 September
  • Finals: 15 - 22 September at 12

Congratulations to:

Lazy Dog, Sonderborg


This is how the South Jutland top 3 ended in 2021:

  1. Lazy Dog, Sonderborg
  2. The Burger Boys, Fanø
  3. Garage Burger, Vejle


The program for the 2020 vote looked like this:

  • Nomination phase: 24 August at 12 - 17 September at 12
  • Voting: 17 September at 12 - October 1 at 12

Congratulations to:

Turn in, Rødding


This is what the top 10 looked like in 2020:

  1. Turn in, Rødding
  2. The place, Aabenraa
  3. Syd Grillen, Kolding
  4. Haderslev Golfrestaurant
  5. Hejsager Strandgrill, Haderslev


The program for the 2019 poll looked like this:

  • Nomination: August 20 - August 25
  • Regional poll: August 26 12 PM - September 10 12 PM
  • Final: September 11 12 PM - September 18 12 PM

Congratulations to:


This is what the top 5 looked like in 2019:

  1. Haderslev Golfrestaurant
  2. Lazy Dog, Sonderborg
  3. Fox & Hounds, Aabenraa
  4. Café Mrs. Dax, Romo
  5. Wear & #8217; r, Sonderborg


  1. Nicolai Hansen

    Café Midtpunkt Lakolk Rømø

  2. Sandra

    Tinglev railway station The DSB kiosk makes the best burgers

  3. Frank Sørensen

    Behind the grill in Kolding

    1. Lars vendelbo Hansen

      You always get fantastic good burgers in the Agter Grill.

  4. Jan Layman Nielsen

    I would like to nominate a burger from Rømø Butcher & #8211; Simon Østa. Bread plus content provides a great combination & #8211; but fresh and tasty products.

    1. Rikke - Discover Denmark

      Thanks for the nomination, Jan! Rømø Butcher is now on the list.

  5. Edel

    Central Hotel Løgumkloster

  6. Queen Louise in Esbjerg's burger is fantastic and always good quality I know it after 2-3 burgers a week for some years

    1. Rikke - Discover Denmark

      Thanks for your contribution Allan! Queen Louise is now added to the list.

  7. Heidi Nielsen

    The place in Aabenraa is clearly my favorite really the most delicious burgers with delicious ingredients

  8. Beno / kian

    The place in Aabenraa's best user and rigitg good service couldn't be better

  9. Mai

    A brand new place in Aabenraa, the place, has just opened & #8211; and their burgers are FANTASTIC! Simple but delicious ingredients. A burger you can eat with one hand. So good!

    1. Rikke - Discover Denmark

      Thanks for your contribution, Mai! The place is now on the list.

  10. Martin

    What about the place in Aabenraa?
    Haven't even been there, but heard it should be good!

    1. rballegaard

      Thanks for your contribution Mathias! The weighing basement at Hotel Dagmar is now added.

  11. Peter Mahnken

    Appetite in the castle! Juicy and tasty!

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Café Appetit is added, Peter. Thanks!

  12. Kim Petersen

    Bones in Sonderborg quite clearly

  13. Gaby

    Café chalk Haderslev
    Delicious and fantastic Southern Jutland burger with goods in

  14. Bone & #8217; s 🙂

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Hi Zascha. Which Bone & #8217; s would you like to nominate? We drive with places so that it is not just a matter of having the largest chain.

  15. Annalena Breuer

    Lazy Dog makes the best burgers ever!

  16. Lazy Dog's burgers just have the best flavor. Period!

  17. delicious juicy beef and Brioche buns from the town's Bread House

  18. Frank

    There is a lot of cheating on Lazy Dog ..
    otherwise there is something wrong with your internet site setup ..

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      What do you mean, Frank? Lazy Dog has asked their followers to vote completely for the book & #8230; Please elaborate & #8211; here or per. mail to

  19. Peter

    Wear & #8217; s and cocktail in Sonderborg deserve to be on the list 😉

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Hi Peter. Wear & #8217; s are already on 🙂

  20. Thomas Christensen

    Clearly Lazy Dog in Sonderborg.
    Super juicy burger every single time

  21. br

    Uhada. It stands between Lazy Dog and Café Victoria

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      It's really exciting, yes, but there's a long time again 🙂

      1. Central hotel Løgumkloster. Burger steak sandwich

        1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

          Thanks for the contribution, Henrik. The central hotel is hereby added to the list.

  22. Richard Hellman

    Brøggeriet Sønderborg is not on the list & #8211; it is a mistake! 😀
    Clearly the best of Southern Jutland (Y)

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Now they are on! Thanks to you who nominated them 🙂

  23. michael holm

    I would like to nominate the brewery in Sonderborg. They have the most delicious burgers I've tasted in a long time, and they should be nominated

  24. Izabel Ignatova

    Lazy dog Sønderborg & #8211; Bacon burger is great ‍ Go and try guys

  25. Kenneth Jensen

    SLID´R in Sønderborg makes the best burgers!

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Thanks for the contribution, Kenneth! Wear & #8217; s hereby listed!

  26. Poul Stamp

    Fox and hounds Sonderborg
    Their fox burger is amazing

  27. Bente Orbesen

    Café Butler in Aabenraa

    1. Discover Denmark's editorial staff

      Added, Bente! Thank you for your contribution 🙂

  28. Malene Petersen

    Cafe Mrs Dax Romo

  29. Their chili chesse burger is amazing

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