Mejlgård Nederskov

A historic hike in adventurous surroundings

Trenches built by the Nazis, kitchen waste produced by our ancestors and relics from the ice age make this hiking route something very special. In a short moment, you are sent many thousands of years back in time in the middle of the beautiful and adventurous nature in Mejlgård Nederskov.

The kitchen manure has, according to the latest studies, been in use for well over 6500 years ago, and its contents include shells from oysters, mussels and beach snails. You have no doubt when you have found the kitchen manure in the forest, for the area is adorned with the many small shells that our ancestors have thrown there. This historic gem is of course protected, which means that the area must not be damaged.

The hiking route is 6 km, and is therefore described as a half-day trip. The entire route is marked with blue arrows, which you just have to follow around. The forest is privately owned, which means that it can sometimes be closed due to hunting. You must therefore be aware of and respect the relevant signage in the area.

From the car park, walk towards Mejlgård Nederskov, where you will see a blue arrow in an open area overlooking the Kattegat, which will take you further around the route.


  • In Havbakker you can see the trenches that the Nazis built during World War II
  • Mejlgård Køkkenmødding, which is among the country's largest and best-preserved kitchen manures from the Ertebøllen era
  • The coast at Bønnerup is adorned with black stones, which are a relic from the ice age
  • Wind-shaped coastal scrub, which separates the area between the flat coast and Mejlgård Nederskov. The scrub appears almost adventurous with moss up from the crooked trunks of the beech and oak trees

Frequently asked questions

There is the possibility of parking at the easternmost corner of Fjellerup stand or at Mejlgård Castle

As Mejlgård Nederskov is privately owned, there may be times when the forest is closed due to hunting. Therefore, you must be aware of and respect the relevant signage in the area

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