Mols Bjerge-Stien

A hike in the middle of the scenic ice age landscape

Mols Bjerge was created during the ice age, where two large glaciers swept in through the landscape. This has created a unique landscape, where high peaks with impressive views and lush depressions adorn the area by Mols Bjerge.

The hike is a full day trip, as the route is a full 20 km. However, you can take shortcuts that make the route 8 km and 15 km long, respectively. There are arrow directions for all routes on poles around the landscape. There are benches, tables and toilets in several places on the route. If you want the full nature experience, you can spend the night at the primitive shelter site at Tremosegård.

On the hike you will pass folds with horses, cattle and sheep. During the summer, you can experience the area's rich bird life, which includes eye-catching species such as the city swallow, the yellow sparrow, the song lark, the bird king and several species of titmice.   


Use our digital map to follow the route here:


  • Poskær Stenhus, which is the country's largest round dolmen, and was built in the Peasant Stone Age
  • Agri Bavnehøj is the highest point in Mols Bjerge, the point is 137 meters high
  • The Italian Path, which goes from Femmøller to Strandkær. It is said that Karen Blixen gave the trail this name because she compares the landscape to the Italian coastal landscape
  • The visitor center Øvre Strandkær, which has a packed lunch room and exhibitions about nature and culture in Mols Bjerge
  • Toggerbo, which is a single town in the middle of Mols Bjerge
  • From the top of the ancient mounds Trehøje you can get a fantastic view of Begtrup Vig with Aarhus beautiful in the background
  • Tremosegård, which is a primitive shelter site with tables, benches and a fire pit
  • Tinghulen and Tremosegård are both areas that are described as death holes. That is, these two depressions in the landscape were formed by huge blocks of ice, which broke off the glacier during the last ice age. The ice blocks were pressed into the ground, after which they melted away, leaving a large depression in the landscape.
  • At Skovbjerg you can find an original bush of oak, which has been allowed to grow largely freely over time

Frequently asked questions

There is the possibility of parking at the parking lot at the round dolmen Poskær Stenhus and at Agri Bavnehøj

You can spend the night at the primitive shelter site at Tremosegård. The site has shelters, tables, benches and a fire pit

It is possible to enjoy the packed lunch at the covered tables and benches at Agri Bavnehøj, in the packed lunch room at the visitor center Øvre Strandkær and the tables and benches that are located around the route

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