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Experiences in Odense 2024

In Odense you can experience exciting history, culture and nature. Whether you visit Odense with or without children, there will be activities and attractions that appeal to everyone.

In this guide you will find the experiences that are without a doubt worth a visit if you make your way past Odense.

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Nature experience

Go hiking in the Funen countryside

When you move out into the Funen nature, you understand why it is said that Funen is fine. The Funen nature offers everything from hilly landscapes with unique views to flat beaches where you can take a dip or a rest.

Below we have collected some of the best hiking routes on Funen.

The main attraction for the capital of Funen

Visit HC Andersen's House

In the middle of Odense there is a small yellow house - Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home. Today, the house is decorated like a museum, where you can experience the birthplace of the famous poet. 

During the summer of 2021, a new HC Andersen's house will open, which consists of both architecturally beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. 

© Odense City Museums

Historic attraction

Visit the Funen Village

Come for a walk in the countryside in the middle of Odense city. In the Funen Village live peasant wives, men and priestesses, all of whom help to create an authentic story about how people lived in the 19th century.

At this open-air museum you can explore the history of Funen, and the place offers something for all ages.

Main attraction for the whole family

Odins Odense

Come with a trip back to the Iron Age and the Viking Age up experience how to live then. A visit to Odins Odense is guaranteed to be a good experience for the whole family. 

Odins Odense offers both mead tasting, archery and craft activities, so there are activities for both the big and small. 

© VisitOdense

© Ard Jongsma / Still Words

Main attraction for children

Take a trip to Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo is high on the list of the biggest attractions in Denmark. When you visit Odense Zoo, it is both possible to get very close to a number of the animals, but it is also possible to observe the impressive animals from the treetops.

In Odense Zoo, suspension bridges have been built at a height of 6-10 meters, so you can experience the park's animals from a whole new angle. 

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… And get tips for attractions, restaurants, etc. - Whether you are in Odense or somewhere else in Denmark.