Restaurants in Odense 2024

Odense offers a wealth of delicious restaurants, whatever you are looking for a delicious meal, a quick snack or a good ice cream.

We have compiled a guide with recommendations for the best restaurants and taste experiences in Odense.

Street Food

Storms Warehouse

Today, the 100-year-old warehouse forms the setting for Odense's first street food, where you can explore between all the different food stalls. Whether you like sweet, salty, strong or mild, the place offers a bit of everything.

In addition to the many delicious food stalls, the place also has a selection of delicious cocktails, Funen beers and wines from around the world.

© Storms Warehouse

The Danish Dining Guide 2020

The best restaurants on Funen

The Danish Dining Guide is a very recognized guide, which has gathered the best restaurants, where you can get food out of the ordinary in different price ranges.

Below you can see a list of all the restaurants from the Danish Dining Guide.

French Bistro 

Restaurant Cook and Wine

Restaurant Kok og Vin is a traditional French bistro, where the atmosphere is cozy and the atmosphere informal.

At Kok og Vin, they believe that the meaning of life is to eat and drink, and this should be done in a good mood in a relaxing environment - which is exactly what the place is trying to create.

© Andreas Bastian

© Jens Kjær Breuning

Informal Café

Café Odeon Social

Odeon is Odense's new culture house, in which Café Odeon Social is located. Here it is you who defines the framework, so you can both visit the place whatever the purpose is a meeting with your study group, a place to drink your morning coffee and read a newspaper or a dinner for the whole family.

Every evening there is communal dining, where food is served, which everyone shares with each other, at a long table. 


Restaurant Pasfall

At restaurant Pasfall in the center of Odense, you can experience high-quality gourmet. The food is inspired by French cuisine, and the focus is on using local Funen ingredients.

The restaurant is mentioned both in the White Guide Denmark and since 2017 in the Michelin guide. The sumptuous food and the beautiful location in Odense's Latin Quarter undoubtedly make the restaurant worth a visit.

© Andreas Bastian

© Andreas Bastian

Gastronomic experience

Sortebro Kro

Sortebro Kro is located in the idyllic surroundings right at the entrance to the Funen Village. When you step into the 200-year-old historic premises in which Sortebro Kro is located, it is almost like stepping into another time. 

At Sortebro Kro, it is a priority to give yourself time, both to the guests, the ingredients and to create delicious dishes every time.

Ice house

Il Gusto

At the ice house Il Gusto in the center of Odense, you will find homemade Italian ice cream of the highest quality. The taste is never compromised, and therefore the selection of ice cream varies from day to day. 

Il Gusto is definitely worth a visit if you need something to cool off or just need a little for the sweet tooth.

© Visit Odense

Traditional Danish open sandwich

King Volmer

Sortebro Kro is located in the idyllic surroundings right at the entrance to the Funen Village. When you step into the 200-year-old historic premises in which Sortebro Kro is located, it is almost like stepping into another time. 

At Sortebro Kro, it is a priority to give yourself time, both to the guests, the ingredients and to create delicious dishes every time.

Brewery & Restaurant


Anarkist Beer & Food Lab in Odense offers a culinary experience with special beer and Danish-inspired dishes. The restaurant serves everything from breaded cod and Brussels sprouts in beer glaze to whitefish wellington.

Guests can also take part in beer tastings every Thursday, where different specialty beers can be tried. A must-visit for beer enthusiasts and food lovers in the heart of Odense.


© Restaurant Aro

ARO combines creativity with culinary excellence in the heart of Odense

Restaurant Aro

Restaurant ARO in Odense, Funen's first Michelin-starred place, offers ambitious cuisine with unique dishes such as halibut with oysters.

Choose from different menus, from "Small ARO" with 5 courses to "Large ARO" with 7 courses, including snacks and wine menu.

The ideal choice for an authentic dining experience in the heart of Odense

The old Inn

Den Gamle Kro in Odense, founded in 1683, is a culinary gem that combines tradition with modern quality cuisine. It offers classic dishes served in historic surroundings with the option of outdoor dining in the courtyard.

The restaurant is known for its personal service, including tranching and flambéing at the table. Upstairs you will find elegant function rooms for special occasions.

© The Old Inn

© Brasserie Bordeaux

Authentic French restaurant located in the heart of Odense

Brasserie Bordeaux

Brasserie Bordeaux offers a taste of France with its cozy atmosphere and French cuisine. With a focus on quality and good prices, the restaurant serves classic French dishes, created with care and the finest ingredients.

Whether it's for brunch, lunch or dinner, Brasserie Bordeaux offers authentic taste experiences and a charming French atmosphere in the middle of Odense.

Mixture of Café and restaurant experiences

Drewsen's Spisehus

Drewsens Spisehus in Odense mixes café and restaurant experiences in a historic building complex, where they offer breakfast, brunch and lunch with a focus on shared meals and quality ingredients.

Experience a wide selection of drinks and enjoy meals made with local ingredients. The concept of sharing food promotes community and coziness, and Drewsens' close collaboration with local suppliers ensures an authentic and high-quality dining experience.

© Drewsen's Restaurant

© Visit Odense

Located in picturesque surroundings

Prison Inn & Hotel

Fangel Kro & Hotel Restaurant offers daily lunch and a la carte dinners, with dishes from traditional Danish cuisine such as Wiener schnitzel and beef fillet steak.

Located in picturesque surroundings, Fangel Kro & Hotel guarantees a cozy and genuine Danish dining and dining experience.

Authentic Japanese dining experience

Goma - Japanese restaurant

Goma in Odense C offers an authentic Japanese dining experience with Omakase, where the chef tailors the menu to your wishes. The restaurant serves a selection of small dishes in a cozy atmosphere.

Goma is open from Tuesday to Saturday and is the perfect place for those looking for a personal and unique dinner.

© Goma

© Visit Odense

The best of French cuisine

Restaurant Bacchus

Restaurant Bacchus in the center of Odense brings the best of French cuisine to guests with a menu full of seasonal produce, caviar, truffles and classic French sauces.

Throughout the week, Bacchus offers varied experiences: From rustic menus on Mondays and Tuesdays, a "Surprise Menu" with wine ad libitum on Wednesdays, to French bistro dishes and the monthly changing evening menu Thursday to Saturday. Sundays are open for private companies. 

Cozy Café chain in Odense


Nelle's Coffee & Wine is a chain of cozy cafes in Odense, created by two local friends. With coffee roasted on a Funen micro-roastery and carefully selected wines, Nelle's offers a wide selection of breakfast, lunch and snacks as well as an extensive drink selection.

From croissants and organic buns to salads, charcuterie and cheese, combined with delicious wines and special beers, there is something for every taste.


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