Hiking routes in Denmark

With a rich selection of beautiful nature and marked trails, Denmark invites you to holidays and walks on the Danish hiking routes.

At OpdagDanmark we have set out to gather the best hiking routes

the panoramic route in mariager fjord - one of the best hiking routes in denmark
The panoramic route at Hobro and Bramslev Bakker is one of North Jutland's best routes

North Jutland

In Denmark, there are only four hiking routes that the German Hiking Institute has awarded the label 'Premium hiking route'.

North Jutland stands out here by having as many as 3 of the 4 award-winning hiking routes, so if you already know that the holiday or trip is to be spent on North Jutland hiking routes, then we can recommend these three:

The hiking routes in North Jutland mostly follow the coasts, where the areas are deserted and the views fantastic! The routes in Hammer Bakker, Rold Skov, Højris Mølle and Nymølle bæk are all completely unique natural areas in Denmark - and show a good example of North Jutland's versatility. The hiking routes that follow some of the stretches on Hærvejen offer the Danish agricultural land with fields, cows and larger farms.

Middle Jutland

The sun rises on the East Jutland coast, where the fjord, cliffs and headland characterize the beautiful Danish landscape. After which it moves over the Søhøjlandet with the largest hills and valleys in the country to eventually descend to the west, where flat, barren and sandy plains are dominant in the windswept landscape. With these beautiful surroundings, Central Jutland forms the basis for many fantastic hiking routes and nature experiences.

South and Southern Jutland

South Jutland offers a wealth of beautiful and versatile hiking routes. If you are ready for a challenging, but not least fantastic hike, you can head out on the Jutland army road, and start right down at the Danish-German border in Padborg. From there you can move piece by piece up through the beautiful Jutlandic landscape. In the western part of South Jutland you will find a wonderful bird life, which is best experienced on foot in nature. South Jutland also offers one of the most popular leisure routes in the country, namely Bindeballestien, which is also an excellent cycling route.


The nature on Funen is as beautiful as the island itself. You can experience everything from small cozy forests to breathtaking shores and hilly moraine landscapes. On your trip through the Funen nature, they can encounter both exciting plant life and breathtaking valleys created by glaciers during the last ice age.


Adventurous oak trees, traces from the Viking Age, Danish war history and wonderful art are just some of the things you can experience when you go out into nature on Zealand. Denmark's largest island is a mecca for beautiful and enriching nature experiences. Zealand offers short hiking routes, which can be completed in half a day. If you want to be challenged, you can also pack your backpack and go on some of the longer hikes, where you will be led through both forest and coast.


Feel the wind against your cheeks and listen to the sound of the sea as you move along the steep edges of the sunny island of Bornholm. The large glaciers of the ice age have left clear traces in the Bornholm rock landscape. To the east, where the glacier planed its way through the landscape, the rocks are low and rounded, while on the leeward side to the west they are steep and filled with cracks. In many places on the beautiful sunny island, you can clearly sense the direction in which the glacier moved because the rocks are filled with old scrub stripes. Bornholm offers a wealth of beautiful hiking trails in a unique nature, where there is ample opportunity to enjoy the silence of nature.

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