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Experiences in Copenhagen 2023

Whether you are away with the family or just yourself, there are a wealth of experiences waiting for you in Copenhagen. The capital offers city breaks on a par with major capitals around Europe. 

We have compiled a guide to the absolute best experiences that Copenhagen has to offer. 

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Troll hunting in nature for young and old 

Find The Six Forgotten Fighters

Go on a sculpture treasure hunt in the open air - And see if you can find all of the Six Forgotten Giants, which are located in selected places on Vestegnen. The trolls, all built in recycled wood, invite play and imagination for both big and small. 

Get an overview of where on Vestegnen you can find The Six Forgotten Giants by artist Thomas Dambo below. 

Classics to try

Take the Channel Tour

Okay, okay. We don't score any points for originality here, but a canal cruise in Copenhagen is just something that has to be experienced.

You see the city from a completely new perspective and come across a lot of exciting, historical events.

Taste Danish food culture

Guided tour with smørrebrød

Dive into Copenhagen's culinary world with the local experts, Anders Husa and Kaitlin Orr, on a unique smørrebrød tour. Visit three restaurants, from historic eateries to modern kitchens, and taste both traditional and innovative variants of the beloved Danish delicacy. With beer and schnapps at every stop, you get an authentic experience of Danish cuisine.

Main attraction for both big and small

Experience Tivoli in Copenhagen

It is almost impossible to visit Copenhagen without making your way past Tivoli. Therefore, it is not so shocking that Tivoli is Denmark's most visited attraction.

Tivoli in Copenhagen offers everything from wild slides to gastronomic experiences and breathtaking ballet performances that cater to the whole family. 

Natural history experience for the whole family

Explore the Botanical Gardens

Explore the green breathing space in the middle of the capital - and experience the lush and versatile plant life that unfolds under the glass domes. The garden offers activities and events for the whole family all year round, and gives you the opportunity to dive into Denmark's exciting natural history. 

Read more about activities, upcoming events and facilities below. 

Main attraction for children

Take a walk in Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is a sure winner when you visit Copenhagen with the whole family. The garden offers a wealth of activities for the whole family - and you are guaranteed entertainment and experiences from the moment you enter the zoo.

Copenhagen Zoo is in fourth place among the largest attractions in Denmark. See the full list of the biggest attractions in the country below.

Magnificent cultural experience 

Be impressed by the Marble Church

Frederikskirken, best known as Marmorkirken, is definitely worth a visit when you make your way past the capital. The impressive church is a breathtaking sight, and you can have a lot of time to go and discover beautiful and whimsical details both inside and outside the church. 

Read more about the Marble Church and the exciting history behind the church's creation below. 

Iconic experience in Copenhagen 

See the iconic Little Gardener

At Langelinje Kaj, one of the country's probably smallest attractions is located, but despite the size of the sculpture, it is among the most popular attractions in all of Denmark. 

Take a walk by Langelinje Kaj, and see if you can spot The Little Mermaid - but you have to look closely, because she can be easy to overlook. 

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Attraction for the whole family

Explore The Blue Planet

On the Blue Planet you can get really close to the fascinating life that takes place below the surface of the sea. You have the opportunity to get up close and personal with majestic hammerhead sharks and mysterious rays. 

The Blue Planet combines entertainment for the whole family with knowledge at eye level, so that both young and old can take home memorable experiences and new knowledge about life below the sea surface. 

The world's oldest existing amusement park 

Unleash your inner child on the Ground

Dyrhavsbakken in Klampenborg only 10 km north of Copenhagen is a true piece of Danish history, which has been a attraction for visitors since 1583 - and is thus the world's oldest amusement park!

There is always free admission to Bakken, so you actually only have to have your purse up if you want a tour band or tickets for the rides. Read more about Dyrehavsbakken, the rides and upcoming events below. 

Main attraction for those interested in art

Visit the Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art

If you are into art and culture, then you should without a doubt make your way past the Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art in Humlebæk. The museum unites art, nature, architecture and culture in a beautiful interplay - Which means that visitors from near and far travel to Copenhagen to visit the Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art. 

Read more about upcoming exhibitions, events and opening hours below. 

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… And get tips for experiences, places to eat, etc. - Whether you are in Copenhagen or somewhere else in Denmark.