Restaurants in Copenhagen 2024

Where can you get the best user, pizza or gastronomic experience in Copenhagen? 

We have compiled a guide to the best restaurants and tasting experiences in Copenhagen - Whether you are to the larger renowned restaurants or to the small hidden gems around the city, the capital offers it all. 

Taste experiences for the whole family


TorvehallerneKBH is a food market where you can find the best and freshest ingredients in all of Copenhagen. The food market acts as a draw for more than 115,000 Copenhageners a week! 

Take a walk around TorvehallerneKBH and be inspired by the various places that offer everything from freshly caught catfish to world-class coffee beans. 

The Danish Dining Guide 2020 

The best restaurants in Copenhagen

The Danish Dining Guide is a recognized guide that since 1978 has reviewed restaurants that serve food out of the ordinary in various price ranges. Food critic Bent Christensten is behind the dining guide, which contains over 250 different restaurants throughout the country. 

See the guide to the best restaurants in Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand. 

World-class gourmet


Judging by the two Michelin stars and points in White Guide Denmark, Alchemist is the best restaurant in all of Denmark. Alchemist is an experience beyond the ordinary. The dining experience consists of 50 dishes, which are served in the breathtaking rooms with theater and art. 

If you go into gastronomy, then it is a must to make your way past Alchemist. At Alchemist you can expect the unexpected!

Popular ice house on Amager 

Ottos Is

The ice house opened in 2020 on Blekingegade on Amager, and has since attracted lots of visitors. Otto's Ice Cream offers ice cold temptations, tasty coffee and delicacies made from the best ingredients. 

On a visit to Otto's Ice Cream, it is definitely recommended to try their popular Bananasplit! The dessert has a whole special story behind it, which you can read more about below.

Organic taste experiences 

Restaurants with the Organic Food Label

The Organic Food Label represents the restaurants that put their efforts into using organic ingredients in their cooking. We have compiled a guide to the restaurants in Copenhagen that have received the Organic Food Label - you can see the guide below. 

Copenhagen's Best Burger 2020

Top 3 of the best burgers in Copenhagen

We set out to find the best burger in all of Copenhagen - and through a poll conducted by the country's tenacious burger eaters, we found these winners: 

1. Liban Cuisine (which was also named Denmark's Best Burger 2020)

2. The Midwestern Diner

3. Max Hamburger

World-class gastronomy 2020

White Guide Restaurants in Copenhagen

White Guide Denmark is a dining guide that focuses on the absolute best restaurants in all of Denmark. If you want a dining experience in Copenhagen beyond the usual, then select the next restaurant to visit in the guide below. 

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