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Experiences at Fanø 2023

If you visit Fanø, you have many wonderful experiences ahead. You can go to a museum, go out and see the old bunkers and thereby experience the many relics from World War II, go out and see one of Thomas Damsbo's trolls or just go out in Fanø's beautiful landscape and enjoy nature and the almost endless coastline.

Fanø's historic cities

Nordby and Sønderho

Nordby is the first thing you experience on Fanø, as the ferry from Esbjerg sails directly here. In the city you can take a walk down the harbor promenade, experience the fine streets of the city whose houses have not changed much since they were created in the 19th century, go into the city church and much more.

Sønderho is a beautiful little town, and here many of the houses are protected, as you want to maintain the atmosphere the old buildings give to the town. The city exudes relaxation and here you can get down in gear with some beautiful walks in the nature around the city or some good food and drink.

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For those interested in art

Fanø Art Museum

Here you can experience art from both Danish, German and Swedish artists, and the art is mainly centered around the Wadden Sea island.

The island became hugely popular with artists, probably due to the stunning scenery, and they therefore flocked here. Of course, you had to have a place to exhibit the many works, and this is where Fanø Art Museum was created. The museum is located in the town of Sønderho, so you can slip past the museum while you experience the rest of the city.

Thomas Dambo's troll works

Anchor Dreamcatcher

The artist Thomas Dambo has designed a wealth of fantastic trolls which are located in many different places in the Danish landscape, and Anker Drømmefanger is one of them. The troll will definitely be a hit for both big and small.

© ️ Julian Berndt

© ️ Julian Berndt

History from World War II

Fanø Bunkers

During World War II, many bunkers were built along the Danish west coast, more specifically 300, as it was a good and particularly strategic location for the Germans.

You can experience the remains of the buildings here on the island, which gives an exciting insight into the time back then.

Nature in focus

Safari National Park

You can go on several guided tours on Fanø. There are opportunities for seal safaris, national park safaris, wolf safaris and sea eagle safaris. So if you need to get out into nature and you also want to hear stories about the island, its landscape and wildlife, then one of these guided tours will be just the thing for you.  

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© ️ Julian Berndt

A trip out into the open

The Big Five

The Big Five is a fantastic hike and offers beautiful views and scenery all the way. If you follow the route, you will along the way pass The Big Five, which are five dune peaks where you get a view of the landscape on Fanø.

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