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Eating places at Fanø 2024

The island offers many good taste experiences, and here is something for you who want a snack burger, a gourmet meal, or perhaps a dinner with organic in focus.

We come here with some suggestions for places to eat on Fanø.

Inn experience

Sønderho Kro

This fine inn makes exciting food that you can enjoy with drinks from the local brewery. The inn has an adjoining garden where you can enjoy your lunch in the summer in good weather. 

The inn holds various events, such as Mortens Aften and lunch concerts.

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© ️ Kellers Badehotel og Spisehus

Cozy restaurant in beautiful surroundings

Kellers Badehotel og Spisehus

Kellers Badehotel og Spisehus has a cozy restaurant on Fanø, where good ingredients and solid craftsmanship are in focus. The restaurant uses the ingredients that are in season, so you can, depending on which season you visit Kellers Badehotel and Spisehus, experience many different and exciting dishes on the menu.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at this fine seaside hotel.

Ecology and sustainability

Restaurant Embassy

Restaurant Ambassaden focuses on ecology and sustainability and the menu is characterized by local ingredients, which makes the place a real and authentic Fanø experience.

© ️ Restaurant Embassy

© Restaurant KAOS

Pop-up burger joint

Burger Boys

Burger Boys has their little pop-up shop in Rindby right by the local supermarket.

The burgers are made with local ingredients and sustainability in focus, so stop by if you are hungry while exploring Rindby.


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