Rosenborg Castle

400 year old Renaissance castle full of Danish history

Rosenborg Castle is an impressive and historic monument in the heart of Copenhagen. With its beautiful and well-preserved Renaissance architecture, the castle is an experience in itself. Inside the castle you can experience a number of the crown jewels and treasures of Denmark's most famous kings and queens. With a tour, you can learn more about Denmark's royal history and get an insight into the life of the kings at the castle. In addition, the surrounding Kongens Have is a lovely place to take a walk and relax in beautiful surroundings. Visit Rosenborg Castle and take a step back in time to Denmark's proud history and culture.


Lifelike lions of silver

In Riddersalen the throne chairs stand, guarded by three lifelike silver lions - one walking, one sitting and one partially lying. The purpose of the throne chairs and the three lions was to stage the royal power in a pompous and awe-inspiring manner. 

The king throne in narwhal tusk, the queen throne of silver and the guardian lions are together a spectacular sight!


Crown Jewels and Crowns

In the basement of Rosenborg Castle you will find Skatkammeret, which contains the Danish crown jewels, the crown regalia such as scepter and royal apple, as well as the crown of the queen and the monarchical kings.
The magnificent collection of the Danish crown jewels is the result of a large number of queens and a single princess's great interest in beautiful jewelery and gems. The crown jewels may only be worn by the Queen and only in Denmark. 

The beautiful crown jewels, whose history started with Christian 6.'s queen, Sophie Magdalene, are a must see when visiting Rosenborg Castle.  

Frequently asked questions

No unfortunately not, as there are many stairs which make it difficult to get around with a wheelchair.

1/6 – 31/8 2019 everyday 9 AM to 5 PM
1/9 – 31/10 2019 everyday 10 AM to 4 PM
1/11 – 22/11 2019 tuesday-sunday 10 AM to 3 PM
26/12 – 30/12 2019 monday, thursday-sunday 10 AM to 4 PM
31/12 2019 tuesday 10 AM to 3 PM

Entrance costs 115 DKK for adults and children up til 17 years go in for free

The children's guide to Rosenborg Castle

The children at Den Blå Mælkevej from the school on Grundtvigsvej have been discovering Denmark, and in this connection they have visited Rosenborg Castle. Here you will find their guide to Rosenborg Castle. 

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