Nymarksminde Farmpark

An educational and fun excursion for the whole family

Nymarksminde Farmpark in Vodskov outside Aalborg is a wonderful place to visit for both children and their parents.

Here you will experience real farm atmosphere and a world full of animals that you can pet and caress. So if the scientific studies are right that being with animals is healthy for people, then you will come home from the park as a new person – or at least full of good memories.

Below you can read more about what makes Nymarksminde a popular excursion destination.

First watch this short video from the place:

The experiences

A selection of the children's favorites on site:

1. Mini zoo

One of the most popular activities in Nymarksminde is the mini-zoo. Here you can see and pet different animals such as goats, rabbits, pigs, chickens and much more. The children love getting up close to the animals and learning more about them - and the experience of seeing your child sitting with a small chicken in their hands for the first time is nothing short of fantastic.

2. Playland

Nymarksminde also offers a fun playland where children can play and explore. Here there is a large bouncy cushion, trampolines, playhouses and much more. That way, there are hours of fun to be had - and another reason why many families with children in the area have annual passes to the park.

3. Tours and events

On weekends, public holidays and summer/autumn holidays, you can also go on a tractor ride. You can e.g. come along on a deer safari, where you have to go out and claim the deer, and then there is also the guided tour in Hammer Bakker, where you will hear about the history of the area and, among other things, find out that there is a "sutte tree" in the middle of the forest.

4. Soccer golf

One of the activities for the slightly older children (and adults) is football golf. Here you can play a round on the large course and challenge family and friends.

Accommodation and farm holiday

If you are going on holiday in North Jutland and you are looking for a farm holiday and bed & breakfast, it is also worth considering Nymarksminde.

In addition to living in a wonderful place with direct access to the park's animal friends and experiences, the farm is also an excellent base for experiences in North Jutland. In addition to being located right in the middle of North Jutland, the motorway goes right past Vodskov, so you can easily get around the entire region.

See the farm's accommodation offer here:

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